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 Opening Day -Open Thread-

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PostSubject: Opening Day -Open Thread-   Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:40 am

The name Black Lotus was splashed elegantly in silver across the black tinted window, a massive black door was framed with a see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil design crafted perfectly into the wood while a single silver bell dangled freely in front. Once you entered inside it had a warm, and cozy feelig, with a strong scent of herbs, incense of all kinds filled the small store. Rows of all sorted candles, various herbs, incense was also seen but a glowing neon, red sign flashed over the top of the black curtain "Forbidden Section" was what it said.

At the front was a round silver stoned counter top and Mei was ruffling through piles of paper work, but watched the giggling school girls as they looked over various candles and what most were used for some for the dark arts, others for the more lusty kind "Stupid Mortals" came out in raspy purrr, yet she also took note of when the bell rang of coming and going customers. Three boxes were neatly placed in front, as Mei stepped back and forth between front desk and the forbidden room with supplies being emptied in each box and looking up and down from the forms in hand to make sure that each item were being correctly placed and that nothing was a miss.

It had become surprisingly busy on opening day that she hadn't had a chance to stop and have a quick bite, but that task can wait till midnight and it wasn't far away.

Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally  
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Noah Jacobsen

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Day -Open Thread-   Fri Jul 17, 2015 5:10 am

Golden hair reflected the spring sunshine like a newly fashion coin, complimenting deep green eyes. A smile upon the lips as a passer by makes eye contact and Noah runs a hand absent of thought through his golden locks. He had shaven this morning to apply a thin coat of cosmetics to his face in order to change the completion of his normally darkened skin, before applying it to other parts of his body; making sure to apply it to those which did not show either. A lesson he had learnt in the early days when a woman had taken his shirt in hand and yanked it clean from his torso revealing peculiarly darkened skin underneath.
Those green eyes wandered after the brunette that had walked by, a glimpse enough to capture the attention of a beautiful woman; but as they kept walking, their eyes parted and so did they. His hand slipped casually into the pocket once ore and he began to fidget with the key that was within.
There was a chill in the air that morn, so Noah had adorned a sweat shirt of grey material, something he thought made him blend with the mundane and ordinary, partnered with his blue jeans; warn and tattered with age. Normally thin lips had been expertly plumped using techniques only the most skilled of make up artists would know, the sorts that work on the sets of movies such as Iron man. He'd made sure to clean the remnants of liquid silicone from his hands and face that shouldn't other wise been there. To even the most trained eyes, today Noah was a man known as Paul. A less conspicuous name for a man new to the area.
The name "Black Lotus" caught his eye and he smiled that smile. There had been word of a new herb shop in the streets upon the tongue on a few of those alchemists and Noah had been anticipating it's arrival. The local herb shops wasn't all that splendid and his stores of the... "More luxurious" were depleting. He had been taught that a full supply is a safe assassin. Though, he knew safety was never truly guaranteed.
The raspy tinkle of a bell over head as he opened the door rang true in his ears, but he ignored it as eyes set unto the goodness inside. There was a dry smell in the air that drew his attention to the inscence that burned brightly upon the counter; despite the way it tickled his throat, he drew the ominous scent into his lungs, savouring it for a long moment. This is the place. He nodded a greeting to the woman over the counter. There was an elegance to the way she was stood, leaning over some boxes, even then she seemed almost regal.

The shelves were aligned with various plants and seeds, both dry and wet he noticed. it ranged from the mundane such as Basil and Thyme and Dandelion to the more exotic of types - Water Hemlock and Angels Trumpet; but the what really caught his eye was a sign that read "Forbidden Section".
Absinthe orbs glanced at it a moment, not long enough to be sustained as a linger, but long enough to wonder. He was not here to bring attention to himself, but curiosity would eventually get the better of him, as it always did.

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Day -Open Thread-   Sat Jul 18, 2015 11:05 am

Thick black locks were swept up in an elegant hairstyle that formed a black crown, except for three long curls trailing down the length of her back and they swayed gently at the sudden motion of a slight tilt of her head at the chime of that tiny silver bell. Those dark blue eyes shifted causally from the stack of paper and watched the new comer carefully from where she stood but soon enough black heeled feet moved swiftly from behind the counter and made a quick approach.

The full length robes of purple, white, and black swept across the floor, as she approached the young man with a noble smile upon those bright red lips, but due to her age she had learnt to keep her sharp canines hidden when smiling so sweetly "Welcome to The Black Lotus" arms folded neatly beneath her chest "If there is anything I can help you with please do not be afraid to ask" Mei stepped back and made a sharp turn to grab a few more herbs for the boxes, but kept the young men in her sight along with those teenage girls.

Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally  
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Lucius Mistwalker
Lucius Mistwalker

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Day -Open Thread-   Sat Jul 18, 2015 1:26 pm

He pushed the door open and stepped inside, hands going up to slide the deep hood off of his head. Looking around, he caught the scent of the expected humans and dogs, but, also that of a vampire. He had been around long enough to be able to discern the difference between a created one, and the individuals who had been born vampires, and this one, had the slightly off center scent of one who was turned. Gliding between the shelves, he not only examined the wares, but also kept half an eye turned outwards, watching for the other creature of the night that was in the building with him.

((Apologies for the short post, at work, and wanted to get this in))

Freedom and innocence are but the saving graces of the weak. True freedom comes from the power of rule
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Day -Open Thread-   

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Opening Day -Open Thread-
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