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 Savannah's Bio

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PostSubject: Savannah's Bio   Thu May 09, 2013 12:08 pm

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The earth does not belong to us. We belong to the earth.

Name: Savannah
Nickname: Anna / Ann
Gender: Female.
Age: 25.
Birth Place: Aedaira Woodlands
Birth Date: Born on the 15th day of the month of Aquarius. ( Jan )
Element: Air.
Alignment: Neutral Good.

Wolf appearance

Size: Average
Height: 80cm
Length: 5.2 feet
Weight: 80 pounds.
Eye Color: Bright Green
Fur Color: Main pelt color, a light sandy blonde with a white breast, white stomach and white paws.
Appearance: Of average build for a wolf but looks a little on the thin side even though she is lean. Around the bottom of her mane she has strands of longer white hair on either side that can sometimes be pleated or have flowers in it.

Human Appearance
Height: 5 feet 5inches
Weight: 120 pounds
Body: Petite, lean yet curvy.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Bright Green.
Clothing: When in her human form, she can often be found naked as that is her true form and she has not been in a society that required her to wear clothes. She will adorn her body with flowers and other relevant things for ceremonies however. In her human form she will always be seen wearing a simple chain containing a piece of Amethyst as it is the stone of Aquarius.
Markings: As with all members of her pack she was stained under her left eye with the symbol representing her star sign.

Personality: Although she can come across as timid, she is just a peaceful being that hasn't had much social interaction. She avoids conflict and has never had to defend herself against other predators, having lived a very solitary life. A lot of social norms seem odd to her having been alone and often appears to be talking to herself but she believes she is talking to Gaia. She is very respectful of her environment and had very firm beliefs. She is a gentle and loving spirit who believes that above all the balance of the world must be maintained and that's what her purpose in life is.

Deoxygenation - the ability to remove oxygen from one's surroundings. Limitation - can accidentally suffocate allies and/or themselves.

Elemental Healing ( Air ) - Uses particles of air energized with healing energy to repair damage to the an organism. Limitation - cannot heal the wounds if the being has already died as they would already have given their life back to Gaia.

Elemental Transmutation ( Air )- Ability to alter the chemical compounds of a substance by rearranging the atomic structure. In Savannah's case it is based around the Air. *Can turn air into into a poison gas. *Pressure combustion where you increase/decrease the pressure to the point of an explosion. *Potion Creation - creates elixirs using all natural products that can have certain "magic" effects what she calls blessings. Limitations - as her abilities are all based around the air they can backfire and end up harming herself. The Potion Creation is based around herbology and so the herbs must be in season and they must not upset the balance of Gaia.

NOTE: Because of her strong beliefs she will sometimes refuse to create a certain potion or use her abilities if she feels it is against Gaia's wishes or would result in a consequence.

Doric Pack: The Doric Pack was a peaceful pack of elemental wolves with human forms. Each wolf had the capability to have control over the elements around them but the one they would truly master would be determined by their birth and star sign. They held a strong belief in Gaia and many traditions were passed down from generation to generation.

Doric Beliefs: Gaia is the personification of the Earth or also known as Mother Earth. The four children of Gaia are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Celebrations are held every solstice and equinox to welcome the birth of the season. A strong held belief is that what is put into the world, Gaia will return, karma as such. Gaia would be heavily affected by the stars and plants so lunar cycles and planetary alignments are a critical as positions and abilities are chosen by this means. For example a Scorpion would often be the Alpha as they are considered the strongest sign, there have been a few exceptions but only under certain circumstances. Unlike other wolves, they can bred at any time of the year once they have received Gaia's blessing so mates would often try to bred so that their child would be born into a chosen star sign.

Savannah's History: Savannah was the last pup to the Doric Pack. She was small and considered a runt but she was also deemed blessed by Gaia, for she was born as a zodiac leader Aquarious. She had a happy childhood as did most wolves in her pack. Life was idealistic and peaceful until the night of a Lunar eclipse when true darkness fell upon the land that hid even the stars and with that darkness came a predator. It was her 10th year of life and she was still very small so her father hid her in the hollow of a tree to protect her. She was ordered not to move and to remain silent and she did so, as the howls and cries of her pack filled her ears. She remained in the trunk for two days until the hunger and thirst forced her out. When she found the bodies of her pack and her parents she was distraught and her faith in Gaia was tested but after spending a further day mediating, she realized that she must follow tradition. It took many hours for the small wolf to do but she laid all the wolves together according to their star signs and burned them in a ceremony. Since then she has wandered the land continuing to practice and follow Gaia, often having only Gaia to talk too.

One night, she had a dream where she remembered her father telling her stories of their packs. He spoke of how Gaia had placed many tribes across her Earth so that balance could be maintained. When she awoke she saw this as a message from Gaia and left her home land for the first time in search of others like her.

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PostSubject: Re: Savannah's Bio   Fri May 10, 2013 8:28 pm

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Savannah's Bio
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