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 Creation Myth

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PostSubject: Creation Myth   Creation Myth EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 9:48 pm

Hey! So in my myth in human culture class I was asked to read about the many myths of creation, my assignment was to answer one of the following questions:

•Where did I come from?
•Why is there something rather than nothing?
•Why is their evil in the world?

I chose, Where did I come from?, and here is the myth I made for this particular question ( I hope.. please let me know if this answers this question and what you think..)

The universe consisted of many galaxies. This tale takes you to one of those.
The place, made up of gases and swirls of light and darkness, had no name for all that lived there called it home and for all they knew, they were the only ones that existed.

There were two rulers, Lord and Lady, the ultimate supreme beings. In this galaxy along with the Lord and Lady, it was home to winged creatures that worshipped the two supreme beings.

Throughout time, the Lord and Lady had offspring’s of their own. Two twin daughters. One with the lightest colored hair they had ever seen, December; morning star, and the other, her hair as dark as the blackness that surrounded their home, Hesperia; the evening star. Both where precious and charming; however, the fairest child had darkness with in her that the dark-haired child did not. As they grew into adult hood, they wondered and tinkered with things forming new inventions. The girls decided it was time to venture out and find a world of their own. The Lord and Lady where quiet sad at the news, but they understood. Upon their departure, the Lord and Lady presented a colorful glass sphere, inside danced glowing lights and swirls of the unknown, as a memento. “For you to remember where you come from,” they said in union.

Saying their goodbyes the two daughters climbed onto the nimbus cloud, the invention they had formed from gases of their planet. Clutching the sphere, the two sisters set out on an adventure.

The two sisters searched the universe for twelve years, never finding anything that suited them. It was either to cold, to dark, or something. Neither agreed, so by the thirteenth year, they were about to give up when suddenly the area in front of them opened in a swirling cyclone and sucked them in to the dark hole.

Terrified, the sisters threw their arms around one another and screamed. Forgetting the sphere in her hand, the sphere was the first object to be cast from the dark hole.

Realizing that they were not dead, the two sisters began to panic over the loss of the sphere. As they gazed out over their new surroundings, goose bumps seeped over their arms. It was so cold! Urging the cloud to move, they passed over a five planets until December saw the sphere up ahead. As they got closer they began to get a bit warmer.

The sphere soared over many planets, losing its momentum it began to descend on the third rock from the Sun. Plummeting into its atmosphere, it caught ablaze through its decent until it cracked and busted into tiny small shards that shot out across that planet.

The girls gave chase having to shield their eyes from the glare of the massive ball of fire. They entered the unknown world without thought, all that mattered was that sphere.

The nimbus set the girls on the hard earth before it trembled before them and soared back into the sky. Once there, the sky changed and the nimbus did something it never done before, it began to pour water down on the un-expecting surface below.

The rain droplets covered the world, filling in gorges and gaps. Now the water met the surface, and where it met with the shards, things began to grow from them. Some slithered and went back to where they had original been as shards, while others with two legs, stood just as the girls, thus creating Men and Woman and the animals of the world. December and Hesperia decided to name this realm Earth. And as Man met Woman, they bounded and formed couples and made offspring’s. And as time paced it brought us to the here and now, thus creating you and I.
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PostSubject: Re: Creation Myth   Creation Myth EmptyTue Sep 11, 2012 12:43 am

Smile Very neat I think it covers the topic well.

"My words are for all" "My thoughts are not"
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Creation Myth
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