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 Registration Form - Blaze

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Benjamin Nekishu
Benjamin Nekishu

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Registration Form - Blaze Empty
PostSubject: Registration Form - Blaze   Registration Form - Blaze EmptyMon Aug 24, 2015 3:48 am

Registration Form - Blaze 5bw9io

R E G I S T R A T I O N . F O R M

Please use black or blue pen only.

FIRST NAME: Benjamin

LAST NAME: Nekishu

This will be used in the arena.

AGE: 32


ETHNICITY: Causcasion



WEAPONS: One dagger.

POWERS: Pyrokenetic. "See Here

P H Y S I C A L . A P P E A R A N C E

HEIGHT: 188.9 cm

WEIGHT: 75kgs

BUILD: Medium Muscular


  • Facial Structure: A wide, strong jaw line. His nose is of average length and straight with a small bump on the bridge of from when it had been broken during combat; gives his face a well defined facial structure of a man in his mid twenties. His well kept, low set brow reveals the possibility of an impulsive temperament but a high curiosity. His lips are thin, but round with a light pink coloration.
  • Eye: Heavy eyelids hide deep emerald green eyes, taking on the shape of almonds. True emotions and memories are almost constantly masked with that of contentment with a thick sense of mystery and knowledge written in their expression.
  • Hair: Straight, medium copper brown hair is usually kept above ear length. Rarely washed, it is thick and bushy and is almost always kept in a disorderly fashion and somehow, seems to be styled and organised.
  • Build: His frame is supported by little more than a muscular build. With only 8% body fat on his entire body, he has a very well defined male body structure with strongly sculptured muscles and well defined contours. His hands are rather large with rough hard worked skin; but a deceiving touch, as soft as the graze of a feather.
  • Clothing: Casual attire almost all the time, consisting of shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops; even in freezing weather. Although Benjamin does not feel the cold, occasionally he will be seen donning a hoodie and sweat pants. Though, when it is needed, this male can scrub up extremely well.

C O N T A C T . I N F O R M A T I O N

ADDRESS LINE 1: Volcanic Ground, Kumari Southern Lands

F O R . O F F I C E . U S E . O N L Y

The below details will be used only in the office and will be kept under strict confidentiality unless stated other wise.
Please make sure it is a valid email address. This will be used to contact you in regards to the games only. WE DO NOT SPAM.
If you do not wish others to know your email address, please send it in a PM to the Admin account.

By signing you agree to our Terms and Conditions.



"The only time a man can truly be brave

- u n k n o w n
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Registration Form - Blaze
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