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 Crimson Stained (Open)

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PostSubject: Crimson Stained (Open)   Wed Dec 30, 2015 11:29 am

The snow. The darkness. The sudden urge to take to a stone sleep that allowed him to catch up on much needed rest his massive body needed. Everything was getting to the massive beast who was ready to tear into some flesh if it just happened his way. Alas, no, he could not act like a pathetic whelp throwing a temper tantrum. He walked, more like stalked, by the volcanoes edge. He needed either to fight or to take an innocent doll and take her pretty flower for his own. Ash and snow that had been pristine were now being mixed together with each step that he took.

With ears perked forward and tail erect, he moved with a purpose next to the crust. The chilling winter breeze stung his nose but the remainder of his body was heavily insulated against the onslaught of wind. "Damn you winter.." He thought bitterly as he progressed further along the side of the volcano. Massive paws leaving indentations on the brimstone. He thought about heading to the Northern region and scouting their territory. Their last encounter had been over a feast, what would the next one bring? He could potentially gather precious information. Once again, he had found himself needing to do all of the work himself when he could not rely on others.

A snarl ripped through his muzzle as he launched himself into the air and onto a frozen log. Claws outstretching and digging into snow covered bark to keep himself from falling. His head was lowered so that when he looked around with malachite eyes there was a ruthless look. Would someone dare step to the crimson coated beast with dragonesque appendages upon his back? It was here, upon this fallen tree that he perched upon, that he looked to the side where someone was approaching. Perhaps unknowing of him being here and perhaps this would be the prey he could sink his teeth into and slowly kill with the toxic venom that swirled in each drop of saliva.

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Note: So Mat is ticked off and bored which don't mesh well. This thread could be for him to get out some of that anger whether with a fellow enemy or should an innocent happen to wonder into his path. It's open for anyone to join knowing that there will probably be injuries spent. No killing unless permission is given. Any innocent females looking to be taken advantage of look no further than this thread. I will try to post as often as possible.
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Benjamin Nekishu
Benjamin Nekishu

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PostSubject: Re: Crimson Stained (Open)   Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:51 am


"Fear reminds us we're alive."

B E N J A M I N . N E K I S H U
f a t h e r || a l p h a || e l e m e n t a l
t o p i c ss t a t i s t i c sp r o f i l e

A wind of glacial touch caressed the burning embers of an atmospheric being that rode it's saddle. It pushed through the needles of an old pine, and snow nestled upon its arms searing at the graze of heat. It was a strange sound in the mid of winter, though hidden by the howl of the East wind.
Animals rushed from its path when introduced to the aura of a being within, his body concealed in the particles of a child of flame; where scent and sound were often found, there would none in this form, by way of magic they were disguised.
The gust twirled him skyward without manipulation from his own will, he simply rode with it, embracing it and comforted by its grace. He had chosen the East wind with purpose - it took him to a distant place once called home. A place he would revisit for his own purposes this day.
The edge of the Mountain drew near and he began a manipulation of his carrier, whirling it much like a whirlwind to gather his pieces.
One by one he coalesced, obsidian orbs pierced the fresh mountain ash before all else. Void of emotion were those black holes, illuminated only by the intricate golden lines that surrounded, they seemed to swallow life from all other sources. Within seconds the monsters claws stabbed upon dirty ground, crunching the snow underfoot and disappearing due to the new found mass, into the fray of ash and snow carrying an enormous mottled grey and black form.
When last he had come here he had been greeted by Micheal, Shaiten had not welcomed the arrival and so this time Benjamin came prepared.
Dragonesque wings of thick black, torn in various places folded comfortably upon the lycans back with the soft sounds of aged leather.
It was much simpler to be in this massive form in such an elevated atmosphere. Sure, there was much more bulk to keep warm, but the fur was thicker than wolf. The winter made him weaker in power so using as less as possible in unnecessary means was always a positive; not to mention the much more intimidating size and view to behold was more than enough to scare off the many coyotes and wild wolves that roamed. Less a challenge meant more energy conserved.
The large male lurched forward on all four paws, wings lifted from the back to compromise for the added weight he was less accustomed to carrying than when in wolf form. The flurry of ash and snow made it hard to view that which was in his path but the land was like a map written on the back of his hand here, and so he trudged toward the cave which used to be named home. The size of his pawed hands and feet came at the costly price of lithe and silent grace, accompanied with the crunch of snow he was less than quiet.


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- u n k n o w n
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Crimson Stained (Open)
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