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☽ Nayati☾

Nayati: History::Culture::Alignment

In the beginning, there was a wolf names Giola. Giola was an exile from her previous pack, having been forced from her family she became a loner. Giola was a practical and smart wolf and she quickly adjusted to the life of a lone wolf. It wasnt long before Giola had found the place she would eventually call her home and would be the den for the Nayati Pack. 
Giola started by hollowing out the base of a tree, and by digging deeper and deeper over a few years span she created a large enough den to house her comfortably. Giola kept to herself, staying to her small territory. One sunny afternoon Giola left the confines of her den to go hunt for that nights supper. She was half an hour into tracking a small herd of deer that had passed close by when she heard the soft and weak whimpers of pups.
Instantly alert and the deer long forgotten, Giola followed the sounds to a hole where two small and weak wolf pups lay. They were alone, abandoned by their mother and left to die. Their breaths were shallow and the stench if infection came from their tiny bodies. All the instincts of a mother wolf kicked in and Giola quickly took the pups to her den to start the long process of nursing them back to health.
Over time, the pups health increased and they became stronger. One boy and one girl whom she named Flikula and Fiji. As the pups aged, Giola took on  the role of their mother and leader as she helped them learn to be a wolf. She taught them to hunt, trained them for combat and educated them in all the ways she knew. Over time, more wolves descended upon the lands that would become the Natati Pack lands. Giola graciously took in any lones that sought refuge or food and over time, they all came to look to Giola as their leader; Their Alpha.
Giola was the salvation for many wolves whom she helped over the years, the Nayati flourished and even after her death she was remembered by following her ideals even after her passing. Thus is why the Nayati has a female alpha.
After Giola's passing, her daughter Flikula took on the role of the Nayati. The pack quickly became known for its heroic warriors and its loyalty to others but as all great things, they had an enemy. The Shumo pack was a large but ruthless pack and often resorted to dirty tricks and ambushes. The Nayati was constantly at war with the Shumo, times were becoming dark for the pack. 
Over time things got worse and Flikula knew action must be taken. Women were being kidnapped and raped, pups were being killed in cold blood and the elderly were being picked off. The nature of the war between the two packs caused a change in the Nayati, having to resort to any means necessary to keep the pack alive. Times were dark, their healer had been killed and warriors were coming back wounded, often dying from severe wounds what weren't healed in time. Numbers dwindled until there was no one to protect the pack or the lands so the pack dispersed.
The remaining wolves fled for their lives, leaving the blood soaked lands of their former home behind and never looking pack. The ancestors of the Nayati stayed in the lands, healing, rebuilding and waiting. Over the years the land became lush and the animals were bountiful for hunting. The shumo pack had been killed off by larger packs after they had gotten too cocky and pushed their luck. The time had come and the ancestors whispered into the winds, calling to the wolves, calling them home. 
The first to answer the call was a wolf Named Willow, who came and opened the doors for the Nayati to resurface in the Kumari lands. She led the small pack, gained trusted pack-mates but in the end, the alpha disappeared. Nayati's Beta, Griffin held the remainder of the pack together over time until a new Alpha Female stepped up to the position.
Now the Nayati Pack has a new Alpha Female, Kara. With hopes of a bright future she has set out to recruit new wolves and expand the pack territories. What the future holds, no one knows....

The Nayati is a very culture driven pack, often referring back to old ways and traditions. They listen to the stories of ancestors and follow the prompts of the spirits to live at one with the nature around them. The wolves of the Nayati often pray or give thanks for Mother Earth (Gaia). They believe that everything has life and thus must be cherished and that all life can flourish. It is a crime to disrespect Nature or Gaia in the pack lands and is strictly enforced by pack members. They take a strong stand in their beliefs and do what they must to maintain the natural lifestyle they have. While the wolves of the Nayati may come across as nature loving tree hugger's, being close to nature also means they are closer to their wolves. Members of the Nayati pack are often ruthless fighters, having no reservations about fighting to the death or showing their hostility when threatened. They are an aggressive pack and can come across as harsh but inside the confines of then den they make one tight knit family that would die for one another in a second. 

The Nayati pack is Chaotic Neutral Pack. Wolves in this pack will follow instruction of their Alpha but also have their own agendas. This pack is aggressive. They like to conquer new land and kill any who are in their way. Though, if Nayati has a peace agreement with another pack, they are faithful to the truce and will not break it. Faithful to their words, the Nayati are trustworthy if you dare step into the lands.


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