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PostSubject: Eli   Fri Jul 10, 2015 5:37 pm

Wolf Information:
Name: Eli
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Breed: Eurasian Wolf
Birth Season: Early Spring
Rank: Alpha Male
Alignment: Lawful Evil; Type 1 and a little of type 2
Group: Lone
Weight: 183lbs.
Height:40” (3’4”)
Length: 72” (6’)
Voice: Ron Perlman
Scent: Clean and near scentless. Sometimes smells of incense.

Eli is a middle-aged wolf, not young nor old. He has a mature appearance, one who has had his experiences in the past and shows that he has learned from them. Having a somewhat gruff appearance, Eli makes it a priority keeping himself well-groomed and clean. This leads to him to be nearly scentless as he constantly bathes. His golden fur shines in the brilliance of the sunlight, often exemplifying to others his “holy” attributes and furthering his own ego as such. Originating from Northern Europe, he holds the traditional Aryan traits of having blue eyes with his gold fur. However, none too many know about his eyes as he has long since sewed them shut and thus wears a plain white cloth to blindfold himself, shielding him from the sin ridden world. Eli wears a Christian cross shaped pendant around his neck and is secretly a blessed weapon.


Divine Empowerment
Divine Empowerment is more of an umbrella term of explaining Eli’s powers. With Divine Empowerment, Eli has control over holy applications that he believes God has blessed him with. He draws his strength from powerful divine forces that have permanently inhabited his body. According to Eli, he has been blessed with supernatural strength and speed, regeneration of flesh wounds and non-mortal injuries, enhanced durability and advanced combat. If enough time is granted, Eli can bless any weapon of his choosing. A whole day and night is needed to fully bless a weapon, so he cannot do so in the midst of battle. He can also create Holy barriers and the strength of the barrier is proportional to the amount of time creating one. With his years of study, Eli has learned much of occult knowledge.

Holy Fire Manipulation
Being a stem from his Divine Empowerment, Eli does not have full control of Holy Fire. Instead it is used in conjunction with his powers, being a by-product and is used unconsciously. For example, if Eli wants to purify a demon, Holy Fire will be summoned to seal it away or burn the victim, however he cannot cause the flames to burn down a forest or town on a whim. Often, he will need a blood offering to summon Holy Fire, as the fire is used on stronger enemies.

Supernatural/Divine Priest
Eli possesses divine powers and with how he uses them classifies himself as a priest. He is capable of combating multiple malevolent and dark entities and is advanced in exorcisms, or “purifications”, archaic wisdom on demonology and angelology. Eli’s conviction grants him a strong will on behalf of his faith. Channeling his divinity through him, Eli is able to perform healing prayers on who so he chooses, often his allies, if they are in need. The cross that Eli wears around his neck is a weapon. When serious against enemies and strong demons, the cross transforms into a hybrid of a halberd and a scythe. One arm of the cross extends into a curved blade while the top and other side arm turn to sharp pike shaped points. The bottom point extends to serve as the handle of the weapon.

Weaknesses and limitations :
Having Divine and Holy powers, those polar opposite who are in control of Demonic abilities are the bane of his existence and because of this, wishes to eradicate all those who are able to weaken him. Eli is also bound to his rules and does not want to contradict himself, so while forcing his belief upon others, he will not do so in a way that goes against of any of his doctrine he has bound himself to.

Eli is religious, to put it plainly. He follows no religion more than the other. Believing there to be one true God, he is a monotheist and is ardent in his beliefs. He carries an obsession for what appears to be his “crusade” and will quote passages of the Holy Bible, Koran and Torah. He is extremely determined to achieve his end, usually by whatever means is necessary. His words and quoting of scripture indicate a clear and almost fanatical obedience towards “the word of God”. Being a strong believer, he often throws statements at sinners, implying a fanatical hatred towards non-believers. Having a mix of different religions, his own beliefs create a mesh religion that which he believes is the absolute truth. Often, he will force his religion upon others and if they don’t comply, he “purifies” them of their sins by killing them. This is the only time when Eli uses violence and believes to be the only appropriate time to do so, against “monsters and non-believers”. Going as far to call himself as a “Disciple of God” and missionary, he travels from land to land, “teaching” his religion to others, forcing them to join his own crusade or die. When in a forgiving opportunity, Eli has developed a habit of toying with non-believers and will offer forgiveness and give them a chance to redeem themselves after he has “beaten” some sense into them.

Fighting Class: Veteran

Age:Roughly 5 ½ years old
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A

Weakness is a weakness within itself and those who show weakness are destined to perish. Only the strong willed, strong witted and physically strong are worthy of Eli’s pack. There are no humble beginnings for anyone. Only beginnings that exhibit promise and prodigy. The ARK pack consists of those who protect their leaders: Vikari and Eli and their beliefs for the perfect world. Those who follow will see the light that will guide them to a better life after death.

Anthro Information
Height: 7’
Weight: 486lbs.

Eli retains the same fur pattern as his feral form. However, as per usual, this form is only utilized when all his strength is needed to carry out his duties. More often than not, Eli has become enraged at this point and will even deviate from his righteous path to carry out what he believes is needed to be done.

Human Information
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 178lbs.

When appearing as a human, his normal getup is of a traditional priest. All black formal wear: black shoes, slacks, long-sleeve button-up shirt with the white paper in his collar and a black cloak that is always kept open. At all times, he keeps his cross pendant displayed, resting about mid chest area. He has a chiseled face and sharp jawlines that are constantly covered in stubble. Much like his golden fur, Eli sports short-medium golden blonde hair that is always combed back to make his hair stand up rather than lay flat on his head.

All images are copyrighted to their owners. Eli’s anthro form picture is copyrighted to Christy “Goldenwolf” Grandjean.

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PostSubject: Re: Eli   Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:01 am

Very interesting. I do not believe we have had a Holy Wolf here yet, and especially one whom with these... Ideals. I can't wait to see the plot unfold.

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