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 Western Bay Weyr

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PostSubject: Western Bay Weyr   Western Bay Weyr EmptyTue Feb 18, 2014 7:41 am

Western Bay Weyr Ad-banner_zpsa0dd3966

Recent events:

  • The arrival of new colours amongst the dragons - amber, copper, red, gray and yellow - has sent ripples of distrust and hatred across the face of Pern.
  • The new colours of wher - ruby and agate - have attracted less attention, but have still been the victim of prejudice, not to mention several attacks.
  • A poisoning at the last hatching feast left three riders without their dragons. The culprit was captured and exiled, but other enemies lurk in the shadows.
  • A new Weyrwoman, a defector from Fort Weyr, and her Queen have shaken up the Weyr, bringing a sense of order... but also causing unease amongst those who thought all the old ways had been left behind.
  • Exiled criminals have encroached further on the Weyr's territory, even daring to attack those who stray too far - is it possible they're up to something?
  • The wildlife of the Western Continent has also been making its presence known, with predators becoming bolder and more aggressive.
  • Frith's mating flight has thrust Z'riel and bronze Akirath into leadership, and resulted in eighteen eggs! What can be expected from this clutch is anybody's guess.
  • Gold Rasmisk was caught by brown Nyrisk, so wher candidates can expect a chance at an egg soon.

This is what we're all about:

  • Alternate 9th Pass semi-canon timeline where F'lar and Lessa are dead, and the Oldtimers rule most of Pern.
  • Western Continent setting where danger lurks around every tree, but the Weyr is home and your fellow riders, handlers, candidates and Weyrfolk are family.
  • Females can Impress anything but bronze dragons.
  • Males can Impress anything but gold dragons.
  • Sexuality does not affect Impression.
  • Personality does not affect Impression (no personality stereotypes!)
  • Creativity and activity does affect Impression.
  • Dragons and whers designed especially for candidates.
  • Whers with active and exciting plots! New exciting plot! The whers now have to deal with a bandit raid!
  • Thread is falling - our first played Fall!
  • Non-canon colours for dragons, whers and firelizards! (Logic of new colours may not be evident until all colours are revealed, but there is a system.)
  • Plots aplenty!
  • Senior Queen Frith has clutched - hatching due to start 27th February 2014!
  • Gold Rasmisk has run - wher eggs expected to hatch during March 2014.
  • Plenty of ranks still available – full riders, wher handlers, weyrfolk, candidates (Dragon and Whers), Weyrfolk and exiles!
  • Plenty of adoptables - Weyrlings, Wherlings, full riders and handlers ready for homes.
  • Running since June 2013!
  • Recent relocation to brand new shiny JCink forums!
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PostSubject: Re: Western Bay Weyr   Western Bay Weyr EmptyThu Feb 20, 2014 7:55 pm

Linked back.

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Western Bay Weyr
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