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 J the mortal

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PostSubject: J the mortal   Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:32 pm

Name: You may know me as Jay. However my real name is a mystery. *shifty eyes*

Gender: Guy

Age: 23

Orientation: Straight

Race: Caucasian - german descent

Powers: Magic

First Language: English

Land of Origin: U. S. of A.

Hobbies: Computers, any platform of video game, woodworking, working on cars, occasionally I paint, and who could forget roleplaying?

Interests: Bout the same as hobbies plus anime (I guess watching anime could be a hobby…?)

Been roleplaying since… I was about 16

Eye color: I have been told green, brown, hazel, blue-green so either my eyes change more than Sasuke’s or others are just colorblind.

Hair color: light brown

“bear” - strong yet filled out; I have a little bit of a chub going on. Little over 6’ tall. As for clothing, I’m pretty simplistic. Jeans, boots, tshirt and hoodie in the winter and shorts and a tee in the summer.

I’m pretty laid back and carefree. Sometimes too carefree that it gets on other peoples nerves. I tend to be pretty quiet too. I’m usually not very talkative unless about certain subjects like my hobbies. But as with many individuals the longer I know someone, the more I open up. Funny story: I’ve had friends who before they got to know me well, thought I was chronically depressed or weird because I never talked and its hard for me to initiate conversations. Though friends I've had have always said that I’m a cool/funny guy to be around with, smart and helpful. Even with strangers, I try my hardest to sound as friendly as I can be and neutral when I do speak. I'm not really here to upset anyone and truthfully it upsets me for me to be at fault for someone's anger.  I also believe in chivalry and returning favors, even if they’re not expected.  

You describe yourself as: Didn’t I just explain my personality?

Others describe you as:
First Impression: Probably think I’m a shut-in or live under a rock half the time
Overall: After you get to know me you’ll learn I’m a shut-in, but am easy to persuade to do something outside because I like being with you.

If someone were to write a biography about you, what do you think the title would be?
“Oh, the Places He Won’t Go!”

You are invited to a large cocktail party at a country club. When you arrive, the room where the party is being held is already over half full of people. How do they react to you when you enter the room?
“Oh hey look, it’s Jay!”

Weapon of Choice: Lemme check the armory...

History: My history is very...Well the thing is… Ehh, its not that important.

A wise man once said: I’ve failed my way to success

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J the mortal
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