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Syo Nexus
Syo Nexus

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Syo Nexus Tumblr_m563syONmq1r6hylao1_500

Syo Nexus

Race: Japanese  | Breed: Timber Wolf| Preferred Group: Nayati Pack

What makes us us? Our past, our memories, our environment? Maybe it's something genetic but I hope that's not all. Who we are is in our soul right? I sure hope so because that's about all I got. ☾

Gender: Male
Age: Actual age unknown, appears to be early-mid 20's in human form and in wolf form looks to be in his prime.
Birth Season: Unknown.
Height: As a human 6 foot even. As a wolf 4 feet at the shoulder.
Weight: As a human 160 lb, as a wolf 200 lb.
Length: (Animal length) Nose to tail, 7 feet.
Voice: A deep almost commanding voice, every word he speaks has a kind of self rigorousness to it as if he is goodness itself speaking.
(Voice actor of the charter I'm using for his appearance: Nobutoshi Canna)
Scent: Scent scent of nothing-ness. Not that he doesn't have a scent, rather he has the scent of the Nexus which is can be identified as the absence of scent itself, something that is unique but can still be tracked as with any other wolf.
Alignment: Lawful good to a fault. So much so he sees things in complete black and white.
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Mate/Partner: Unknown
Children: Unknown
Appearance: Syo is a tall man who tends to come off as rather intimidating, however he is very much the gentle giant. He is pretty muscular with a wild mane of dark brown hair that tends to fluff up a lot and dark blue eyes that are sometimes hidden behind purple tinted round glasses. Syo's clothing style is stylish yet practical, normally he just wears a button shirt and bluejeans with tennis shoes but he likes to dress up for a night out and about.

His wolf form mostly matches the colors of his eyes and his hair comes with him in his wolf form forming a flop that covers his right eye. His eyes in this state are golden yellow.  

Syo Nexus Pbucket

Syo Nexus Wolf4

...This is the me I've always been ....right?...

If there was any way to describe Syo it would be a boy scout. He sees only two things in the world, good and evil so to him everyone is either just or unjust, good or bad, black or white. He will always side with good no matter what, so much so that he may do a few questionable things while doing what he sees as good but he is blind to his own actions in a way. That makes him a tad dangerous to anyone who he does not consider good, but he won't go so far as to kill anyone in his quest to set things right. He is also a little bland but at the same time seeing himself as good he feels no need to hide any of his emotions and is always honest sometimes in a very rash and blunt way. Though around those who he sees as good he can be playful, happy, even charming and above all loyal. 

...Class is the mark of the good guys...

Syo Nexus Fantasy_staff_by_darioseyb-d32qrv0

Syo is not a fan of fighting unless it is for the right reasons so he doesn't like to carry an open weapon on him or a weapon that can harm many at once so he turns to a staff with a hidden sword. The staff itself is rather simple, a black walking stick with a sapphire orb on the top set in silver. When used with his powers the orb glows a blinding white but that's mostly just for show. Syo is good at fighting with both the staff and with the sword using the staff itself as a scabbard to block while using the sword to fight.

Syo Nexus DBSW983

...My power is used to defend, it can't hurt anyone that's the way powers should be...

Power Name:*The Nexus*

  • Description: The Nexus is a dimension that Syo is tied with, he can open portals to this dimension at will and they are seen as small shimmering distortions in the world, almost like the area directly over a hot fire, or a glitch in real life. With these portals Syo can suck in any attack thrown at him and negate it by bringing it into his dimension, if the attack is there in a short enough time, a span of a minuet or so, another portal can be opened that throws the attack back at the attacker. These portals can even be used to travel into his dimension which is nothing more than an empty void, save for the stuff that Syo stores there, clothing, a few furnishings and sometimes food, though only smoked food as there is no way to keep raw meat from spoiling. When using the Nexus powers Syo's eyes seem to glow and his pupils turn diamond shaped.

  • Weakness: The portals can last for no longer than two minuets and once they are made they cannot be moved, only closed. They can't be made much bigger than himself and ones that are as big as about a sofa can only be held for a minuet max, often times less. The larger portals can only be made one at at time, and smaller first sized portals can be made in numbers no larger than 50.

... This is who I am, but where did I come from?...

Syo is a man without a past, or rather a man that does not remember his own past. All he knows is that one day he woke up in the Nexus and knew that that place was a home to him, a place that had a tie to him and him alone. He knew he could control the Nexus and that he could use it to travel to the real world. Using that power he came to the Kumari Lands but did not really know how or why. All he knows of his past is his name, and all he knows of the present is an overwhelming seance of justice.

"This Nexus, it's such a peaceful place that can harm none. My powers can't harm either, so I must not be meant to harm. The real world is so chaotic, there must be a way to right that. Good is good, Evil is evil the world is as simple as that. So I shall seek to do good, harm none, and help those around me that are good."

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A very interesting character! I look forward to seeing him in action! Well written Smile

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