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(this has NO bearing on this site whatsoever, it is just something i have written, the only real "connection" to this site, is that Blade, or, Danarius, is one of the main characters)

The small man came bursting through the door, terror obvious in his eye. He sprinted for the stair, he was renting a room at this particular inn. Just as he made the bottom stair, another, larger, man came through the still swinging entry way, but at a much slower pace. “Marron, you cant escape me.” He called in a relaxed voice as he walked over to the stairs his quarry had just fled up. As he took the first stair, a flower pot flew down aimed at his head. His hand flashed up,catching the pot, and setting it gently on the table at the bottom of the stairs. The other man, Marron, turned and bolted down the hall, slamming the door at the end of the hall behind him. Panting, he quickly grabbed a few small items before scurrying to the window, which he threw open, and climbed out. Closing the shutters behind him, he turned, and a large hand pinned him by the throat to the closed window. Looking up the arm connected he saw the man who had been pursuing him for the last week.
“Please,” Marron squeaked, “Please, let me go, you dont understand, I have to get the relic back to him.” He blurted, “Otherwise he will get angry with me and I will be punished, Master will not be pleased, not at all.” He said, beginning to lose any cohesion to what he was saying.
“Calm down Marron, I am not going to hurt you, that's not my job this time. I am merely here to take you to the Ganju Imperial outpost, you know, the one across the river.” He said, gesturing over his shoulder at the structure that rose above the town on the cliff across the river. “They, however, may have more, painful, things in store for you. Now you can either come calmly, and on your own two feet, or, you can try to struggle more, fight me, and, potentially have a few bones broken in the process.” The hunter said, giving the smaller man his choices.
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