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PostSubject: Sunrise   Sunrise EmptyWed Feb 18, 2015 4:47 pm

Wolf Information (Not nessicary if you do not own a wolf form)
Name: SunRise DeLana Slavek
Nickname: Una
Sex: Female
Breed: Sun Wolf
Family: Deceased
Rank (or place desired Rank): Not sure as of this moment.
Alignment:Neutral Good
Fighting Class Docile (For right now)
Powers: Light Bright. She is able to dim and brighten her aura like the rays of the sun. Becoming blindingly bright if nesessary. She is also a skilled Blood Bender. Able to manipulate others in life threatening situations. She uses it only in the most desperate of times.

Abilities: Fast runner, she is more agile then most. A siren to some, she can use the power of voice to calm others around her. She does not know about all of her abilities yet.

History: Born into a world of turmoil, her mother was slave to the Wolf Lord of their area, Una was her only child.  Though he had an intense soft spot for her mother, her father would often shun Una. She worked at the local Opera House, for the Diva's that performed nightly there. Wardrobe, sets, behind the scenes always. Finding solace in the costumes, and props that she would create and work with. She did everything expected of her for many years, often returning to visit her mother in her ailing years. Though sadly...she received word that her mother had passed away. Her father did not acknowledge her existence, banishing her to survive on her own.  All she had left was the Opera House. The Diva's always treated her badly, and often she went to bed without eating. She bloomed into a lovely and talented young lady. Una would sing when the Diva's went home. She became accomplished in this, but kept it a hidden secret. Unbeknown to her she had a gift of her voice...

Soon however the Diva's got wind of her moonlighting and beat her. Bruised, and swollen she was locked in her room. Unable to take anymore of their punishment, she escaped one day, and never looked back. Completely on her own, she met a wolf, whom to her was a legend. She was taken in, and brought to the hopes of finding a family. She soon realized that this was a big change from Russia...

The Kumar lands were unlike any she had ever seen. Lush rolling hills, deep valleys and the highest mountains. Water so clear you could see straight to the bottom. She had found a home with the Kostas pack, and she loved them. Even found a mate, in Mathias. He showed her kindness, love, and allowed her to come out of her shell in her own way and time. He was a dragon like her. They were mated, and as dragons... mated for life. Though it was not to last. Her love, and mate was killed by a she devil wolf, and he was taken away from her. Una never got the change to exact her revenge, because soon after the she wolf was gone. Una, despaired. Her memories took her from the Kostas pack lands and she started anew with the Nayati Wolves. Willow took her in, and the two became close. Though for reasons of her own, Una left the lands on a journey. Where she went and what she did were a mystery but like others she found her way home. Setting roots back in the place she loved, that her heart belonged..her home.

Personality: Eager to please, she has a servant nature. Shy and skittish at first she is very quiet.. as she is still learning to speak proper English. She takes some time to warm up, as her life was not an easy one...but she does everything in her power to make others happy, even if it means sacrificing her own to do so. She is growing bolder in her time with the Nayati. They have shown her family, a bond she never though she would have again. Her confidence grows every do her abilities.

In her dragon form, her personality changes. Her emotions are more raw, and she is much bolder then she would be in human or wolf form. She is cheeky, sarcastic, a bit rude, and rages quickly. She is powerful, and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She is more forward, and brazen in dragon form as they are no nonsense creatures.

Appearance: Surprisingly soft fur, and in unique colors. She has the pattern of a sun on her back, the tip of her tail, ears, nose and feet are a soft orange hue, while the rest of her is in an array of yellows, oranges, whites, and creme.

Sunrise Sun_Wolf_by_gaelicwolf
(Photo provided by PhotoBucket)
Human Information (optional but required if you can morph to human form)
Appearance: Soft, medium length brown hair, tied to one side in a loose braid. Soft slightly paled skin, deep chocolate eyes. Small nimble hands, gentle to the touch.
Personality: Same as above.
Powers: Blood Bending.
Abilities: Siren. She is able to lull others with her voice when she sings.
Weapons: No weapons to speak of.
History: Same as above.

Sunrise SUNRISE_zpsdmlp5wun

(Photo Provided by PhotoBucket)
Extra: (what else not listed above can your character do? Special power? Another animal form?) She has a Dragon form, which is only used when her life is seriously threatened.
Sunrise Editedredblackdragon
(Photo provided by Photobucket)

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PostSubject: Re: Sunrise   Sunrise EmptyWed Feb 18, 2015 5:42 pm

Welcome back Una. Hopefully we'll see you more around the forums Smile



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