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 Ranks Of The Nayati

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PostSubject: Ranks Of The Nayati   Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:20 pm


Nayati Pack Ranking
The Nayati Pack is one based on a tight family sense and the strength of each member. Each wolf will be ranked accordingly based on skills and whom is best suited for the position. Changes in ranking is subject to change at any given moment. For one to change ones rank, you must challenge the wolf ABOVE you in rank. You are not able to move up more then one rank at a time unless special circumstances are present and the decision is made by majority vote by all pack members.
Ranks can also be taken away and members can be 'Demoted', including the Alpha. Demotion of rank must be discussed by all leading pack members and/or members whom are perusing the demotion. 

*If you you have a challenge for rank or cause for demotion please see either the Alpha or Beta privately


Kara Rae Kurokami

Based on pack tradition, the Alpha of the Nayati Pack must be female. The role of the alpha is to lead, serve and protect her pack-mates and make sure the pack thrives. She is responsible for overseeing any and all trials (unless against the alpha herself, in which case the Beta will step in as temporary Alpha) She is responsible for seeing the induction of new members and assigning ranks. She must be able to settle disputes and must maintain order in her pack. Any order given by the Alpha must be obeyed, not obeying can result in punishment. The Alpha in a wolf pack is the strongest and most dominant wolf capable of leadership.The Alpha must maintain a strong influence with their pack to hold the respect of the wolves that follow them. They must be intelligent, strong, and keenly in tune with their pack members and their needs.

Beta Male: Beta Female:
Griffin                None

The Beta is the second in command of the wolf pack, directly beneath the Alpha. The Beta is a wolf that has worked their way up through each rank within the pack and earned the respect of the other wolves by pride in their pack and leading by example. The role of Beta is just as important as the role of Alpha, as they are acting Alpha in the event they are not present. The Beta is also in charge of making sure that the pack’s needs are met and that the orders of the Alpha are carried out. They dole out punishment and are the protectors of the Alpha and pack. They reserve the only right to overrule an alpha’s decision if they believe their leader is emotionally compromised, or if the decision will cause harm to themselves or the pack as a whole. Generally the tasks assigned to the Bolverk are the most unsavory in terms of "normal" acceptance, i.e. having to kill a defector of the pack or punish a pack member for breaking the Alpha’s law. They are seen as an enforcer to keep the wolves in line and the pack structure balanced.  They are also responsible for dealing with day to day issues within the pack, settling disputes fairly and without bias, and dealing with leads of other races, should the need arise. In the direct chain of command, all of the information trickles up the chain to the Beta, where in turn they would report directly to the Alpha. They are attentive and diligent in their duties to make sure everything is in good order when they report to the Alpha.

Delta Male: Delta Female:
None              None

The delta rank is a step under the beta, often helping in important pack issues. They are third in command and are often the hunters or warriors to the pack.

The Omega rank is a position that is granted to very few wolves. This type of wolf is naturally submissive and works to help maintain the balance of the pack by helping to neutralize aggression. Some examples of these can include carrying a calming presence which can affect the surrounding wolves or by inserting themselves in between the aggressive party to attempt to neutralize a fight. They are considered the natural mediators of the pack. Those who are capable of filling this role in the pack are extremely rare. Despite their lack of dominance their role remains a highly respected one.

The job of the scouts is to run perimeter laps over the Nayati pack territory. They are normally hunters in training. These normally consist of younger wolves.

Healers: Freya Dark
A healers job is to make sure the wellness of the pack is taken care of. They may have to perform medical procedures ranging from treating colds to surgery on injured pack mates. Healers are normally very valued and protected members of the pack as their talents are rare and valued. Healers are often Elders in the pack and are treated with respect by all members of the pack. During times of danger they are often kept with pups to be kept safe. 


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Ranks Of The Nayati
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