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 Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer

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Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer	 Empty
PostSubject: Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer    Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer	 EmptyTue Jun 10, 2014 1:03 am

Hey guys, this is a character I've had for a little while from a sight that died off. I brought her to another sight but it wasn't the same. I don't think I can balance three characters on here but I don't want her to go away. Kit means a lot to me but Isabella is more like me, in control, untrusting, distant. I'd love for someone to take her, if there is any interest please send me a roll play sample with her. I'll choose someone by Friday if there is any interest. If not I may bump this a few times before I give up.
As far as human form and powers go, that is up to whoever has any interest in her, I would just like her personalty, wolf form, and history to stay the same.

Face of a Fox, Eyes of Ice, Fight of a Wolf, Heart of Fire

Full Name. Isabella VentFlurrer
Breed/ species. Mackenzie valley wolf
Preferred Group: Lone to start off with, may end up as a Rouge
Height. 23 inches at the shoulder in wolf.
Scent. - Having been around her precious Ocean for so long she smells like a soft sea breeze.
Voice- Empty, hollow, emotionless. Having locked all of her emotions away, she has become the master of her own voice and does all she can to hide her emotions from others. However, when speaking to Alphonso, the Ocean or someone she truly trusts her voice is a sweet voice that is as soft as silk and makes one want her to keep on talking.
Birth season- Summer
*Alignment- Lawful Neutral
Powers- This will be left up to who adopts her, she was from a realistic sight but I would prefer if they had something to do with water.

Fighting Class- Again up to who adopts her.

Personality-  Isabella is as cold as her eyes and body let on. She is a distant wolf who will not give another the time of day without some condition behind it. Her voice is often cold and level, and she is known as calculative. Despite this, she is very good at heart and has a love for all living things, but will only show it when she is alone or if she finds someone she can really open up to. The cold wolf doesn't try and get into fights, as much as she loves them, with her personalty alone but they happen sometimes. She acts so cold to others do to the fact that she does not trust others, at least not with good reason to, good reason for her being actions not words. She loves to travel and at top speeds for as long as she can, but only out of public eye. She likes those who seem to have a good heart, can back up their words with actions, and don't hold anything back. Isabella hates lairs and those who kill without good cause but admires those who fight a lot. She does like to fight, when it is for fun, and loves even more to win. When she can she is training to be stronger, always stronger, and will train until she passes out. Though hard working and a wolf that would do well in a pack, she loves to be a loner who hangs by the sea. Though she is a complex puzzle to any who can solve her she is a kind and loving person on the inside.

Description. - Isabella is a small wolf standing 23 inches at her shoulder. Though small she has a beautiful pelt with colors that go from white on her belly legs and bottom of her tail, a cream colored fur along her sides and chocolate brown on her back. Her chin and cheeks are white, her face is gray while her the fur around her eyes and on her muzzle is brown, making her face look almost like a fox's. Her eyes are a light blue and are somewhat off putting especially on the background of her dark fur, such lovely eyes hold a cold and silent rage unless you get to know her, then you may see them be somewhat soft. While she is small, she walks with her head, ears and tail up high as if she is a alphaess. Her steps are sure and careful, she never makes a move she doesn't plan on and she walks with the grace and agility her small form gives her. With her stance, careful movement and eyes she has the effect of looking like she owns the imminent area around her and everyone thing and every one in it.

Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer	 YqgWbxD
Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer	 JZPaQqb

Isabella comes from a pack who lived in a mountain range that had a cost near buy and at a young age she knew her heart belonged to the sea. A thought she grew more attached to when she saw the twisted ways of her pack. Born by the Delta wolves she was raised well but caught on to the politics of the pack. It was built by lies and deceptions no more than her own mother who seemed to never tell the truth unless it was to save her own skin. Her father was a violent male of the pack, one of many who held there rank by picking fights and killing the week. Blood and lies, she came to hate both and love only the sea, a calm beautiful thing that shown the truth of the sun and moon, and never seemed to kill without cause.
Isabella was happy with her pack land and the world around it. Even though she was a small pup, the only pup born to her parents, but she was a fast one. She grew up fast and was loved by all, the Alphas loved her just as much as her parents since she took on the skills of a diplomat better than their own pup. As a yearling she was keen to learn everything she could, every scent, every sound, every track and every violent way of the pack. When she wasn't learning, she was at the edge of the cliffs, standing at the edge so the wind from the sea would run through her coat. Even though she was happy, even before she was a year old she knew the violence of her pack. She had seen her parents kill another for power, no other wolf knew she had seen it and she never bought up that she witnessed the event.

Sadly, that was not Isabella's last experience with blood. At a year old, when her parents got back from a hunting trip they told her the Alphas wished to see her. A loyal wolf Isabella went to see them with her parents. The Alphas phrased her, told her how they could see her as a lead wolf some day but she had to learn a very important lesson. It was then the Betas brought in a shaggy looking wolf and without warning, the Alpha female attacked. Soon the Alpha male joined her, the smell of blood was everywhere. Isabella wanted to run but her parents forced her forward. Her father took her by her scruff and drug her forward. Her Alphas ordered her to make the kill and she did, hoping to give the poor thing a quick death to end its suffering by a bite to the neck. It was then her mother grabbed her scruff and pulled her back, making her due far more damage to the shaggy wolf than she wanted. As her parents, the Betas, and the Alphas congratulated her, she felt empty and cold.

She wanted to run but all of the teaching she had revived to be diplomatic and never to show any emotion kept her looking calm and still as a statue. That night, she ran, running away from the pack to seek a new life. For a year she ran as a loner, never making many real friends as she never opened herself up. For a year, she found herself a home with a pack called Trinity, a pack of learning and teaching. She thought others how to track and hunt. It was a huge leap for her to join a pack, she has a strong distrust of Alphas due to her past but the Alpha of that pack showed her an Alpha could be kind and respect the members of the pack. Her trust in Alphas faded again as her Alpha left one day, leaving the pack to scatter. Isabella knew it was time to move on again, time to become her closed up, cold, calculating, unstinting self. She only wishes for a home though and to find those wolves who will get her to open up, get to see the real warm her that lies underneath.

In her travels she has found a very special friend, a leopard gecko by the name of Alphonso. This little gecko, who knows wolf language and insists on calling her "Madam Izzy" found his way into her heart. He is a very brash and realistic little fellow and never holds back his emotions. He loves Isabella and feels he is her protector despite his small size and is known for never holding his toung in the presence of another should they make him mad. When he is with Madam Izzy he is always seeking to give her advice and make her smile, or at least make her happy. He is highly curious and loves adventure.

"My words are for all" "My thoughts are not"
Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer	 V1a3kkJ
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Character Adoption: Isabella VentFlurrer
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