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 The Happy Herb

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Noah Jacobsen

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PostSubject: The Happy Herb   The Happy Herb EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 8:52 am

Light filtered through the curtains, worn and tattered with the element of time and the hardships of long endured days and nights. The colour drained unto a point where the original could not be distinguished; bleached with the light of the sun day in and day out it is impossible to tell whether or not they were adorned with patterns or no.
Fingers slipped from within black leather gloves to stroke the material and came away with nothing but filth; but the fabric was rough. Tightly it was gripped and with a mighty heave, came free of the hooks which contained them and light burst through the unconfined window. Noah dropped the wasted material and lifted a hand to stop the light from constricting his vision.
A short moment to pass and it was lowered. Dust littered the room causing breath to become stifling; constricting. He coughed a few times before noticing the roaches that ran across his feet. They scattered from the old curtain, disturbed from their home and ran to the corners of the empty room and up the wall having no where else to go.
Unsurprisingly, the window key was in a place it was made for. A quick turn and Noah pushed it open hearing the hinge squeak. The building was old, the bricks outside chipped and full of character. On the inside the walls were not so; they were full of cracks and gave a look of real age. The grey paint was outdated but it was nothing a lick of paint couldn't fix and the benches present were grey with dust; though the exposed legs showed a deep Red Jarrah wood. A smile and he ran a bare finger along the grain, revealing the varnished surface underneath. The grain was deep but the shelving was otherwise flat; perfect for housing bits and bobs.
On the counter top was an old register. it was silver and copper and the button were as elevated keys, round in shape, showing its age and giving wonder to what this shop might have once held; or might have had it not been a memory.
Noah walked around the bench for the first time in his life, bending to look at the shelving under the counter top the piping of the old sink would need to be replaced and there was some water damager that explained the dank and rotting stench of mould and mildew that suffocated the room.
In the corner of his eye, a latch stole his attention. he shuffled closer and opened it looking upon the stairs that lead into the darkness.
"It's a store room." he heard the woman say, "Same size as this room."
He dropped the trap door and upon standing, sighed softly and ran a hand through mousy brown hair before meeting the eyes of a woman standing within the centre, offering her a genuine smile that was not offered often. "Lets go sign some papers."

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Noah Jacobsen

Posts : 31
Join date : 2014-07-07

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PostSubject: Re: The Happy Herb   The Happy Herb EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 9:44 am

No sooner spoken, than broken.

The next few days seemed to fly past with an unnecessarily generated speed. The pen hadn't wavered when he'd signed he documents - the entire tower of paper that seemingly signed his life away to the shop; but between working the streets and moving his layer, somehow he'd even managed to begin moving in the plants.
Leaves of green, red, purple and brown lined the floor. The aroma of fresh herbs and plants used for otherworldly things filled the tight space and Noah Tip-toed through them, not at all mindful if how comical he might have looked to a passerby. He spun as he walked with unnatural grace, fingers pointing each way to ensure the delivery was precise. He knew how unreliable delivery men could be and wouldn't let himself be subdued again.
Stopping besides a punnet of freshly sprouted basil he pouted while looking at it in silent contemplation. Had he been wise to stock a herb found in grocery stores? A sigh hissed through tightly sealed lips causing cheeks to balloon outwards before shrugging quickly. "Too late now I s'pose." he told himself.
His left hand ran absent of thought through chestnut hair whilst his right reached for the old brass door handle. Tugging it once broke the lock from the inside and he pushed the door open, following it as it swung around before clipping it to the stone wall between the door and the large window. He then did the same with the opposite door.
Breathing in he fresh air, Noah made his way back into the new store only to sneeze when the thick dust came careening out in the sudden gust of air that had been introduced.
Moving to the left of the room he easily picked up a small coffee table over his head, carefully made his way back outside where he put it firmly on the cobblestone path outside his new shop  - and place of residency - and began placing the basil on the make shift bench.

Art/Code by Eclipse /Blaze- Do not use without permission!

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The Happy Herb
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