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 Exercise and learning (Cayden)

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Exercise and learning (Cayden) Empty
PostSubject: Exercise and learning (Cayden)   Exercise and learning (Cayden) EmptyWed Dec 30, 2015 9:12 pm

Blade sat perched atop a branch in the late afternoon light. He had agreed with Cayden to meet here for some weapon and combat work, he actually looked forward to seeing what the younger male could do. Though this was not solely intended to be a day for training, it still had the possibility for learning and growth on both sides. Where the boy had grown up and lived in this world his entire life, as far as Blade was aware, Blade had grown and learned in a different world, literally. Over the course of years he had seen differences in the fighting styles here and the fighting styles he had learned growing up, several times these had helped him to best an opponent once blades had been crossed.

((yes, short, but, it gets the thing started))
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Cayden Nekishu
Cayden Nekishu

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PostSubject: Re: Exercise and learning (Cayden)   Exercise and learning (Cayden) EmptyTue Jan 05, 2016 3:47 am

In all honesty he hadn't been entirely certain what it was that Bladewolf expected to find in this bout though as he had previously approached the male regarding the reformation of Cor Lupus, Cayden had accepted to meet with him in the likelihood of sparring together. As such, Cayden moved about the land in his human form, his light jacket open to show his bear torso beneath, loose pants of a likely thin material yet otherwise well fit around the waist to boot and at his left side, sheathed in their housings, the two Katana’s that were adjourned by those trained in the way of Bushido, the Samurai way and the path of the warrior by his Masters make. Naturally, the Tanto and the Wakizashi were to stay behind him as they weren’t the blades for which he would fight with, almost ritualistic in their own special ways, he would not bloody them in battle and least of all, training combat. The thought of bloodying his swords did make him wonder however whether or not Blade would come armed with Akido sticks, wooden blades made for blunt impact and avoiding the un-pleasantries of spilling blood upon the earthen ground they would meet.

There were a number of questions regarding Blade’s own ability and what was to lay in store for their little session. Cayden hadn’t many unnatural abilities that he’d come to use and having heard more of Blade than he’d actually seen in a fight before, he knew the other to be pretty well endowed in the unnatural. If such skills hadn’t gone so horribly wrong for him in the previous week, he’d bring one to the table yet with Wolf’s return, he’d considered it a now forbidden tactic, one he refused to use again unless absolutely necessary.

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Exercise and learning (Cayden)
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