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 Making Trouble

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PostSubject: Making Trouble   Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:43 pm

She had none gone with him, instead letting him go off on his own first. Using Aleria’s memories and sense of direction she knew where to go. The vampire pissed her off in more ways than one. She hated that she was weak for the time being, her powers in a flux as she had yet to master them, but she would. After he had left she made her from his house to the surrounding forest all the while muttering to herself as she did her best to tap into the beast.

Outside for the first time, she stopped in awe and stretched out her arms walking in a circle. Freedom felt, AWSOME! She sighed happily and took her time getting to the city, all the while trying to tap into her powers. At first she got nothing. Felt nothing. What was she doing wrong? Aleria just could. Why couldn’t she? She would not be in human form in the city with a vampire. She figured the vampire would be in the city before her, but she wasn’t in the mood to be a helpless female. She didn’t trust him well enough but didn’t care one way or the other about him. He was a means to an end. The situation was what it was. She needed a place to stay and he had offered, so why not?

Her temper rose as she still was not able to feel anything. Finally, she just had to stop. What would Aleria do? She stood in the middle of nowhere, her right foot tapping impatiently as she thought and thought. “You have to calm down.” She blew out a breath and shook herself. She could calm down, right? She could be calm. Closing her eyes she blocked out all sounds and settled her body, focusing on breathing. She stayed still for a long time, centering herself. After what seemed like eternity, she slowly pried one of her eyes open to look down at herself. Seeing her nails had grown she grinned, turning her hands this way and that. She did not like that she could not transform right then, but then she was making progress.


She lay in the dense grass panting heavily, the spots before her eyes cleared, her heart was pounding in her ears, the aches slowly fading. She had no idea the pain shifting caused. Struggling to her feet, she did not distribute her weight and ended up collapsing back to the ground. Several attempts later, she rose and shook herself. The beast’s power felt surreal. She grinned baring her Canines. “See Aleria, I have not been on this earth a day, and I have mastered quite a feat,” she thought to herself. She had accomplished much on her first day.


The sounds and smells of the city were overwhelming compared to the forest. Confident now that she had learned to shift as a wolf and was able to function in this form, she could feel the power she held in her entire being. There for her do as she pleased. She had no doubt the vampire would find her, there was no need to seek him out.

Having passed through the park, she made her way into the thicket of the city. Tall buildings stood side by side, paved roads aloud for easy access to the city.
Proud of herself, her tail swayed back and forth as she ventured down Main Street. Ears twitched as she heard the loud thumping noise of music being way too loud. Intrigued, she headed that way.
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Lucius Mistwalker
Lucius Mistwalker

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PostSubject: Re: Making Trouble   Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:41 pm

As he had watched her leave through the front gate of the castle, Lucius could tell that she was carrying a lot of anxiety about getting back out into the open, and he smiled at that. The bloodsucker always got a kick out of seeing others being uncomfortable, one of his many character flaws that caused people to dislike him. But, he did not particularly care what others thought, as long as they did not oppose him. With one caveat however, he actually did care about the thoughts and opinions of his wife, Desi. "I really should track her down, to make sure she is ok." He mused to himself as he made his way back down the stairs from the covered tower. Once the sun set, he would follow after the one claiming to be Aleria.

{After Sun Down}

Great leathery wings beat against the cool night air, lowering him to the ground and kicking up dust from the turbulent air he kicked up. Turning, he could see her large canine-esque form approaching him, though she may not realize it. "You are really going about this city, of all places, in that form?" He queried her. "Besides, if you want to go into that club to stir things up, going in looking human would be far more beneficial." He added. Having tucked his wings back under his cloak, Lucius began strolling towards doors of the club from which the music emanated, leaving her to either take his advice or not, the choice was hers.

Freedom and innocence are but the saving graces of the weak. True freedom comes from the power of rule
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PostSubject: Re: Making Trouble   Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:53 pm

She had fun taunting the humans. She never allowed them to fully see her, only letting their imaginations run wild of what could be lurking in the shadows. The hair on the back of their necks rising as fear rushed to the surface of being watched. That feeling that you should have stayed home, that something bad was about to happen. Paranoia.

As the sun set she moved easily in and out of the shadows. She knew not to get caught; she may have awakened today but she was not ignorant of the fact that supernatural beings where not known in the human world, or at least shouldn’t be known. Aleria’s memories and thoughts were very helpful.

As the vampire glided beside her, she gave him a lazy look and shrugged her shoulders. Her form shifted much more easily as she had had time to analyze Aleria’s genetic make-up and power. Her body blurred as she shifted to her human form, cryptic words where muttered, improving Aleria’s spell. Instead of clothing being stashed in a pocket of air, she had perfected it to where she clothed herself. Her powers and knowledge base increasing rapidly. She smoothed down the mini skirt that barely covered the snatch of lace beneath, before adjusting the halter top. “For a vampire, you sure do know how to spoil a girl’s fun.” As they neared the entrance she frowned at the long line of men and woman, more women than men. “Well this will not do at all,” she growled softly. She was not about to wait in line of all things.

Whether he followed her or not, she went to bypass the line and the bouncer at the door. As the big burly man put his arm out to stop her, her looked at her pointedly taking his job very seriously. “Sorry, miss. Back of the line.”
She halted and blinked up at the male, she smiled sweetly before reaching out, and grabbing his arm she bent it at an odd angle at the same time as smashing his face into the wall. The movement happened so fast that the people in line didn’t react for a full ten seconds. Some screamed and ran while others shouted at her. One even tried to be a hero as he reached out for her, she ducked and punched him in the stomach not holding back, he double over, coughing up blood. She watched as his girl friend picked him up mean mugging her.

“You Bitch!,” the female screamed, and soon his buddies circled around “Aleria”.
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PostSubject: Re: Making Trouble   

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Making Trouble
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