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PostSubject: Return to Tataura   Return to Tataura EmptySun Aug 16, 2015 4:59 am

somewhere in the heart of Ashmere Tataura had long been left to return to natural state but despite the length of time Anastasia had been absent this home still spoke to her. Had it been in the past it was warm and inviting, filled with Tataurans and the air would have been filled with the noises of a village. Now it was vacant, the old paths covered dense ferns and the natural bridges which were once manicured by the Tataurans now overgrown and messy.

Bare feet curled against the round of the branch they crept along, the browns and tan of the leather fashioned rangers outfit seen briefly as it’s wearer moved along the old bridge, working her way up through the canopy of the forest where the village houses stood dormant in time. Her hair was curled up into a messy bun, tied with a thin black string. It’s end was beaded along with the striking feathers of an eagle, it’s tip dangling against her back as Anastasia moved as silent as possible. Her toes squished against the mossy bark, cold and damp on her skin. She carried her bow and quills on her pack rather than at the ready since she had intentions of exploring old Tataura and climbing through the old houses, areas which were winding and in some parts too small and close in quarters that if she were attacked for any reason she would have to engage in close combat. The sun shone through the treetops, small rays beaming through which illuminated parts of the area below, providing medium light.
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PostSubject: Re: Return to Tataura   Return to Tataura EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 2:59 am

He had been exploring through the old town of Ashmere for quite some time, had discovered some quiet beauty about the remains of the town. He was rummaging through a store front that had been broken open by a tree falling through the front wall. "My, there is definitely some interesting stuff in here." He muttered to himself picking through the items on the shelves. This particular shop had once been an antiques dealer, so, it was the antiques of an older culture. He had already been through a pawn shop, or at least, what seemed to be the equivalent of the pawn shop for the society that lived in Ashmere. He knew this was also an old home to what had been a tribe called Tataura, he had not encountered any of their old members, at least that he was aware of.

"Hello, what is this?" He wondered aloud, reaching back through some cobwebs to the very back of a shelf to pull out a golden goblet. It had rubies on it, along with some engravings on it that he thought looked familiar, but could not quite read. "This could be fun to try deciphering." He said, placing them in the leather bag he carried with him for occasions like this. He already had an old leather bound book full of what he thought looked like stories or legends from the old society that had been here. Suddenly, the wind shifted, and he turned, looking for the source of the scent that the breeze carried to his nose, someone was here with him.

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PostSubject: Re: Return to Tataura   Return to Tataura EmptyMon Aug 17, 2015 4:21 am

emerald optics scanned the village from the branch Anastasia had paused upon having reached the end of the natural bridge. light fingers propped open the door of the first house, former home to a fellow friend. It creaked as the stiff wooden door swung open to reveal the dark rooms, a gentle plume of dust rising from the action. Clearly her friends had also been gone for a significant amount of time.

her ears caught the buzz of vocal tones, deep but a voice none the less. there was significant difference between a voice and the sounds of the forest, the subtle echo emphasizing the masculine sound. someone was here...

She left the door as it had stopped upon opening, her attention shifting its priority to discovering who was present. Anastasia fell silent in her movement as she crouched in her stance on the tree platform, eyes scanning from tree to tree where she had remembered the location of each establishment. It was easy in the present day to spot someone in the village due to the absence of life. Stealthily she moved to the edge of the platform, her right hand sliding over her shoulder and slipping her bow free from her pack, nimble fingers of her left hand plucking a fine feathered arrow and placing it against the string. She pulled the string taught as her eyes scanned the scenery before her, her voice loud as she spoke

"Announce yourself and you will see no harm done" she called out, determined to discover who was here. Ana did not assume it was someone who had lived in the village, there simply was not enough trampling of vegetation to give that impression despite not having completed her search of the village. She could not walk out with the idea of shaking a strangers hand in this day and age, there was no indication at such a point to be certain that the stranger was alone nor hostile and as such she felt confident to keep a taught bow at the ready.
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