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 Narakan Snapper

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Benjamin Nekishu

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PostSubject: Narakan Snapper   Wed Jun 16, 2010 7:46 am

::Name of creature::
Narakan Snapper

Male and Female same in appearance.
Native to the Eastern Temperate ecozone of the planet Naraka, Arthrognathus horribilis, commonly known as the Narakan snapper, is an archetypal predator of the arthrognath clade. The snapper is a broad, barrel-chested creature, adapted for quick lunges rather than extended pursuits. Despite weighing only around seventy pounds, the snapper's enormous jaws enable it to tackle prey much larger than itself, quite a feat for a solitary hunter. In addition to their size, the snapper's jaws are also notable for being jointed. Indeed, the jointed jaws are the only obvious signs of the snapper's arthropod-like ancestry; in all other respects it has converged remarkably on the vertebrate condition.
The snapper is well-equipped with sensory organs. Three pairs of eyes are located on lateral bulges to the rear of the skull. Having multiple pairs of eyes gives the snapper a wider field of vision, at the eyes themselves are immovable. The snapper's vision is much weaker than human vision. The openings to the front of the eyes are heat-sensor pits, much like those found in pitvipers. Small pores in the corners of the snapper's mouth act as olfactory sensors. Breathing orifices are located in a deep fold behind the snapper's "scapula;" the necessity to keep these orifices open is one of the reasons for the snapper's sprawling posture.
The snapper also lacks toes. Its feet terminate in rough, textured pads for traction, while the front feet sport curved claws for gripping prey and climbing over obstacles. These claws are proportionally much larger in juvenile snappers, which are born in the trees and must climb more often. Though the details of the bones and muscles differ, on the whole the snapper's girdles and limbs are quite similar in structure to earthly vertebrate limbs.

Jaws of the mouth - The distal segments of the jaws are equipped with long grasping teeth, while the inner segments contain rows of slicing blades, which efficiently reduce prey to easily manageable slices. A second pair of pharyngial jaws help draw the mutilated morsels down the throat.
Tall bristles on its back are themselves covered with thousands of tiny hairs, which detect vibrations in the air. Sensitive pads on the snapper's feet detect vibrations in the ground.

Imovable eyeballs and iltreated sight leaves them with much weaker sight then that of a human. Look for a blind spot.
The snapper lacks true ears. Instead using sensory vibrations picked up from its feet and the tall bristles wich adorn its back.

::Danger Rating::
(0-5. 0 being none. 5 being Extremely.)
Though quite a bit smaller than the average adult human, Narakan snappers should nonetheless be considered extremely dangerous, as their jaws are more than large enough to inflict mortal wounds on humans. Tourists are advised to avoid dense vegetation, where snappers usually lay in wait. Those who do encounter a snapper are advised to run away as quickly as possible, as they will not normally pursue prey more than about ten meters


::Territory in wich it inhabits::
Having been transported into the lands of Kanua for the general use f the Colloseum for training, The Narakan Snapper now inhabits most of the swamp lands aswell.

Creature, information and picture copyright of


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Narakan Snapper
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