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PostSubject: Nuke Town   Nuke Town EmptyTue Jun 24, 2014 12:23 am

The year is 2290, the world has been nuked. American citizens took refuge in bunkers under ground before the bombs dropped, 25 years ago. Now they have emerged to find the lands radioactive in 65% of the country. The food is contaminated, the water contaminated in most places. Our story focuses in on the Nevada residents of this country, desperate to rebuild their lives from the ashes of war. Dangers shroud the lands now though, it isn't safe to be alone. Robots have been invented and roam the lands, some owned and some feral. Ghouls, or radioactively mutated humans pose a threat to man kind, though some have proven to be quite friendly. Super mutants, the most feared danger, roam the lands in search of their addiction; StealthBoys, which when applied, cloak their user and render them invisible. Half robotic animals have been conjured as well, most proving to be grateful for their medical transformation though there have been cases of betrayal and murder. All these beings live here, in Nevada. War never changes and peace never lasts, where will you be? Come survive with us, Nuke Town
Nuke Town Fallout-4
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Nuke Town
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