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 Desi'Andrea Sabine

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Desi'Andrea Sabine
Desi'Andrea Sabine

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PostSubject: Desi'Andrea Sabine   Sat Jan 31, 2015 3:39 pm

Full Name: Desi'Andrea Sabine Mistwalker
Mate: Lucius Mistwalker
Race: Born Vampire
Preferred Group: Loner (for now)
Scent: Lilac and Lavender

Build and Appearance: Her identity and appearance has only been shown to one person. He was privileged with the sight of her. Long blue black locks, startling deep blue eyes,  chiseled features. Taller than the average woman, toned to perfection.

Birth Season: Late Summer

Blood Memory: As she drinks from her prey, their memories flood her system having no control over them. Before the war, she would use this method to guide her in her actions in whether the vampire needed to be punished.
Memory Displacement: If she is seen, the person or persons will instantly forget that they saw her with in seconds.

  • Trained to be an assassin. She has learned to conceal her movements and mute her foot steps. She is only seen if she wants to be seen.
    Hand to Hand Combat
    She is a pro at setting traps, explosives, bombs, etc. Skilled with sais, throwing stars and other assassin tools.

Weakness: She has to drink blood of other vampires. She has a weak constitution. She can survive on human blood for a short period of time before she begins to loose all of her strength and further decay.

Sunlight is extremely lethal. She is never caught without her cloak and mask. If the sun where to touch her, it would instantly scorch her skin. Depending on the duration, healing time varies. Drinking her Mates blood greatly increases the healing process.
Holy objects are uncomfortable to be around but cause no damage unless it touches her skin.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Fighting Class: Dilettant

Personality: D is a rather reserved female. She had no friends growing up. She was always training and honing her skills and she did her job. Her faction was not seen nor talked to. They were considered the boogeyman of their race. Parents would tell their children stories of how the Black Death would come for them if they weren't good little vampires. She is calm and collected. If her mind is set on a task she will complete it and  ignore everyone else. Tough as she looks, talking to strangers makes her uncomfortable. Appearances can be deceiving. She doesn't go out of her way to be nice or mean. She does for herself. Her survival is all that matters. That, and exacting vengeance on Lucius. The thought of friendship and relaxing, fun, etc. is a foreign concept to her. She will not understand.  

The Council was  made up of the Seven Founding Families of the Vampire race. To remain the supreme beings of the world, the Council concluded that every vampire must obey a set of laws. To ensure that know vampire was above the law, not even the Council, the Council created a faction of vampires to be judge, jury, and execution to any vampire that broke the laws. Because the Council was power hungry and suspicious of each other, it was agreed upon that each house could only have a total of three Black Death members. All members wore a mask and cloak to conceal their identity and gender. Desi'Andrea Sabine was born to the House of NightShade. From birth, her parents trained her body to except poison. The first few times her small body almost died. "Suffering", her parents would say, 'is all apart of who we are. You will learn to grit and bear". But as she grew older, the pain dulled to where she was eventually able to eat it will only slight queasiness. She was trained in hand to hand combat, as well as, how to defeat an enemy at a distance using any means necessary.
As time moved on, as it always has, the vampire numbers dwindled as born vampires were hard to come by. Soon the houses were divided on how to increase their numbers. Three out of the seven wanted to turn  humans. Three other houses where against this, not wanting to taint the blood lines. The last of the Seven did not wish to side with any of the houses.

All that Desi knew, was that although she was born as a Black Death member in the house of NightShade, she was only 300 when the war broke out. Still young by vampire standards, her training as a death dealer was not complete. The Black Death, although powerful and deadly in their task, where greatly out numbered by the houses that combined. It was chaos.
The founding families were no more once the war was over. True death came that day to thousands of vampires. The race almost extinct.

When she came too, she discovered that her own family was dead with the rest of the founding families and their horde. She spent countless hours searching for anyone who's true death was not upon them.  She found one. Lucius Mistwalker.
Together, she stood by him and helped him with his plan of rebuilding what they all had lost. His dream of rebuilding had became hers.
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PostSubject: Re: Desi'Andrea Sabine   Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:07 pm

Interesting. I am intrigued to know if she married Lucius as they share the same name considering she was a born Nightshade. I look forward to seeing her progress and develop.



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Desi'Andrea Sabine
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