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 Raesin: Fantasy RP Site in Search of New Members!

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PostSubject: Raesin: Fantasy RP Site in Search of New Members!   Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:10 pm

Raesin - Worlds Collide


Originally there were the three kingdoms, each of which was highly different from the other. Prelare, known for its vast cities and over-industrialized nature, sits on one end of Raesin. Queen Zuram-Tty was the first high ruler of the land, but soon after her death, Lomasayer, a vain but ambitious prince, was left in charge from the young age of thirteen years. He ruled for quite some time before his death at age 27. By then he had married young Mel, who has continued to rule to this day.

Metnoa, featured on the other side of Raesin, is surrounded by mountains and is notorious for unpredictable weather. Originally the area was controlled by Sir Naac, an evil ruler with plans to take over the rest of Raesin. He had mysteriously disappeared during Lomasayer’s rule in Prelare, and Metnoa’s civilization had collapsed, the people venturing mainly to Prelare. Naac had built a secret base underground, but his efforts were eventually discovered and thwarted by Mel and Ryan, with the help of Lomasayer and Chief Lebac, of course. After the decline of Naac’s rule, the next generation of Metnoalls returned to Metnoa from Prelare in hopes of expanding their territory and reclaiming what once belonged to their ancestors. The land is now used especially for farming, as the Metnoalls have learned to control the land there at the base of the mountain range.

The last kingdom, known as the Place in the Clouds, is home to the Weirgerdeeks. Basically the land is a haven for outcasts and intelligent thinkers that promotes tolerance of everybody and everything. Set atop a mass of clouds, the area allows an aerial view of both Metnoa and Prelare, giving the Weirgerdeeks plenty of entertainment. Though they consider themselves superior to the Preleps and Metnoalls, they do not judge or criticize. The land possesses no leader, though many have tried. The most well-known leader was Nahmahvin, and his wife Carlona. Eventually, Nahmahvin was beheaded by Sir Naac during the War of the Ancients before Metnoa was abandoned.

There exists one other world that is not considered one of the three kingdoms. It is a place of pure magic and mystery, known as Dressimara. The land was once a land of peace, but the introduction of humans introduced war. The War of the Ancients was fought in Dressimara, as non-magic beings broke the barrier between the kingdoms and the magic world surrounding them. Now Dressimara, in recreating the barrier, has a small population, but the non-magic population is familiar with the land, having confirmed the legends during the war.

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Raesin: Fantasy RP Site in Search of New Members!
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