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 Pun and Games

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PostSubject: Pun and Games   Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:43 pm

The mysterious allure of darkness and rhythmic of music that was loud enough for one to feel pounding against their bodies as if their heart beat was combating against another would draw any who were looking to have a lively night in. Sharp scents filled the air from the bar and drinks all around the room adding a hint of excitement, and one did not need above average seances to feel the restlessness in the air. Alapoloosa always offed this to those who wanted to feel the night life and dance with it as if it were a living creature, and tonight that drew in one who wanted to use not only this unforgettable atmosphere but also the location to stir up old memories.

A figure moved across the dance floor, in and out of groups of people, taking with it a certain grace that seemed too perfect to be human. There was no hesitation, no loss of grace with transition form one move to the next with a beauty that mortal eye could see as clearly as any supernatural eye could see a soft glow around the dancer. It took focus to keep that glow in check, to keep it weak enough that no human could see it and start asking questions. There had been enough trouble caused at this club before her eyes anyway, from a wolf walking in unaware of just how to interact with humans to a magic show complete with a transformation on the stage. That last one made the woman chuckle as she moved from the dance floor to the bar fancying the idea of a drink. There was a bit of scolding after that magic show and the need for a few humans to have their memories altered, how reckless Kit had been! Maybe it was this place, this energy filled place where she first met Blaze and Zigan, spent many a night of fun, this was even when the soldier Jack confessed to her. With a smile on her face Light arrived at the bar.

Pausing she adjusted her clothing, her short sleeved white shirt with golden stripes along the sleeves, the neckline of the shirt and white finger less gloves, just along the bottom of the shit. Dark bluejeans, knee length black boots and finger less white gloves completed the outfit. Once everything was smoothed out she adjusted her hair, currently in a long white braid before turning to the bar tender. "Gin and tonic please." The bartender smiled as he stared mixing. "Right away miss, and you know that glow of yours reminds me of a joke. So, a neutron walks into a bar. 'I'd like a beer' he says. The bartender promptly'serves up a beer. 'How much will that be" asks the neutron. 'For you?' replies the bartender,'no charge.'" Tough the bartender expected a groan at the tired pun he was in for a surprise when Light started laughing at what she found to be very witty wordplay. "So one as clever as you can see me for what I am?" "I know the drill by now, it's easy to see your types. Much like a hard working scarecrow I'm outstanding in my field." He was answered by another bout of laughter making him smile as he handed Light her drink. "So have you served drinks to others like me?" "Yeah. The fanged set, the fury set, even termites!" "Termites?" Light asked now confused with a slight tilt of her head. "Yeah, I've gotten to know one so he'll he comes in and always asks 'Is the bar tender here?'" Light smiled as she realized the joke. "Oh goodness! If only your bar was made out of wood it would be!" Smiling at the thought she wondered what other clever jokes the bartender had.

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PostSubject: Re: Pun and Games   Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:36 am

"For the love of your god George, do you have to try that with every woman?"  Callahan said, walking over behind the bar and smacking the taller man upside the head.  "I swear, that man is such a shameless flirt." Shaking his head, he cleaned a glass, "So, what brings you in tonight..." He trailed off, looking at her, examining her, trying to place where he had seen her before.  "Your that entity of light that shares a body with that woman, what was her name, Kit, I believe?" He sat the glass down on the rack, still looking at her, "Haven't seen you in quite some time, good so see, again, another being on this plane, you know, that's not trying to collect the bounty on my head." He said, chuckling at the last part.

He shooed another bar tender away, he was going to tend to this lovely creatures himself.  "The previous owners of this place put her on the market, so, I figured I could help to maybe bring a little more culture to the night life around here.  Because, trust me, I have seen the night life here, it can use all the help it can get." Callahan smiled at her, pouring himself a drink, a bourbon from the label on the bottle.

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Noah Jacobsen

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PostSubject: Re: Pun and Games   Tue Jan 05, 2016 8:03 pm

The bar had always been a vantage point in bars, clubs and various other gathering places, he'd found. At one stage or another during the night everyone in the place would be up, leaning over the metallic bench yelling as loudly as they could to the person on the other side for another hit of the poison of their choosing. So, it was a better place than any to comfortably scout out each and every person at the bar. Though, at times, Noah had to admin that he'd had a fair too long a glance at many women. often he would indulge himself in their company should they choose he was worth ditching their friends to talk to him; but they'd always wake up in an empty bed.
He had picked up wind somewhere - though he couldn't recall where - that this place was the place to be in town. He'd already paid homage to the tavern down the road and found that to be quite amusing. After Tates disappearance he had gone back numerous times to try and find clues that might have been left behind, as well as taking a woman or two to ease his frustrations of coming up empty handed once more. So this night, without hesitation, he'd chosen Apaloosa to explore the people that spent their nights here instead.
It was a much different scene, he'd noticed. Where there were brawls, hard burly men and easy women at the Tavern, there were skinny drug induced men, groping and of course - easy women here. Women were easy everywhere. He smirked lifting the rounded glass to his lips, sipping at his water. He never drank. It was part of the job. He might work with toxins on a daily basis but never did they enter his own body - not on his own accord anyway. More times than he could count had a toxic plant been slipped into his food by his master during training, testing him to see how the boy could handle himself under the pressure of knowing he'd have but minutes to find the cure for himself or face death or paralysis.
But that was a distant memory. Right now he was at ease, elbows propped upon the bar to support his upper torso whilst his back leant against it gingerly and his hazel eyes - concealed with grey green contacts - scanned the room for the thousandth time.
What made this easy was the fact that he wasn't the only man sitting at the bar like this; though, admittedly, he wasn't ancient like the other sleaze balls waiting for a drunk girl to give them a root at the promise of a few drinks, he guessed that made it acceptable.
A sigh past through soft pink lips made lighter by concealer, makeup adorned his face to make his complexion seem darker than normal. A hand swept through the blonde mess upon his head, the wig he'd donned tonight, though stuck to his head with such profession it looked as if it were his own hair - thus was the illusion - , itched underneath; but he ignored it.
Those green eyes watched as a woman made her way through the crowd. There was something about that white hair and the way her skin seemed to glow that made her easy to spot; though he couldn't understand why she had caught his attention so easily. There was something about her that looked inhuman, though he couldn't place it.
He sipped his water and watched her with secrecy, throwing his gaze this way and that to make it seem as though she were just another patron as she walked to the bar and squeezed in beside him. He used the movement to cover his own gaze, swinging around in his chair so that he now faced the bar and pulled his phone from his jeans pocket. Putting the drink down he clasped the phone with two hands and proceeded to type out a message whilst listening to the banter between her and the bar tender.
The hint of a smile caressed his lips in response to the hilarity of jokes, but to remain unnoticed he said nothing but continued to type; instead listening.
using words like 'your type' and 'others like me' seemed to confirm Noahs wonderings. So she was like the others. It was strange, he took a quick sideways glance at her skin. It was pale, almost sickly but it did seem to have a sort of glow. Whilst he was sneaking a look, another man sauntered up, relieving the bar tender of his duties and in doing so, stealing the womans attention.
Noah put the phone in his pocket and with a humanly groan turned in his chair, drink in hand, to rest upon the bar as he had been doing for most of the night and listened.

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PostSubject: Re: Pun and Games   Wed Jan 06, 2016 2:21 am

Hum? A feeling of eyes upon her, that was one she knew well by now, one that made her senses alert and the idea of getting herself a weapon some time in the future seem like a positive one. Kit had those fans of hers that could be easy to replace if they did not still exist somewhere in the land although those weapons were best for a wind user; not  a being of light. Humm, perhaps a good set of blades. Tilting her head she gave a subtle scan across the bar and area closest to her as if bored, sure to keep the flow of bangs she adjusted over her left eye in place. Keeping the scar and Herr useless eye hidden was more for cosmetics than anything, best not to have unwanted stairs like the one she felt now. Oh, but she was being foolish, this was a place where stray gazes were to be expected. Too long had she grown accustomed to battle and being surrounded by foes. Though Kit lacked a great deal of personal confidence, Light did not and she was not unaware that their shared body, though slightly different between the two of them, was attractive. As nothing felt amiss she turned back to the bar and to the charming man behind it. A frown that seemed almost out of place found its way to her as the bartender, George she learned his name was, took place in an unfortunate meeting between the back of his head and the hand of another. Sure it was not a hard hit but the man was so delightful! Flit or not he was lovely company.

Sighing as the new bar man spoke she turned her attention to her drink before looking at the man as she realized she knew that voice. Of course! What was one of the best features of this place but meeting friends? It was here that Kit had a wonderful time with others, a night that she knew Kit enjoyed with Nammia and  Claude. Ah what a night, what good friends and what love Kit held for each of them, both in different ways. The difference between this friend and those is that this one was one of the few inhabitants of this land that Light could claim to have a better relationship with than Kit. That was perhaps counter productive of the goal of getting Kit back, though if she was going to mope around she would not be able to put more effort into getting Kit back. It also seemed that there was another joy under her own brought on by a pleasant past, though there was still a chance that was wishful thinking. Well, weather it was or not there was no reason she could not keep her spirits up. Oh! Was that not a play on words in itself? A spirit, keeping her spirits up? The frown gave way to a smile at the thought. Doing her best to cover up a small laugh at the thought she placed her elbows on the table resting her head gently on her open hands.

“Callahan correct?” She thought pulling the name from a memory that seemed to be a lifetime ago. “It seems you have done a fine job with this place, all the good times here! It has been so long.” And even longer since she got to enjoy herself, have a little calm and rest a day when she didn’t think some battle or another would drag on in the war she fought alongside her siblings. It was nice to not look over her shoulder in the few moments she wasn’t engaged in battle. “I hope you are doing well. Even a hopeless fool can tell there is tension in the air around here that would make life hard for any, but perhaps more than a little dangerous for you and I.” Indeed there was much darkness in the land, maybe less than when she left but it felt more reckless, more willing to act. Maybe getting a weapon wouldn’t be all that bad of an idea. “It is good to be back though in this place. Feels like coming home in many ways.” Returning the male’s smile she tilted her head every so slightly. Even at her true home there was no other being qutie like her, a creature of light. There was Dark, her twin brother and opposite and it was true she had a one of a kind bond with him, but this was different, this was someone like her who she could share other commonalities with. Maybe this night could indeed be peaceful. And for a time she would not have to well too much on Kit, this male knew her enough to remember her name but they did not have the bond her pack mates did, so there was no reason to inform him of the current situation. Something as sensitive as that was best left for those she could call family. Still that did not men she could not enjoy his company. Although it would be more enjoyable if he was as witty as the former bartender, maybe even more so as this one had manners that made conversation feel more enjoyable.

“So, are you as clever and skilled with words as the other fellow? Having the same job one would think you had similar jokes?”
Her voice had a song like nature to it, a playful taunt and perhaps a challenge to the male. Here she snuck a look at the somewhat lingering George with a quick smile before looking back to Cal as the human turned as to not be scolded again. A thought occurred to Light here. What if she did fall in line with a flirt like that or even a gentleman? There was also a share of eligible men at the club tonight, none at her her style yet it said something for the city. To find someone she could have conversations with, enjoy, share a laugh. That was all it would be, a laugh, friendship at best. It was a fact she long since knew as this was not here turn at ‘life’ as it were and Kit was already taken. No, for her a relationship was out unless the chance  was… no, no it was best not to think such selfish thoughts. She would not be who she was if not for Kit, that good nature, innocence, and somewhat stubborn mindset was something she needed. For now it would be best to see what fun could be had with more wordplay, even if the sad fact existed that it  would be for the best she avoid such games with George.

"My words are for all" "My thoughts are not"

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PostSubject: Re: Pun and Games   

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Pun and Games
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