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 The Dark Side Of A Fairytale

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PostSubject: The Dark Side Of A Fairytale   Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:37 pm

~A Dark Fairytale~
The Beginning:


These were wilder days, where wolves roamed the countryside free from many threats. Being at the top of the food chain gave them an advantage and the numbers grew at a rapid rate. Packs ranged in sized an territories went for miles and miles, spanning over vast forests and mountains.
Our story starts with a young woman, short in stature with skin almost the color of freshly fallen snow. Her hair was a blonde color that was to light it almost looked white and eyes of the brightest blue that stood out against her skin and hair. Her form was small and lithe and she moved with unnatural grace. Kiva was her name and she was the pack healer and also a rare Omega wolf, being both dominant and submissive, and giving her the will to bypass a command by any dominant wolf. Omega wolves were normally pure at heart, very loyal and an asset to the pack due to their uncanny ability to draw in wounded wolves and heal them with only her presence.
The pack she belonged to was small but strong, having plenty of large strong males to protect their territory. Their alpha, Dominick was a smart and loyal man, although late in his years. Kiva was an experienced healer, having the ability to treat both emotional and physical wounds, which is what brought her to meet Damien.


Damien was an enforcer to the pack, one of the best they had. He was easily 6'4 in human form, 4.7 at head in his fur. He was a quiet, brooding man who took his job very seriously, normally found off to the side and keeping a watchful eye over the wolves he sworn to protect.
Especially one in particular, one who reminded him of the purest snow.
Damien had never been an emotional man but the female brought out feelings he wasn't aware he could experience. She made him feel alive, she alone gave his life more purpose then his job ever could. But, his curse was that he couldn't approach the woman of her dreams, he didn't know what to say, and had only spoken to her a few times in his adult life.
He has resigned himself that he would watch his beautiful woman from afar, always protecting her but never interfering with her life. He has lost himself into a sad and lonely existence, often thinking of death as an outlet but then, who would protect her?
But fate has different ideas for her wolves...

On a normal hunt with the pack Damien had moved off from the group to circle around, waiting to ambush a large elk who had strayed from the heard in the commotion of the chase. He was making it to the clearing, about the head off the animal when a loud shot was heard, then silence. The silence was replaced only seconds later by a miserable howl as a bullet burned into the hind leg of Damien, dropping him to the cold wet earth almost instantly.
The pain was unimaginable but after moments he moved, dragging his body up and limping on three legs back towards the pack that was now heading in his direction, forgetting their chase.
Blood oozed in his black fur and dripped on to the ground, spilling quickly. Time was a factor, he needed to be taken back to the den, he needed to be taken to Her.
"Kiva..." was the last thought he had before the world went dark.


So much blood, there was so much blood that Kiva had trouble seeing the initial wound through his course fur.
She had been sitting in her room of the den, grinding up herbs to be stored for later dates, there was a pregnancy in the pack and she needed to be ready for the birth that was soon coming. Normally she did partake in hunts, loving the feeling of the wind rush through her fur but she was a busy woman and tonight she opted to stay in, that was a mistake.
The pack came in the den with a ruckus, panicked sounds emitting from the main room, her name being yelled over and over. Startled she jumped from her seats, spilling the dry herbs on the table as she jumped and taking off to the main pack room. Along the long corridor that led to the room the smell of blood punctured the air, filling her nostrils.
"So much blood..." she thought, worry setting over her.
She was met half way by Dominick, her arms covered in red and a furious expression etched in his face.
"Dominick...alpha..what has happened? Where are you hurt?" she asked, reaching for his arms to inspect for wounds. The alpha shook his head and grabbed her hand, pulling her quickly alone, his words coming so fast she had trouble processing what he was saying.
"No Kiva, its Damien, the humans have penetrated our forest, they have guns.." Dominick growled, not angry at her but angered by the situation and his inability to protect his brother wolf. She was pulled into the main room where the pack stood around, trying to situate the massive wolf for her. Kiva rushed past Dominick and to Damien's side, coming to her knees at his side and placing her hands over his fur in an attempt to locate his wound.
"There's so much blood.." Kiva thought, her hands moving fur away, finding the hole in his hind leg.
"I need water, rags and get him something soft to lay his head on, its going to be a long night." she instructed, not bothering to look at anyone in particular and knowing someone would move to her command.
With hands red and covered in blood she placed both palms against his leg, her eyes closing to concentrate. She could feel the bullet in his flesh, feel the damage it caused, the thought caused her stomach to turn but she concentrated and began to work her healing powers, pulling the bullet out first.


Everything is black, but i feel as if I'm floating, warm waves crashing over my body. But why cant I see, where am I?


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Posts : 206
Join date : 2010-05-05
Age : 26
Location : Ohio

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Side Of A Fairytale   Sat Jan 25, 2014 9:59 pm


"I could get use to this feeling, Do I even want to wake up? Its so warm, and there's no pain..."


Kiva had pulled the bullet from Damien's leg, it had been deep but never made an exit hole. Now she focused on healing the wound and stopping the bleeding before he went into shock. It has been a while since she had to treat a wound this serious and never before had she treated a gun shot wound so she wasn't sure what the outcome would be, if he would retain any serious damage or not. The bullet had ripped through the skin on his leg and tore through his muscle and lodged itself in the bone in his leg, breaking it in two.


Damien had lost track of time, lost in the unconscious state he was in.
"How long have I been here..." he thought, just as the sound of familiar voices penetrated the darkness he had settled into. At first they were muffled, not able to make out who was saying exactly what but after a moment his senses hit him like a ton of bricks, bringing him back into consciousness. Eyes still blurry, Damien blinked several times before being able to focus them on the face above his, finally locking eyes with a sea of blue. Her face has small spots of blood littering her fair skin and her eyes filled with worry.
"Damien, Damien can you hear me? Are you with us?" Her voice was angelic to his ears but his mind was still too cloudy to process her words and answer her questions. The only thing his brain was processing was Her name.
He could feel her hands tenderly pressed against the hole in his leg, waves of heat washing over his skin as she healed his wound. She looked tired, sweat dripped from her brow and her eyes were dull with the loss of energy. Damien had seen her heal wolves before, knowing it took its toll on her even with smaller wounds and he knew she was struggling.


Damiens wound was healing but the process was getting slower and slower as time moved on, her energy depleting. In many ways Kiva's power had the life similar to a battery, one which would deplete when used and needing recharged before she can continue using them. Wiping the sweat off her brow she continued to concentrate, intending to continue to mend his wound until she had nothing left to give.
She worked diligently for another hour before the energy was tapped out, leaving her an exhausted shell of her normal self.
"Bring him to my room so I can keep an eye on him and continue his treatment once I've regained some energy." she said, her voice faltering slightly as she stood slowly. The bullet hole was now much smaller, though not fully healed and she had all but stopped the bleeding. The break in the bone would take further treatment that would have to wait until a later date. Not bothering to look at the wolves at her back she slowly sauntered off to her own room, knowing they would follow with a groggy Damien.


Kiva had given him a drink that clouded his mind though allowed him to remain awake, numbing the pain. He had watched her work silently before she finally gave in, letting herself rest to regain her lost energy. He could tell by the looks on the faces around him and the muffled words they spoke that he was in fact healing but it had slowed to a stop for now. Damiens eyes followed her as she warily stood and moved off towards her room, before he was lifted by his brother wolf and following her.
They rested him on one of the two small beds she had in her room, one obviously there for treatments and made him as comfortable as possible. Damien was still in his fur and remained that way until he seen her form, still covered in his blood, relax into her bed and drift off to sleep. Once he was sure she was asleep he allowed the shift, gritting his teeth as his skin morphed and pulled against his wound. He lay naked for a moment, enjoying the cool air against his naked skin. He had meant to grab the blanket at the end of the bed but sleep soon took him, casting him back into darkness.


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The Dark Side Of A Fairytale
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