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 Communal Accounts

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PostSubject: Communal Accounts   Mon Nov 11, 2013 5:43 am

As you already guessed, Communal Accounts are accounts that any one can use.
As everyone can use them, we do have some small rules:

  1. If you begin a thread that has been planned with another member of the site for plot reasons and you do not wish anyone else to post in it, place "Closed" in the title as a tag. If your thread does not possess that tag then anyone may join as the Communal Account in your stead.
    Please Note that should you post in a thread that is marked and you did not mark it, you will be dealt with as is considered in the >>Site Rules<<.
    Should someone intrude on your marked thread without permission you merely need to contact a >>Staff Member<< and they will sort it out for you.

  2. You cannot kill another member on the website without permission what ever their >>Fighting Class<<. If you do and they do not consent it will simply be void.

These accounts have been tested by an Administrator. If there are any problems found, please contact a member of the Staff Team immediately and it will be resolved.

Now, with that out of the way the Accounts are as follows:


    Username: Prey
    Password: rhombus1234

    Available Pieces:

    With this account you may log on and set a chase for your pack mates to have a bit of fun or distribute yourself among some other pack lands for a bit of fun teasing.
    The Hunter Captain of a pack might wish to use this account to set a chase going for his fellow hunters to get some life going. Might be that as a Pup Sitter you'd like to use a hare for a chase for some pup training. Be creative.


    Username: Predator
    Password: square1234
    Available Pieces:

    The predator account is added for extra fun and drama to any thread. Might be, as a predator, you would like to log in and cause some havoc as a mighty brown bear and terrorize some pack wolves! Or possibly log in as a Bald Eagle sweeping in on a wolf about to catch a nice fat hare and claim it as your own?
    Cougars are vicious creatures and formidable enemies and the wolves have seen it fit to make a home on YOUR land; why not give them a taste of your claws?


    Log in: Trapper
    Password: triangle1234

    Bounty Hunter:
    Log In: Bounty Hunter
    Password: rectangle1234

    As the name would suggest, these two accounts are for "Beast Hunters". Anyone can use these to log in and create some mayhem. Make your approach stealthy and set some traps for wolves to fall into.
    Hunters can weild many weapons of defense and offense including knives, guns, long bows, cross bows; the list goes on. You can use anything you like and tread anywhere you like (except for pack dens, they are hidden deep within pack land). There are two accounts so that the two hunters can interact with each other to make the game more interesting.
    Remember, as with all the communal accounts, Hunters cannot kill a registered member of the site no matter what fighting class they are. If this happens, the post will be void. (Unless the said member has contacted a member of the admin team explaining that this is how they wish to evict them self from the site or kill their character off.)

    Anonymous Account.

    What is this?- You might ask; well at Kumari we have an >>Advice Column<<. This is here for people whom are in dire need of any advice.
    Now, we understand that sometime we are scared to ask advice from people for fear of what they might think of us; but it is always better out than in. Keeping things locked inside can be harmful to someone. So, what is the answer? An anonymous account.You can ask - or talk -  away any problems you have without ever feeling ousted or that you might be bullied by anyone.
    To find this account you must go >>here<< first and read the rules - We will know if you haven't. This account has been disabled of any use outside of the forum of its purpose, nor can you send private messages to, or from, it.
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Communal Accounts
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