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 Fighting Class

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PostSubject: Fighting Class   Fri Nov 01, 2013 8:47 am

As the creator, it is on you to find the most suitable rank for your character. Read through thoroughly and decide within yourself where you would feel most comfortably placed.
Your rank may change at any given time if a staff member finds that the rank you have chosen is not well suited for you. If you have a problem with any rank chosen for you, or for that matter, you have chosen for yourself, contact a staff member to have your worries appeased.

There has been much question of "death" as an outcome. Not all classes offer death without permission from the creator; so if the death of your character frightens you then we advise you to choose carefully.
The option lies there for only the Advanced Role Players. For some, death can increase the excitement of role playing and high ten the adrenaline. If you do not like the idea, rest assured that the right rank will see you safely through any battle.

A quick explanation:
Rank - Paragraph/ word minimum (You limit must not fall short of this in a battle thread or it will become void).

    Permission to kill - (A member of a rank named here must have permission from the creator to kill said character.)
    Permission to attack - (A member of a rank named here must have permission from the creator to attack said character.)
    Handicap - (Your character must not exceed the number of full evades it is given as handicap. A more experienced Role Player will not need to evade any attack to hinder his oppositions advances.)

Fighting Ranks

Docile - Non-fighting.
A docile character cannot fight and cannot be fought with. These are usually elder wolves or the young.

Tenderfoot - 2 paragraph/ 150 word minimum.

    Permission to kill -(Veteran; Elite; Able; Dilettante; Tenderfoot)
    Permission to attack - (Veteran; Elite; Able; Dilettante).
    Handicap - 4 Full Evade.

A Tenderfoot is usually an adolescent character; but, as with all ranks, this will depend on the skill that the creator themselves possess.
In order to attack this member you will need permission from the member themselves. They have deemed themselves as a 'novice' fighter, or 'learner', and a grievous attack on this member can result in a costly rebuke from a leading rank. If the member has no pack resulting in no upper ranks then punishment can be dealt swiftly by the hand of the realm; watch closely for the Rogue or every dark corner can become a nightmare.

Dilettante  - 2 paragraph/ 200 word minimum.

    Permission to kill - (Veteran; Elite; Able; Dilettante; Tenderfoot)
    Permission to attack - (Veteran; Elite; Able)
    Handicap - 3 Full Evade.

Dilettante is a 'beginner' fighter. They know the basics in fighting and should not enter a battle unless they are confident enough to do so. You need not ask permission to attack this rank unless you are an upper rank; but you will need to ask permission to kill no matter what rank you are.

Able - 2 Paragraph/ 200 word minimum.

    Permission to Kill - (Veteran; Elite; Able; Dilettante; Tenderfoot)
    Permission to Attack - (Veteran).
    Handicap - 1 Full Evade.

This member is capable of defending himself against most anyone; but still has much to learn. You are confident that you stand a fair chance in a fight and have no problem with being attacked without permission. An able person must know how to use descriptive language and be detailed in their attacks but does not have the knowledge enough of in depth fighting.

Advanced - 3 paragraph minimum/ 300 word minimum.

    Permission to Kill - (Veteran; Elite; Advanced; Able; Dilettante; Tenderfoot)
    Permission to attack - None.
    Handicap - None.

An eAdvanced fighter is one whom is confident in their own technique. Most times they have been fighting for many years and not only is it a love for them, but they have become exceptionally good at it. They use very descriptive language and are confident enough to ward off any attacker. The Advanced fighter knows the ins and outs of fighting; they can provide multiple attacks and also defend against multiple attacks.
To attack this character you will not need permission; but no matter how much an Advanced loves to fight they know that death is a very real outcome so to kill a character regarded as Advanced you will need permission from the creator.

Elite - 3 Paragraph Minimum/ 300 Word Minimum.

    Permission to Kill - (Veteran)
    Permissions to attack - None.
    Handicap - 1 Full Evade.

An Elite Class fighter differs rarely from an  Advanced; in fact they might be regarded as one and the same. What makes these two Classes different is their love for adrenaline and adventure. An Elite Class fighter knows they are an advanced Role Player and is more excited about the prospect of death as an outcome to draw such realness from a battle that other classes might not. They are confident enough in themselves to know they can evade death; but as a precaution they are offered one complete evade per battle.

Veteran - 3 Paragraph minimum/ 400 word minmum.

    Permission to Kill - None.
    Permission to Attack - None.
    Handicap - None.

Battle comes as second nature to a Veteran. They are no stranger to fighting and more often than not have been in countless battles and met hundreds with exponential battle prowess to further their own. They have such confidence in their own technique that they enter each battle with the knowledge that their character could well be killed without permission; but fear it not because they bear the knowledge of the art and are well equip to take care of themselves as well as others and more often than not death is regarded as an exciting outcome of battle prowess in their opponent rather than a obvious reality.[/list]

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Fighting Class
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