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 Rúida Azzhāi

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PostSubject: Rúida Azzhāi    Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:39 am

Full Name. Rúida Azzhāi

Age. 26

Breed/ species. Silver fox.

Preferred Group: I strive for Rogue.

12lbs (wolf) 55kg (human)

60cm toe to shoulder. (Fox)
159cm toe to scalp (human)

Length. 50cm from the bow of chest to the tip of tail.

Scent. Musky and earthen.

Voice. Bold but delicate. Very feminine with an air of dominance.

Birth season- Winter.

Alignment- True neutral.


The woman is a healer, she heals through the act of a feather foot, or "witch doctor". The act of which uses both plants and herbs and a concoction of potions to heal those that are in need; though some might say she has actual healing capabilities in the form of powers it is not confirmed by the woman herself; if it were so, she seems to prefer the answer through natural remedies than through the power of her being.

Weaknesses and Strengths-
Rue is blind. Her eyes are of no use to her but what she lacks in vision she makes up for greatly her other senses.

Rues most relied upon weapon is her hearing; as such it has adjusted to pick up the sounds surrounding her that contribute to a "vision" inside of her head.
She uses sound to see, for lack of a better word, in replacement for her eyes and with this added skill this female is in no need of help or sympathy. It is said that her hearing is more of a gift than any living mans sight.
The skill is complimentary to her abilities with a yew long bow and with it enables the accuracy to judge, with deadly sharp precision, distances and lengths of objects all around her for a direct hit regarding a moving target; a still target is another story if it is without the help of her little spies.

Scent is customary to any wolf, but with the loss of her eyes, as with hearing, the sense is heightened beyond that of a natural born canine although it is naught of anything too special.

Touch and feeling are greatly honed in this particular female. She uses all of her surroundings to know where she is. From the texture of the ground beneath her paws she can determine whether she is on familiar ground or if the place is alien to her. It is for this very reason that Rue does not wear shoes.
The wind is a very important aspect of every day life as a large measure to gauge the weather and what is coming; for, on the wind brings many scents and feelings of damp or dry to any degree. It is with this that the damsel can predict rain before the clouds, snow before it falls and warm air hours before it is in your veins.

During the Summer and Winter months, Rues fur takes on the most startlingly different of colors. This can be seen as a strength that most canines will not possess. With a white coat in winter, wolf and snow meld into one; whereas a summer month yields a black coat of fur to aid in camouflage.

Fighting Class- Veteran.

A pair of mocking Jays, or, Blue Jays.
The two had come about when Rúida had saved the male from a snare. For ever grateful, they stay by her side; helping her hunt and survive. She has trained them to detect certain herbs and plants which can aid in her "witch doctor" ways.

A lifetime of deceit has seen this female tried and tried again in her trust, it is for this reason she can come across as very arrogant. Many have tried to take for granted the fact that she is blind, but Rue is more cunning than cute and should anyone attest to try it, they would find themselves most bemused by the result.
How ever, underneath the solidly gaunt look is a heart as soft as the first new sprig of lavender ripe from the last days before spring; it is not a rare thing to behold, but it can be hard to come by.


Summer - Black base coat with slate grey ticking all over, most prominent on the facial area which is dominated by deep amber eyes that hide well the fact that she is blind in both eyes.

Winter Coat - White as snow with a soft golden tinge due to lack of cleaning.

Rue is very small framed. She is lithe and she agile, but she does not lack in strength.
The fur upon her body is kept well and free of mats but it is not as glossy and perfectly preened as any other female. Looks are not a first choice for the female and a fresh glob of bird feces inhabits the right side of neck most mornings, generously given by the two mocking jays that share her company.
Under that thick coat of fur is a lean muscular bodice; taught and healthy with many and more scars than could be counted on all four paws.

Her human form is supported by a curved, muscular frame. She is of an athletic muscular stature with black waist length hair that has been made into dreadlocks, golden amber eyes and dark skin.

To be rewritten.
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Rúida Azzhāi
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