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From day one, Night's mornings and evenings had passed by slowly, familiarly, routinely, his world meeting the confines of the icy precipice and the blue shadow that spread out below it, -where his small pack of only a handful of wolves, Wolves of The South, resided. He was born of perseverance and instability, his father, Luke being a strong, sturdy yet compassionate male with a soft spot that wasn't difficult to reach. His thick, glossy, chocolate-brown pelt would ripple magnificently in those arctic breezes, the fractals of frozen sky clinging to the hairs of his winter pelt, leaving him freshly frosted in a thin coat of snow-white. He was well loved and respected through out these vast plains of white, by the wolves and the prey and the hunters and the trees alike. But he was emphatically a lover... not a fighter.  The pack clung to him, like the ice, for support; a snivelling bunch of malnourished whelps, the only two elders were demented, slight little figures with deteriorating and grotesque, twisted frames. All bowed to Luke, and he provided for them. Had it not been for this influence in his life, Night may never have learned what a true leader of is. He knew that, though his pack was negligible in terms of power and territory, they were strong for being able to survive in such an unforgiving land. He knew that they'd fade without Luke. After all, they'd be left under the reign of their alpha female.
 Night's mother, Rain, couldn't be more in contrast with her hardy, kind counterpart; she was a scrawny little she-wolf, nearly barren (unable to breed) by the time she'd bore her first, -and only, litter. Her cloudy-grey fur was congealed by blood and saliva, matted into clumps in some places, where she shed in others -leaving silvery wisps of hair dancing up from her frail, fragile frame. She had a slight limp in her left side, and her clover-pink tongue would loll out from one side of her sharp mouth when she was at rest. But there was a youthful look concealed deep within that fast-ageing face, and a wondrous beauty hidden in her watery eyes. Yes, she would have, in her day, been very beautiful indeed. But her body and her mind were broken, and, -for the last few years that she was considered remotely sane, she was a ruin, crumbling away to nothing as she walked.
 Some would say it was too late for Rain to have pups by the time she did, now, they'd look at her and scoff, suck in their teeth in contempt... Maybe they were right. But who knows? These days, Rain is long gone; missing. Likely dead. She'd had such a long, tough life, -raised in a large pack to the east composed completely of fighting males. The 6 or so females were only there for breeding, and they were starved, seen as objects and abused, -poor, broken souls. Rain broke away and fled to the south, where she met Luke, but her deep-seated fear of males set them distant from each other. When they finally had a litter, she was a neglecting, abusive mother herself, and the stress of seeing his children's blood drawn by their own mother caused Luke to drown himself in the end, to the dismay of our small pack of loners. They were all weak and scrawny, Luke had been their backbone, their strength, and their provider. They could see that his widowed mate was a ticking time bomb now, and that every day, new cracks spread out, deep and irreparable, in her dwindling sanity. Rain's pack plotted against her for many moons as she brought new mate after new mate to the den, one of them being an old, evil soul: Shade.  
 Shade was not like the other wolves. He was the colour of a new dawn, reddish- grey, with a crimson-stained muzzle to match his burning, bloodshot eyes. His shoulders were broad and his posture was confident as he made himself known to the pack, entering on heavy paws, and all around, heads rose to the stench of death and disease. He stood in the sunlight for a moment, getting his bearings, it seemed and his whiskers flinched along with everyone else; they were wary of him, and he knew it, letting out a choked, gurgling laugh. Night heard the flem and the bloody saliva bubbling in the brute's throat as he breathed. He recoiled as two young, gangly adolescents joined Shade at his flanks. One, the female, had fur of a purplish-grey like muted lavender. Around her magenta eyes were dark, black-grey hollows, and the shaggy mane which ran down her back was ebony black. Her name was Wolfbane, and she was a manipulative, twisted, sadistic she-wolf with a toxic grin and malice in her stare.  The male was smaller, with a seriousness and deadly sobriety carved into his dark face. Like his father, he reeked of blood, and his narrow eyes burned scarlet red, as if a deeper anger lurked behind them. Rain materialised from the foliage to take her place, hunched at Shade's side. Wolfbane and Lucius were perfectly still behind the alpha pair as Night and his brothers stood and looked on in dismay, and the lower ranking wolves around them whispered to one another, lost in the uncertainty that spawned of this unbearably long introduction to their new leader. It was quite a sight: on one side, the newcomers and Rain, all with their twisted features and unkempt coats, and gawking back at them against a backdrop of white, were Luke's children. Night, Karin, (UNFINISHED)

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