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 Project Dominion (Ox Corp)

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Oxen Jurisdiction

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PostSubject: Project Dominion (Ox Corp)    Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  EmptySun Jan 03, 2016 7:24 am

Hey all,

So a while ago i spoke to Blaze about some ideas i had for some drama on here mainly because i want to post and have always struggled on kumari with not having any particular global plots. So this is the plot i am going to run with (the human characters will be all used as sub characters and some are open for other people to play if they wish) and everyone is invited to use this plot, develop this as well as using your sub plots as usual. this is purely made from my own boredom and i aim to continue this plot as far as i can (novel like). I love to write stories with no end in sight and am always keen to think of many options with plots.

I will keep this thread here to talk ooc about ideas and tracking where different plot off shoots are being directed for all writers who wish to be involved.

The Plot Brief

Senator Dawson has introduced a new policy in the state where the Kumari territory exists. This strategy set to commence in a few days time aims to document a tracking system and record the presence of all persons of supernatural existence in society. All beings of such a nature will be required to report to a medical office where they will receive a unique identifier number which will be marked permanently just below the right ear. This is the first stage of the system however there are underlying government projects also about to the commence.

Senator Dawson and his team are big supporters against anyone with supernatural capabilities, firmly believing that they are a real threat to the human population. In order to sustain their positive image, the senator and the government officials have built a medical facility on at a non disclosed private nature reserve where they plan to imprison test subjects chosen from the new database and existing knowledge of such beings. At this facility test subjects will be used to trial a range of devices which, when they have been implanted will serve purpose not only to track the details of the beings but also act as inhibitors. There are plans for remote inhibitors which will aid in the future to control the abilities of supernatural beings.

the tracking system cover up is announced by Senator Dawson, broadcast across the broad state and covered by the news stations. in the undercover strategy, Major Brian Emerson oversees and gives direction to the staff and contractors involved in 'project dominion'. Dr Louise Granger has been appointed lead scientist and the Dominion facility and works with Major Emerson to hire a small selection of contract bounty hunters to bring in their test subjects.
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Oxen Jurisdiction

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PostSubject: Re: Project Dominion (Ox Corp)    Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  EmptySun Jan 03, 2016 8:27 am

Ox Corp Project Dominion Major Characters

These character descriptions may also appear across other administrative areas on this site and be accompanied with additional oxen corp characters who will contribute to the development of the project dominion plot. These major characters lay the foundation for Project dominion.


Senator Dawson

Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  Gary_o10

Full Name:
Senator Dawson (Mr Edward Dawson)
Species: Human
Scent: Old cigars
Voice: Gruff and commanding

Personality: Senator Dawson is a business man. He is arrogant and demanding although his persona in the public eye comes across as a family driven man with a soft heart. He values his children but secretly despite appearing to have a loving relationship with his wife, they are far from it.

Description: Senator Dawson is a stocky man, approximately 6ft 2 with dark brown hair with a subtle grey tinge and hazel eyes. He is mostly seen in suits and formal attire.

History: Voted in at the last election round Edward Dawson has moved up another rank in his career. Now a senator, Mr Edward Dawson finally possesses a team with drive and passion to bring his vision for a ‘better tomorrow’ to the forefront of his political party.

Born to into the wealthy Dawson family young Edward had his life planned out for him, something of which his father takes credit for at every chance. His parents, Harold and Camilla are a power couple with Harold now a retired politician himself. Young Edward attended what his parents considered to be top schools and a prize winning university before entering politics in his early twenties.

Whilst in his first few years of politics, Edward had a string of relationships though most of this was kept out of the public eye until there was cause for him to establish a family. This came in the form of one of his fellow employees at the time, Lucy Farris. Lucy and Edward were married and Lucy provided Edward with three children, the family of which has played a supporting role in his political image.

In recent years Edward campaigned and was finally elected to take seat as a senator for his state. With heavy views that immortal beings should be monitored for the safety of all human beings he has worked closely with highly connected individuals who remain anonymous, partnering Senator Dawson with the directors of the Oxen Corporation.

Major D. Emerson
Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  Major_10

Full Name: Major Emerson (Doug Louis Emerson)
Age: 56
Species: Human
Scent: Old cigars
Voice: gruff and commanding

Personality: Major Doug Emerson is short fused and stubborn with very black and white views. If Major Emerson has a target in mind you can better believe it will be hit. Used to giving orders not taking them, Major Emerson is a key figure in Ox Corp’s project Dominion.

Description: just shy of 6 foot, Major Emerson is a decorated member of the military. The man is slim with the wrinkles showing his age and grey crew cut hair. Despite now pushing pens rather than shooting guns, the Major has always kept in great physical shape and can put many to shame with his display of fitness.

With most of the Major’s personal history classified it can be said that Major Emerson is a mystery figure when it comes to Ox Corp. The only known facts to be released to the public is that Major Emerson is a supporter of Senator Dawson’s plan for registering immortals and an fundamental connection in terms of involving military support behind the project.

Dr. Louise Granger
Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  Louise10

Full Name: Dr Louise Granger (Louise Elizabeth Granger)
Species: Human
Scent: hand sanitiser and a citrus based perfume
Voice: received pronunciation British accent soft and polished

Dr Granger is a woman who is considered a subject matter expert in her field of science with the personality reflective of a leader. She is considered to be a person who is refined and upper class often reflected in her postures and dialect.

Description: Doctor Louise Granger has soft brown hair, always shown to be kept back in a tight bun or ponytail and wears tailor pencil skirt suits when outside the lab. If working in the laboratory she wears her crisp white laboratory coat, black pants and a medical shirt under her coat.

Born in and raised in England Doctor Granger is a woman who has worked tirelessly over the years to become a scientist whom is renowned in her field however not on a public level. Her parents were modest middle class people and worked hard to see their daughter through school. Louise had a fascination for science and in particular the way in which species interacted with their environment. Entering university Louise studied hard whilst working in a laboratory in her home city before eventually graduating and moving overseas.

Continuing her studies whilst working; Doctor Louise Granger became an expert at the expense of her personal life, having limited friends outside of work and next to no interest in a love life. She did however earn much respect in her workplace and as a result was able to find funding for numerous experiments and research projects before being recruited by the board of directors from Oxen Corp to head the facility for Project Dominion located somewhere in Kumari Lands just outside of Muchani.

Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  254zsrq

Full Name: Teddy Rodgers. (Special Forces.)
Age: 22
Species: Human.
Scent: Old Leather and an assortment of metallic aromas.
Voice: Deeply engaging and husky.

Personality: Teddy can be described as a passionate member of the corporation. He is sly and cunning, a master of deception and weapons. Rarely viewed in the public eye, Rodgers is the one to find and close the deals. Though he works with the corporation he is only assigned the job through the military. He is a man of simple pleasures with a deeply inquisitive nature whom often takes a trip to the laboratory.

Description: Rodgers is a buff young man standing at 5 foot 9 inches. Dark neatly kept hair and deep brooding hazel eyes compliment a strong jaw line and a chiselled physique. He is never seen out of uniform - when he is seen at all, preferring to keep a professional look about himself.

History: Rodgers joined the military at the age of 20, he keeps his history more or less to himself, only sharing things with those that are close to him - which are few and far between. Teddy's best friend was killed in a fire only months before he joined the military, two years ago, turning him into an introvert, preferring to stand back and watch others destroy themselves than getting caught in the fray.
His potential with weapons and poisons gave promise to his position within the military. When the Oxen Corperation caught wind of his abilities they offered him a position within their ranks as a special forces gunman, though he prefers to use silent weaponry.

Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  63up8m

Full Name: Trainee Lillianne Baker.
Age: 18
Species: Human.
Scent: Hand Sanitiser and Hospital Grade bleach.
Voice: Soft spoken and smooth on the tongue.

Personality: Determined and eager to please. Having grown up with many children to challenge her for affections of their adoptive father, Lillianne developed a need to please making her seem selfish and gloatful. She is clever, cunning and can be two faced if it means getting her own way; but this girl has smarts. With such a strong eagerness to please Lilly works hard and efficiently as possible to complete her task.

Description: Lillianne is a young and beautifully developed girl with the attitude of an 18 year old boy. When not at work she wears clothing that fits in all the right places.
Long blonde hair would normally fall in ringlets to near her backside if it weren't always straightened. Instead, it is usually tied in a unkept bun to keep it out of her slate grey eyes while she is studying blood work and taking important notes. Whilst at work she keeps her lab coat on, even when in the field as it houses pockets for numerous pens, notebooks and assignment sheets.

History: Orphaned at the age of three, she doesn't remember her parents nor much of her childhood. Trauma at such an early stage has kept her memories locked away from fear of rejection and hurt. The streets made her grow up faster than any young child should have.

Lilly, like many of the other children in her home, was never adopted out. Instead she grew up around her chosen brothers which earned her her carefree boisterous attitude of today. When one of her brothers disappeared one night, she and her remaining brother set away in search; but instead found him in the jaws of a Lycan.

His death was untimely at any age, but to Lillianne, it was devastating. She swore revenge upon the species so at the ripe age of sixteen she joined the Oxen corporation, training in both the laboratory and the field as a forensic scientist hoping to later further her career.

Galina Zahradnik

Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  Galina10

Name: Galina Zahradnik
Nickname: Lin
Age: 32
Nationality: Czech
Family: Husband – Ivan (36), Daughter – Hana(6)
Occupation: Oxen Corp Scientist
Specialist Area: Anatomy and Bionomics

Description of home: family is housed in a home provided by Oxen Corporation. Since the opening of an Oxen corporation facility outside of Muchani City Galina has been assigned to the onsite laboratory and has a bed in the staff allocated quarters.

Hair: Short, Platinum Blonde in colour
Eyes: hazel
Clothing particulars: always seen in her lab coat and oxen corp standard issue uniform. Her glasses are the only standout piece of clothing.

Galina is an extremely hard worker with a passion in what she does. She is slightly obsessive compulsive when it comes to her workspace and cleanliness. Quiet in nature Galina is patient, letting her work do the talking for her.

Habits: bit of a germophobe

Best Friend: her husband Ivan due to her limited interaction with anyone outside of oxen corp. Galina’s routine restricts herself from having close bonds with people other than her family and immediate co-workers.
Other Friends: other employees in the compound

Enemies and why: Immortals and creatures not human – Galina works with Oxen Corporation with her personal goal to create serums which will combat transference of immortality through infection, subdue immortals and bring the human race to the top of the food chain against immortals and creatures alike.

Hobbies and pastimes: Reading, Puzzles

History: Galina was sent by her parents upon completion of her schooling to a university outside of their nation with high standard hopes that Galina would find a reputable career. Galina did indeed achieve this however hopes of reuniting with her family were dashed when news was received of her home being decimated amidst a war. Whilst Galina returned home to find the remains of her family she met and fell in love with Ivan, a native of her own nationality and military officer. Galina considered moving home until an opportunity opened for her to return to university and complete research into developing a cure for vampirism. Ivan and Galina married and the pair migrated, Ivan taking deployment to a unit close to their new home and Galina undertaking research until she fell pregnant.

Galina gave birth to a daughter called Hanna and re-entered the workforce when her daughter was approaching 3 years old, taking up a contract position with the government for research into supernatural species. Once Oxen Corp was established, Galina was appointed a scientist position at their laboratories and has since work extensively, performing live dissections of test subjects in order to learn more about their anatomy and responses.

Whilst Galina works primarily in the anatomy and serology side of her profession she is campaigning to her executives for funding to create a simulation lab where she is able to house test subjects in a containment arena in order to learn more on habits, and interaction in their environment. She has worked extensively with the team in Arcane and has been appointed as one of the key team members at the laboratory under the management of her colleague Dr. Louise Granger.
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Oxen Jurisdiction

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PostSubject: Re: Project Dominion (Ox Corp)    Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  EmptyMon Jan 18, 2016 12:56 pm

Project Dominion (Ox Corp)  BadeBorder%202_zpsbpqcr9sn

General Information

Name: Bade Lucian Price.

Nickname: Bull.

Age: 25 years old.

Position: Commander of Operations.

Species: Human.

Orientation: Heterosexual.

Scent: Shoe Polish, Leather and a faint smell of cigarette smoke.


Trisha Price - his late mother.
Natalia Price - his wife.


Bade stands at six foot one inches and has a lean broad physique.

He weighs in at about 12 stone.

He has short to medium ash blonde hair.

His eyes are a piercing blue and stand out against his chiseled jaw line.

A unique feature he has is a large tattoo he has across his upper back. He got it to cover a large scar he received from a rather nasty lycan.

His right arm has been replaced by a prosthetic robotic one custom made by ox corp. It has numerous features including DNA Testing, weaponry and is virtual indestructible.


Bade is not a bad person by any means he is a simple man with strong convictions. Those convictions are that the greatest threat posed to mankind are that of the Immortals that walk among them.

His hatred for that kind is deeply ingrained and so he can appear to be cold and dismissive. Really he is just an introvert. He does like the company of other people but does not go out of his way to find it.

He is a perfectionest and expects the best from both himself and and those who work under him. Failure is never an option and he strives to achieve his goals by any means possible/


Hand to hand combat: Boxing, Kick boxing, wrestling, shoot fighting, mixed martial arts.

Weaponry handling: An expert marksman, he is capable of handling almost any gun he is handed as he has an extensive knowledge of all firearms.


Although human, The Oxen Corporation have provided some surgical enhancements to a select few of their hunters to help even out the playing field between humans and immortals.

Retinal Enhancement: A procedure much like laser eye surgery. It is a sight enhancing surgery. The average sight goes far beyond 20/20 vision and can even provide night vision.

Hearing replacement: Part of the equipment provided are digital hearing aids. They do not provide hearing from the deaf but they improve the hearing of those wearing them to the point where they can hear vibrations in the ground. They are detachable as prolonged use can damage the wearers long term hearing and can result in deafness.

[Bionic Arm:Bade lost his right arm while on duty. It has been replaced with completely functional robotic version with a latex skin for aestectics.


Two specialized hand guns made by the Oxen Corporation. Extremely accurate, fast firing piece of equipment. It's equipped to be loaded with larger then normal rounds of silver emitting bullets that once fired they pierce the skin and begin to release silver into the surrounding area.


A state of the art rifle, one of newest things to emerge from the Oxen Corporation. It's lightweight and compact making it easy to transport from one location to another. It's advanced scope and range allows the user to shot from further distances then thought possible and virtually undetected.


Does not favor any blade in particular. He likes the diversity that each blade brings and so he carries an array.

The Uniform

A specially developed suit which is tailored to fit the wearer. It's has built in armor plating that is bullet proof and can provide adequate protection. It has detachable utility belts and can be adapted for any and all situations including an optional gas mask should it be required.

Current Assignment

Presently involved in the Oxen Corporations expansion and working alongside Senator Dawson. He has relocated temporarily to help oversee the operation and assist where needed until returning home and leaving it in very capable hands.


The only child of a teenage mother, he had a humble but loving upbringing. His mother worked hard to provide everything she could for him in the absence of a father. She was a loving mother despite her young years and often told him romantic stories of his heroic father who despite his absence he idolized.

He grew up near a local boxing ring that eventually turned into an underground fight club. The men involved enjoyed the blood sport but grew tired of fighting one another, wanting more of a challenge. It was a childhood tale that inspired Bade, a tale of how his young teenage mother met his father who fended off a pack of, what his mother called werewolves but he always thought it was a fairytale. So at fourteen, he and some friends ranging in various ages started a new tradition.

For two years the club changed and would pit each other against any immortal or beast they could find. Gaining skills they would otherwise never have. Then tragedy struck a couple of months after his sixteenth birthday when she was killed in what he believed was retaliation for the clubs actions. But rather than turn away from his actions his hatred grew deeper and now his actions were personal as he swore a vendetta.

It didn't take long before the Oxen Corporation heard of the young man and decided to offer him a place in their new programme. With little to lose he accepted and spent two years within the Institute training till he turned eighteen. He is now the poster child for the Oxen Corporation Defense Initiative. A programme designed to target immortals and the threat they pose to the general population. He hunts, kills and stalks the prey that he is assigned with precision and finesse.

After some time with Ox Corp he started to close in on a Covenant of Vampires where he discovered that his father had been turned. His mission became personal and on a recon mission at Rose Lodge he killed his father's bride to be, Cassandra, who had previously attempted to kill him. The consequences of this resulted in a number of immortals attacking the Headquarters of Ox Corp, killing many and destroying the building.

Bade's father Luca, attacked him and personally sliced off his arm leaving him near death only to be saved by a fellow soldier Crowe. The Corporation put Bade back together replacing his arm with a new state of the art one. Ox Corp relocated to Area 69 while the old building was constructed and Bade was rehabilitated.

Once back on duty, a chance encounter with Natalia changed both of their lives. He recruited her to Oxen Corporation where she excelled as a sniper but their personal lives also developed in an unexpected way. It was soon after meeting that she fell pregnant with their child. Bade choose to do right thing and proposed and brought them a family home where they could raise their child.

Unfortunately while on a duty Natalia was brutally attacked and they lost their baby. After that, Bade sought revenge and began to plan the Eradication Programme. Three and a half years later it was activated and Bade oversaw its success. Now, higher up the corporate and military ladder, nearly all Personal answer to him except for the Board of Directors. He spends more time pushing paper then he does on the streets but when possible he will accompany his men on missions especially when there is a likelihood of Immortal blood being spilled.

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Project Dominion (Ox Corp)
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