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PostSubject: Charon   Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:40 pm

Wolf Information:
Name: Charon
Real Name: Raleigh
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Breed: European/Anthro/Immortal/Enchanted Demon
Group: Warden
Birth Season: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral; Type 1

    Weight: 195 lbs.
    Height: 41” (3’5”)
    Length: 79” (6’7”)
    Tail: 34” (2’10”)
    Voice: Christopher R. Sabat (Voice of Roronoa Zoro in English dubbed One Piece – The one with green hair)
    Scent: Ashes and burnt metal

A wolf standing about forty-one inches at the withers, he appears to be around 3-4 years old. Sooty black colored pelt covers his skin, matte in color with little gloss, with a dark brown undercoat, giving him a dark earthy tone. Charon has a thicker than longer snout, a softly angled face. He has fluffy cheeks and upright pointy ears. His eyes are a teal color. Charon’s form is buff but not about to pop with rippling muscle. He looks like a wolf in his prime. Seeming simplistic in his form, there is one distinguishing mark that can set him off from the rest. Literally traveling from Hell and back, white runes have permanently marked his left foreleg, from his paw, to his left shoulder blade, helically spiraling upwards. Forever bleaching his fur, Charon has these runes on his foreleg, the white only making them more noticeable. To keep them hidden from prying eyes, Charon keeps his left foreleg loosely covered, at least little bits of white fur poking out isn’t obvious as much as an ancient language scripted on his hide.

Charon, being born into a small clan-like pack of immortal wolves, possesses immortality, unable to die of age, get sick, poisoned or be permanently wounded. Any injuries he suffers immediately begin to heal. Although there is a catch: if he were to be beheaded, and for a long enough separation, he can die of malnutrition and dehydration. While he cannot die of malnutrition or dehydration normally, the separation of his body parts enables such a weakness. His immortality is imperfect, however the strongest of his pack. With the lack of a soul, his immortality is not absolute, thus having the weakness of a complex, yet attainable way of dying.

If any portion of his body were to be cut off (i.e. an arm), it can be regrown. The size of the piece separated from the body is proportional to how fast it grows back. For example, a finger may take a few seconds to grow back while an arm may take a few minutes. Because the head contains the neural center of the body or if anything is disconnected from the spine or the spine itself is severed, it cannot be regrown. This means if he loses his head or is bisected, he can still be sewed back together to heal. This flaw is unique to him, as many of his kin had flaws in their immortality. He can also feel pain, but has built up a high-threshold for it.

Demonic Empowerment and Hell-Fire
With his journey to Hell, Charon has obtained a double-edged sword; metaphorically that is. With a journey for liberation turned on him to only be shackled by another chain, Charon has gained abilities of Hell itself. Though minor compared to his ice powers, and new, he has little control or understanding about it. Whenever this mode is invoked however, it resembles a demonic take-over. He sprouts short bone colored horns right above his brow that bow upwards, about the size of his ears. The tips light up like candles with a sky blue fire. His ears grow longer and more pointed. The same blue fire that lights up his horns also covers his form, completely surrounding his body with a light blue fiery aura. This fiery aura is Hell-Fire, a flame that is only summoned from the planes of Hell directly. These flames can be manipulated and are only able to cause damage once they have left contact from Charon’s body. Meaning, if someone were to touch him in this form, it would be like touching any other warm-blooded creature. Once the flames are used to attack, then their lethality becomes a factor.

Runes, consisting of Lucifer’s language, that originally spiral up his left foreleg in a helical fashion, slither up his form and the line of runes continue to spiral up his neck, over and down his body and down his legs and tail. Charon obtains super strength and his body bulks up, also including supersonic speed. His leg power is so great, it seems as if he disappears, seemingly disappearing and reappearing to attack or evade. But with great power comes great weaknesses. Because Charon is immortal and his previous ties with Hell and Lucifer, he is able to utilize this form rather than die if he were mortal. Also meaning, he has deeper ties now with this power to Lucifer, his leash shortening only more, closer to becoming a vessel for Lucifer to use. Utilizing this power makes him property and a minion of Lucifer in a way. While he still cannot die, if this power were to be abused, Charon can forever be a servant to Lucifer and be submitted to the tortures of Hell, never to return to the mortal world.

Ice Manipulation
Charon can create, shape and manipulate ice, water frozen into a solid state. Being strictly an ice manipulator, he cannot manipulate the liquid or gaseous forms: water and water vapor respectively. He is able to create simple forms like spheres, columns, cones or more complex forms like weapons and sculptures of intricate design. Since this is a creation magic/ability, Charon gathers his power from within, not depending on an outside source. And also because he is immortal, this internal source rarely diminishes, being constantly regenerated. That is unless if he is wounded himself, then regenerating pulls from the internal reservoir that fuels his ice abilities. In other words, if he were to use ice attacks in conjunction with healing a mortal wound (i.e. lopped off limb, ripped out heart, severe brain damage, etc.), then the life energy will deplete twice as fast and if Charon is not careful, then this could lead to an emptying of his abilities, including his healing factor. Of course it would not be permanent, however would be loophole to his immortality. He could die in this state if he were careless, however this would mean he would have to be healing and using ice for hours on end to even see the end of his internal reservoir.

    Demon Ice Manipulation
    When in his Demon mode, Charon is still able to use his Ice powers; they mix with his Hellish empowerment and form a new ability. While his regular ice is light blue in color, his Demon ice is a slightly deeper blue with black cracks going through it. However, because Charon has yet to achieve this, it is unknown of what his capabilities are with this. It is safe to say though that this form will heighten his ice abilities to a new tier of power. It should also be noted that since his magical reservoirs are separated between his ice and demonic ties with Hell, they don’t mix until this mode is invoked with his ice powers. Meaning he cannot make demon ice until he is in his Demon mode.

Ice “Shape, weapon, object”
A simple form of his magic. Charon creates some sort of shape or weapon out his ice capabilities. Given his concentration and time to cast it, it can either be a strong or weak ice. Often he can make pretty tough ice, though it can still be melted with a fire attack of broken with enough force. So concentration and time are proportional to how strong of an ice he can cast.

Charon is also able to freeze anything he touches, causing frostbite, surface freezing or freezing something solid.

Demon Ice “Shape or weapon”
Much like his other ice attacks, Charon can create anything out of ice, however, this ice is much stronger. However as stated, this magic wears heavily on his body so more time may be needed but only extremely hot flames or Hell fire can melt this ice.

Hell-Fire Aura
Gaining access to the plane of existence that is known as Hell, Charon wields the flames of Hell. Unsealing the script on his left arm causes his form to ignite in the bright blue flames, summoning the flames to create an aura around the wolf. Rooting from his Demonic Empowerment, he can only utilize the flames to a certain extent, enhancing his Demon Ice to the point where it becomes a whole new substance on its own. As Demon Ice and Hell-Fire counteract each other, and with Charon’s body mixing the two, a plasmic type substance is formed that has explosive qualities, usually causing burns then freezing the target solid. However, this substance is very unstable and can easily backfire on Charon.

Demon Arm
Becoming accustomed to the feel of what is sealed within by the runes placed on his left arm, Charon has learned there is a small leak from the seal, allowing him to utilize his Demon powers to a small degree without unsealing it entirely. Siphoning off this energy, Charon is able to make enhanced attacks with his left arm, and left arm only. It is unable to affect his ice, however it creates a dark aura that shrouds his left arm in which allows him to unleash this dark energy in repulsion type attacks. While doing no direct physical contact, the attack aims to disrupt or destroy the life energy that exists within everyone. If done correctly, a simple touch with his left paw can render someone limp or worse, dead.

Other than the abilities stated above, living a longer than normal life, Charon has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience few of this world will ever have. In those years, Charon has silently watched humans and learned of their speech, long before his wolven brethren were able to assimilate into humans themselves. Charon is also a master hand-to-hand combatant and a skilled swordsman. Self-taught, a sword is easy to craft from his ice and the male has taken an affinity to the weapon. While no ancient master, he can be quite the adversary to most experienced swordsmen.

His age allowed for a toned body, thus he is quite agile for his size and is capable of a quick first-step. He often uses this for a quick approach to his target, often catching them off-guard. Past experiences have also taught him to be adaptable, learning from mistakes and success both and applying them to any new situation. Charon’s fighting style is completely improvised; it follows no particular code of honor, and so if necessary, he will attack females, hit below the belt, attack his enemies even if they have their backs turned or are otherwise unprepared or unsuspecting and even use enemies as shields. In conjunction with his cryogenic abilities and to create any weapon imaginable out of ice, he can become quite the fearsome individual. Integrating the solid nature of ice, Charon is able to harden his body or body parts to stop even steel blades and create devastating offensive attacks.

Weaknesses and limitations:
His abilities may give him power, but they are also with heavy with faults. As explained previously, his demonic ties already have a heavy burden if abused and even with his seemingly limitless magic, it drains his life-force quicker than his immortality can keep up with, stalling his regenerative properties and the amounts of attacks he can do. And while he is immortal, if he is attacked with a Holy, Anti-Demon or other purifying powers, they can leave more lasting damage on his body. Charon’s power can be overpowered by true demons (as he is a mutt compared to a true demon). So, while he is part demon now, both Holy and god-tier demonic powers are still easily able to overwhelm him in power.

Also having no sense of direction, he often forgets obvious landmarks or directions entirely and goes where he thinks he should be going, then end up somewhere totally different. If in a bind, Charon’s narcolepsy can be quite in-opportunistic, adding a tragic comedic attribute to the male. For his entire combat prowess, Charon has a ridiculous habit of conversing with his opponents too deeply, letting his guard down in the process, a defect he has demonstrated in previous battles.

Being one that was gifted and cursed with immortality, Charon takes his life for granted and is overly confident in his abilities and whenever he is with others, especially when in fights and battles, claiming he cannot die. While a very potentially powerful individual, he tends to converse and/or taunt his opponents in the middle of battle, and as a result, he always suffers a heavy, painful attacks while his guard is down. Charon frequently engages opponents with no regard for strategy. He often demonstrates a silly personality and even he acknowledges it, like indirectly allowing foes to escape, getting himself caught, or accidentally attacking himself with his abilities. Also quite troublesome and silly, Charon is narcoleptic, meaning he falls asleep at random moments. It can be in the middle of eating, talking with someone, or even fighting, though it rarely happens. It is most likely because of his lack of sleep during the nights from recurring night terrors. He also doesn’t like when others draw attention to his mistakes, often trying to avert the attention away from him by saying everything’s ok and there’s nothing to see. Charon has an incredibly bad sense of direction, which caused him trouble when trying to escape Hell.

Charon will only ally himself with those who share common views with him and make enemies with those who oppose his self-proclaimed morals, or simply for the hell of it. Seldom has he told traits about himself; however he does often declare that he loves doing puzzles. Before, personal relationships with anyone were otherwise worthless and a waste of his time. He would put no effort in bonding with anyone as he views relationships simply business and nothing else. Spending time with Yuzuki, however, has retaught the male that relationships are important and every life should be valued. Becoming cold to the world, both literally and figuratively after August’s death, Yuzuki is beginning to melt the ice that has encrusted his heart since.

Charon is often very calm, composed, relaxed, easygoing, haughty, and free-spirited, but he can be surprised and startled. During battle, he finds joy in fighting and will often challenge others who seem strong to a fight. Others he will just keep off his radar, ignoring them. While seemingly lacking conventional morals, Charon feels that he needs a reason to kill another; otherwise he deems it unnecessary and a waste of his time. The reason will have to be worthy enough for him (i.e. others challenging him, attacking first, or slandering his masculinity) as he will not kill on a whim or for simply disliking a person. If he does in fact intensely dislike someone, he will try to make them give him a reason to kill them. Whenever he is not in the mood to fight or in a confrontation, Charon can be quite laid back, not having much care in the world. On his off time, he prefers to explore, put his nose into things and can be quite privy. Smoking cigars, he has stated, helps him calm his nerves.

Fighting Class: Veteran

    Actual: Just over 550 years old
    Biological: 4

Family: August - Brother (Deceased)
Mate: N/A
Allies: Yuzuki & Una
Foes/Rivalries: Bladewolf & Blaze

Centuries old, many things from his younger years has escaped him, including the use of his real name. Only remembering slivers of his very distant past, he knew he belonged to a small pack of immortal wolves like himself. Vaguely remembering the story that was told to him by his parents, he knows that they made an agreement and pact with Satan himself. With everyone present of their clan, including the, then, infant Charon, a summoning ritual took place to call upon the Lord of Hell. Sealing the deal, everyone present was granted immortality for the price of their souls being taken away. Thus, whenever one of them were to die, there would be no second life; no Hell or Heaven. They cannot haunt the mortal world, even. Instead, they would become forever stuck in Limbo, not being able to crossover, becoming nothing.

This downside has been forced into the deepest of their minds and always took their immortality for granted. Regularly they would go start wars with other wolf packs, having a similar personality that since they were immortal, they cannot die and would conquer all.

One of the few memories that Charon has been able to hang onto was the time he was with his brother. Only about 50 years old, 35 years later from whence he was granted immortality, and still a young pup, had met someone whom he had connected with almost instantly. He was another pup, about 20 or so years younger than the then Raleigh, who was a pack brother but not of kin. They grew close over the next several decades, calling each other siblings, ignoring they hailed from different bloodlines. Once of adolescent age, the two wolves made a brother pact with each other, biting their paw pads and drawing blood, one then pressed his pad onto the other, their wounds and blood mixing. They made a promise and vow that they would be brothers forever. Aging and becoming adults together, many more decades passed. They spent most of their time together and travelling, exploring. On a day as routine as any other, they were to collect food for the pack. They were trailing a large game, one that would prove worthy to feed their hungry pack. However, unfortunate circumstances befell unto the brothers, as it happened that human hunters were following the same game. Not letting some lowly human hunters steal their meal, the brothers split up and parted momentarily, aiming to circle the hunter group and catch the game before they did.

Raleigh, ready to meet with his brother again, ahead of the hunters, he heard a yell of distress, realizing that something happened. Hurrying over, Raleigh came to a sliding halt to find his brother captured in a snare, with the human hunters gathered round. Never a better reason to utilize his ice abilities at this time, but for the same reason, Raleigh has never encountered a reason in the first place to attack with ice, so there was the possibility of ruining his chances of a surprise attack. Realizing this, he wouldn’t take the chance. Then one of the hunters slipped something in between the ropes and the wolf’s body. Lighting a wick, both Raleigh and his brother became suspicious. Discerning that whatever it was, it wasn’t good, Raleigh leapt from the bushes and attacked the hunters head on. Hell broke loose, gunshots fired; snarls and barks came from both the wolves. Primal instincts came forth and Charon was mauling as many of the humans as he could. With the rest fleeing, he had thought they ran off scared, but he soon came to find that whatever they stuck to his brother, the wick fizzled out and Raleigh’s heart sank. A large explosion filled the area with fire and light, searing skin off the sooty wolf as he was blown back by the sheer force. Ears ringing and head dazed, he eventually came to, seeing the forest surrounding him enveloped in flames. Frantic, he then remembered his brother and looked to find him. Not far from where he was snared, a limp body lied lifeless on the ground. Rushing to his side, Raleigh called out his name and rolled him over. Stomach churning and twisting, a melon sized hole had ravaged through his brother’s belly and chest, the blood pooling at his feet. Repeatedly calling for his name and exclaiming why he wasn’t healing, Raleigh could see no signs that he was even though his healing factor should have started to repair his body. Brown eyes peeked from cracked eyelids, his brother regaining consciousness. “Lee”, he said. However, he ignored him and couldn’t stop asking the same question over and over, with no answer, tears soaking the fur on his cheeks. Was his immortality inferior to Raleigh’s? Never sustaining such a large and otherwise fatal injury, the question had weight to it. Feeling him slip away, Raleigh took a chance and began freezing his brother’s cavity with ice. He may not be healing, but perhaps the immortality will keep him alive until help is found. The intense fire that surrounded them inhibited his ice, but he pushed himself to cover the whole wound.

Ready to take him back home, Raleigh noticed that his brother wasn’t responding. Failing to awake him, he couldn’t get any reaction at all, endlessly calling out his name. It was then Raleigh witnessed the last ounce of life wisp away from his brother’s body as his limbs went limp and head rolled to the side. Body beginning to shake and tremble, Raleigh looked to his paws to find them covered in his brother’s blood. Gasping for air, more tears came forth and all his emotions released at once. Sadness, anger, fear, anguish, unable to comprehend what had just happened. This flooding of emotion began a rampant growth from within Raleigh and in a surge of anger; he released his ice like a wave and froze everything within a 15 meter radius, immediately extinguishing the flames. Falling to a bow and his forehead hitting the ground, his emotions consumed him. Allowing this was a great release for Raleigh, never letting his emotions be shown previously. Upon settling down, he began to talk to his brother like he was still there. Picking a spot, Raleigh buried his body by a tree, encapsulating him in his ice, in hopes that his brother will remember him in his next life. It was then, Raleigh vowed at his brother’s grave that he will find his and his own soul and return them.

Over the course of the next 200 years, Raleigh had difficulty accepting the truth and would pit the blame on himself of his brother's death. "I could've done this" or "I should've done that", often he would repeat to himself. He entered a deep depression and more times than he could keep tally of, attempts were made on taking his own life in hopes of joining his brother. However, as one would assume, as an immortal, death did not come so easily. It seemed that Lucifer was laughing in Hell as Raleigh came to realize that while his brother's curse had its flaws, Raleigh's was near perfection as he could not die of blood loss, snapping his neck or even by ripping out his own heart. Even bifurcating himself did nothing, only causing pain without the sweet release of death. This only angered Raleigh more and only firmed his resolve on somehow returning his and his brother's souls. Mentally scarred and with the possibility of never healing, he has become more of an "Avenger" of sorts, killing hunters whenever and wherever he could, also being the roots for his strong hatred towards humans. This has caused him to become cold and closed towards others and a ruthless opponent to his enemies. His personality soon came to match well with his innate ice abilities. Becoming someone that he barely recognized as himself at times, Raleigh forsaken his given name and placed the mask upon himself as we know as “Charon” today.

Charon's relationship with the rest of his pack began to crumble with how shut-in he was and snappy he got when speaking with others. Sparking the tension within his pack seemed to set off other abrasive quarrels between others. Relationships became to mean nothing to Charon, forfeiting any chance to bond with anyone, let alone associate himself with them for an extended period of time. He avoided them like the plague and others would feel the same about him. Soon, members of his pack began to disappear or defect, eventually Charon left with intentions to never return. After many years of nothing, Charon left out onto his own. Things weren't the same anymore.


Approximately 350 years old, happening upon traveling humans, in a small village at night, he overheard them talking about gateways to Hell and ways to get in and how supposedly there is a fabled book of dark wizardry that Satan owns. The more they discussed, the more Charon thought about it, even when he heard that it was a slim chance of getting out, he wanted to go to see if he could get his and his brother’s soul back and be an Immortal that can truly live forever, even in afterlife. Waiting it out until the humans decided to do this, Charon hid himself from the humans and watched the ritual commence. After much chanting in gibberish, a portal in space-time opened up in the middle of their séance circle, above the pentagram drawn on the ground. Seizing the opportunity, Charon bolted out from his hiding spot and darted into the portal. It immediately closed behind him, leaving the humans in a mix of anger, bewilderment and question.

Falling into Hell, Charon couldn’t have even imagined what it would look or be like in Hell; it was unfathomable. Perhaps it was just his interpretation, but it appeared to be a dark, silent cavern. No fire, no screaming people, no demons torturing the unfortunate souls. No one was to be found. Torches lit up the earthen hallways and with an unclear destination, Charon wondered if he was truly in Hell. Following the hallways nonetheless, with what seemed like days, he happened upon a series of large chambers, being more lit than the hallways, he could see the place was set up like some temple. Passing through the chamber, it opened up to what looked like a throne room, although empty. Candles, torches and cauldrons of fire were lit around the room, better lit than any other room that he has been in. Still at the entrance to the room, there was a bust of what looked like a man’s head, but he blinked and it turned into a wolf’s head. Blinking again, it remained a wolf head; perhaps his mind was playing tricks on him as he was still in the shadows that the flames couldn’t reach. Slowly walking towards the chair, the room was embellished with inconceivable goods.

To the right of the throne chair, a simple altar was set aside with a large closed book resting on top. That must be it; he thought and trotted over to the altar as he looked out of the corners of his eyes to see if anyone else was around or watching. Reaching the book, he grabbed it with his teeth and set it down on the ground, and it flipped open. However, the script inside seemed to be a different language from any other that Charon has cast his eyes upon. But blinking his eyes again to readjust, the symbols seemed to change into a more phonetic language. Puzzled, things were beginning to become more weird. Going along with it, the incantations were easier to read and tried to find one that returned his soul. Not really being able to read, but only sound out the words, he was at a bit of a disadvantage to find the right ones. But a picture with every spell seemed to help as he could guess well enough what each one did pertaining to the corresponding illustrations. Flipping page by page, it took him a long while to leaf through it but eventually he came upon one where the illustration showed a human freed from a fiery pit. Hoping this was it, Charon didn’t notice that there were a page missing and the image he was looking at was for the spell he wanted but on the page that was ripped out. Reading the spell aloud, he began to feel a change and excitement rushed through him; finally he was free. However, being the wrong spell, his form began to change and his excitement soon changed to worry and soon he became what looked more like a werewolf than his soul not being chained to Hell anymore.

Bewildered and wanting to get out as soon as possible, rather than reversing it, Charon began to frantically page through the book more. No, no, None gave any indication of what he was looking for. Glancing over his shoulder, he was still alone. Wait, this might be it. This time it seemed that the spell corresponded to the illustration and once again began to sound out the words. It was relatively short compared to others but it was too good to be true. With his crude pronunciations, Charon’s mission began to turn on him. Finishing the incantation, nothing happened. Disappointed and annoyed, pressure was beginning to set in. Footsteps echoed throughout the chambers, getting closer. There is no time left and Charon figured the second spell was a dud. Turning to find a way back out, the thick book rattled against the ground and shook. A chain from within the book lashed out took hold of Charon’s left forearm. Jerking him back, the chain in fact was made of materialized demonic runes and began to snake further up his arm. Unable to break the hold, Charon fell to the ground, but the book had him anchored. As the runes reached his shoulder, they stopped but the temperature got suddenly hot and in an instant his fur was singed and his skin branded with these runes. Howling out, Charon had almost forgot the footsteps and they were getting increasingly louder. But he was immortal, why were these runes burning him so bad it passed his tolerance of pain? Energy suddenly surged through him, knocking the now werewolf unconscious.

Waking back up, Charon was disoriented, but someone was already there to greet him. The voice mumbled on but he soon began to realize he was in some dank cellar with bars. A prison? He tried to move, but his limbs were shackled by, this time, real chains. Back in his feral form, Charon passively listened. The figure explained everything: that he was Lucifer, what Charon had just done was forbidden but Lucifer told him not to worry. Further explaining things, essentially, Charon had unintentionally only further increased his ties to Hell. Now is he not only an immortal with his soul in Lucifer's grip, but with the runes that are now forever seared into his skin, an ethereal leash that Lucifer has in his other hand. He told Charon to keep up the good work and perhaps someday, he will be truly be property of the Dark Lord.

Charon was stuck in this prison and every now and again Lucifer would visit. Months turned into years, years into decades and decades into centuries. Sure, he has tried escaping, but his shackles seemed to sap his magic every time he invoked it. But once he almost did, with a burst of magic he froze everything around him within a 20 foot radius. Only to be caught shortly thereafter, Charon was placed in a slightly warmer place. A cell by eternal flames rendered his further escape plans useless as his ice would instantly melt. Nearly 2 centuries passed since his infiltration into Hell and Charon had almost given up. Yet, as the runes had always puzzled him, he never gave them much thought, as after all they did get him caught. But after 200 years, Charon gave it some thought and as with his ice magic, tried to invoke the runes to see if they held some sort of sorcery. Bleach white fur had since grown in their place and with some effort; Charon felt a spark go off within him. Triggering a transformation as he did long before, his forehead sprouted short horns and the tips lit up like candles with a light blue flame. The runes started to crawl further up his arm, more being written on his form. Colored with white fur, they didn’t burn as badly, but like writing out a command, it seemed to unseal something within his body. The pains stopped and Charon felt drained and full of energy at the same time. With the shackles constantly draining his energy, Charon had difficulty conjuring something, especially with it being just under 200 years since his last magic use. With a jerk of his head, a pillar of ice erupted from the wall behind him and shot him against the bars and through them. This time the ice didn’t melt, though with the hot fires of Hell nearby, the ice only began to melt after he was finally broken out of his cell. He then made a run for it. Luckily the guards often chatted and while they thought he was sleeping, he gathered important intel. Knowing there was a portal always open for demons to travel between Hell and Earth, Charon headed that way. However his sense of direction is horrible and took him longer than it should have to reach it but he eventually did. Without hesitation, Charon leapt through the portal, even though he was being chased.

Back on Earth for the first time in two centuries, it was dark and Charon continued to run and did so for a few miles, often trying to lose what was behind him. Happening upon the outskirts of a town, it looked much different than what he was used to. Spotting a small human home, it seems that they have forgotten about their barn; he ventured inside. Thinking he was safe, his heart suddenly felt like it popped and a surge went through him and collapsed. Waking up, it was daylight and was quiet save for the few birds chirping outside the barn doors. Just as he set his head back down, Charon jerked awake, flinging dried grass around and looked at himself. Perhaps it was just a dream, he thought but he recognized the ancient white runes on his left leg, but couldn’t remember what they were for, or how he ended up here. He knew he was Charon, but... it was hard to recall anything else. Finding some scrap cloth, he wrapped up his left leg, not wanting the runes to show. Exiting the barn and looking back, he saw the town once more. For some reason he then decided he didn’t like humans or towns. Running across the plains, the forest was next and Charon continued on. Thinking his mission to Hell, his capture, escape and gained abilities were all a dream, Charon would one day realize that his dreams were to become reality.

Returning to the mortal plane once more, Charon learned that his imprisonment in Hell has set him back more than 200 years, so time has advanced without him and so has everyone else. Society has changed drastically that even now he is having a hard time readjusting. Charon has met many others since, keeping to himself mostly, except with one woman who stayed with him despite his confronting attitude. Since then, the two have become friends and allies and perhaps something just a little more. But for now, Charon considers her an irreplaceable friend. Deciding to no longer hide himself, Charon has thrown out his alias and is insisting that he be called by his given name: Raleigh.

Anthro Information
Height: 6’11”
Weight: 477 lbs.

Much like his feral form, Charon’s Anthro form is covered in a sooty black fur with a dark brown undercoat that makes him appear more dull than glossy. His bleached white runes still wrap around his left forearm going from the back of his paw to the left shoulder blade the last rune touching his spine. As always, he prefers to keep it covered with a cloth or bandage. Also, in this form, he can either walk on all fours or bipedal. If to venture into a human settlement of any kind, Charon can also dress up in a cloak and human clothes, making sure to cover his form not to rise suspicion. Because of his long life and knowledge, Charon in this form is able to form human speech to talk to humans. So this form can be advantageous for gathering information on the humans.

Two Sides of the same coin:
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Source: Me. Aside from borrowing some lines.

Human Information
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 207 lbs.

Lucifer granting the immortal a human appearance on a whim, he is now able to appear as both a human and a wolf. Standing at the slightly above average height for a male, Raleigh is muscular, however is only this way because of his constant fighting. He is in shape and built, but no body builder. He has a lot of body hair and is quite fuzzy all around. The hair color is a deep brown, matching the sootiness that covers his wolven forms. His facial hair is unshaven and scruffy, like he hasn’t shaven in a couple days. Long locks of hair fall from his head down to about mid-back length. At first, Raleigh was unsure of how to tame it, but with a little help, learned how to control his hair and often keeps it in a ponytail or a thick, simple braid. As for his attire, the simpler the clothing, the better it suits him also the darker the better. Grey or dark blue jeans and a dark colored Tee are good enough for him. At first shoes were a foreign concept and wasn’t too keen to wearing things on his feet, but his first choice were a leather, work-type boot and won’t wear anything else.

Key: Yet to be introduced in roleplay and be figured out by Charon

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Excellent profile! I so very look forward to see what you can do in the field.

As per requested, your group suggestion as "Rogue" will be pending until the place can be earnt. I will contact you via private message with further information so keep an eye out. Welcome Charon!

A C C E P T E D.


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Thanks! I would say I'm a little rusty since its been a few years, but you probably wouldn't believe me. Haha.

I too look forward to role-playing in the very near future; its hard finding good sites nowadays.
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