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 Bridget Carerra Piccola Minetti

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PostSubject: Bridget Carerra Piccola Minetti   Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:25 pm

I dunno what happened to my first profile

Name: Piccola Minetti
Nickname: Piccola
Age: 5 In wolf years
Sex: Female
Breed: Forest Wolf
Family: far as any one else knows
Rank (or place desired Rank): None as of yet

Battle Trained, heightened sense of smell. Able to sense the blood signatures of others. Metomorphic

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
Too many tranformations weakens her energy and causes her to pass out for days on end. The blood tracking also gives her migraine headaches that last for one to two days if used too much.
History: Born into a family in France, she was sent to a boarding school in Italy. Where she learned when she hit puberty that she was not an ordinary human girl. She got into a fight in the middle of her eighth year, and found out she was born with a rare wolf gene. She shifted in the middle of the school and ran off. She tried to hide her metamorph power but whenever she would be come angry she would shift into her wolf form. Eventually she came to learn about it, embrace it and now she cherrishes it.

Personality: Calm and confident, she enjoys the hunt. The wind in her fur and she is a little bit shyer in her wolf form then human form.

Appearance:White in color, with a hint of silver at the tips of her fur.

Human Information (optional but required if you can morph to human form)
Appearance: Her boarding school outfit often what she is seen in, for that is all she has for now. Long white hair, pointed eye teeth even in human form mark her for what she is. Pearly colored blue/white eyes. Slender build, deceptively slim. Solid for her small size.

Personality: Fun loving, and friendly she puts on a good front. Earning the trust of others to ultimately get to know what she wants to know for her own devices. She is devious at times, and is quite the charming lady when she needs to be. She toys with the hearts of men, and often leaves them behind stumbling over her grand exits. She secretly wishes for a good friend, someone she can be close too, without putting them in danger from the past he runs from.

Powers/abilities: Same as wolf form

Limitations of Powers/Abilities: Same as Wolf Form

Weapons: her Electric Guitar...

History: After her French parents shipped her off to boarding school as soon as she was old enough, she learned well enough how to survive on her own. Coming up with creative and inivative ways to cause new kinds of trouble and learned she was quite good at it. She caused many problems for the school, but none as big as the day she found out exactly what she was. THe girl was bigger then her, and she fought hard to prove that she was just as good as the girl was. In the middle of the fight her bones cracked and snapped. Forming her into the white wolf she held inside that had been dormant most of her life up until that point. She accidentally killed the girl in her rage and the blood stained the fur along her breast and neck. She ran from the school, and from the conciquence it held for her. She wandered for a long time, town to town...but the end result was always the same. She would get in to a conflict and shift. Killing whoever she was fighting against. Eventually she left the populace all together to discover her other and more wild self. Learning eventually to control both forms, and discovering other ablitlies as well.


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PostSubject: Re: Bridget Carerra Piccola Minetti   Tue Dec 24, 2013 12:48 am

Strange.. I can't find it either. I apologize for that.


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Bridget Carerra Piccola Minetti
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