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 Prayin' for Daylight; [LB]

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Prayin' for Daylight; [LB] Empty
PostSubject: Prayin' for Daylight; [LB]   Prayin' for Daylight; [LB] EmptyThu Feb 06, 2014 6:22 pm

Prayin' for Daylight; [LB] PFDadvert

The land was stained with gold and blood, the screams of vengeance were loud in the skies and the weeping of the women covered the earth in their tears.

In the final stages of the Hatfield and McCoy stand off, a new feud was born, one that would put the country hick’s battle to shame. Judge Anderson and his Hawthorn rustlers pitted against the Red Ridge Pack would leave the area soaked in blood if they weren’t careful. Three years prior to 1891, down at Laramie River, something glittered beneath the crystal clear water. That something would change everyone’s lives. Laramie River was the dividing line between Pine Vails, home to the Red Ridge Pack, and Judge Anderson’s vast property in Aspen. It was a member of the pack who had found this glorious and dangerous treasure and when Anderson and his boys found out, they were out for blood. What was it that spurred this spat? The answer is easy, what do good men kill for?


The argument over who had the rights to the gold escalated quickly and soon, it was forgotten who started the crimes but was remembered who would ‘finish’ them. Each side wanted what they considered theirs and to this day, they still do. After months of kidnappings, rapes and murders a truce of sorts what met. For the time being, neither side would claim the gold until they could figure out who is officially belong to. But this didn’t mean no one was going to try. A Mexican standoff started, with both sides patrolling the banks of the river, daring the other side to try to snatch of piece of gold from it’s watery grave. But things are beginning to get tense again, more murders have started on both sides, though both claim no knowledge or wrong doing, the truce will only last so long before it cracks and hell comes to town.


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Prayin' for Daylight; [LB]
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