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PostSubject: Mei   Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:41 am

 "When you dance with the Devil, it might as well be a Devil who can give you your own corner of hell to rule."

Name: Mei-Xing

Species: A elder vampire with a notorious appetite for other vampire, werewolf blood; she isn't that keen on human blood.

Age: Like I would answer

Birth Season: Born in the being of summer and turned some time during the middle of Autumn

Alignment: Not necessarily evil, Nor necessarily good either

Group: Vagabond

Fighting Style: Able

Character Overall Behaviour:

After a life full of a violent upbringing, she had grown cold and bitter herself. When confronted with someone who expressed sincere love, or even the slightest bit of humanity, she would be fascinated by it as she could not feel those herself. Although she carried herself in a rather lady-like manner and presented herself as a noble woman, her  temper could be easily provoked. At such moments, she would snap sharply at anyone who spoke against her. There are those who she had appeared to have true feelings for (like her lover a monk). However, due to her possessive nature and short temper, she would often scare those away and was left alone once more as a result.

Known Likes: A beautiful variety of flowers, Reading History Books, Painting, Traveling all over the world.

Pet Peeves: Sun, Silver, Not getting what she wants, rejection, and stupidity

Character Description

A pale ivory complexion complimenting those deep blue eyes so dark they could resemble black at times, and plump lips that are the color of fresh blood. Her hair is black and blue highlights with a natural wave running through it, but is normal seen up in a elegant hairstyle. A voluptuous, petite shape.

Voice: Throaty and husky voice that’s somehow both familiar and sexual. Its tone is incredibly seductive and yet still honest.

Height: 5 Foot 3 Inches

Scent: Jasmine, lavender, lilies and other floral notes that certainly complement each other.

Scarring: Silver, Stained Whiplashes across the back

Power List:

Immortality - Unless killed, she can live forever as they do not age nor decay.

Superhuman Strength - Although she tends to avoid physical confrontation, she is immensely strong.

Superhuman Speed - Move with incredible celerity, can run up to a hundred miles per hour, switching from complete stillness to blurring speed. 

Superhuman Senses - Senses are dramatically enhanced to an unknown degree, to the point where she can tell a human's emotional state from their scent, hear whispered comments from some distance away and granted with superior night vision, able to see in total darkness.

Decay Inducement - With a single touch the user can cause anything organic to wither, rot, decay and eventually disintegrate, whether living or deceased. (When activated the eyes become empty holes which are infested with maggots)

Necrotic Kiss - Cause necrosis, or premature cell death, in others, causing the rapid decay of the victim's flesh. (Once activated lips will appear black, and rotting away from the face)


Sunlight - Vampires are burned by the touch of direct sunlight. If exposed for prolonged periods, they will combust and be reduced to ash.

Silver - Silver generally causes wounds that heal with approximately the same speed as humans and will leave scars and burns, and thus head or heart shots with silver bullets or blades may be fatal.

Fang Removal- Pulling out their fangs kills them or robs them of the loin's share of their abilities. including their immortality, until they grow back

History Information:

Mei-Xing started life out as a former priestess whose temple was raided by a coven of vampires that left the girl blooded, beaten till the master took pity on the frail child and made her one his undead followers. She soon became his most trusted second in command with her ruthless nature he couldn't ask for more, but as the years went by she became bored with castle life, and wanted to explore the outside world so he allowed the child to leave and find her place in the world.

She became a well respected noble woman at one time of her life span, yet
It wasn't enough for the adventurous woman who wanted more out of this cursed life so she traveled once more before being taken in by hunters who left their mark upon her back, and their blood filled her belly. At one point in her life she was captured and made slave, but this part of her story had tragic ending with love, betrayal...... That's for another time.

Mei-Xing now is just a simple shop owner of various herbs, spices, and even black market stuff if you know where to look.
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PostSubject: Re: Mei   Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:09 pm

I cannot wait to see how this plays out. She is very well thought out and I cannot wait to see her on the boards.

Welcome, priestess.



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