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 Callahan Ensis Exilarus

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PostSubject: Callahan Ensis Exilarus    Callahan Ensis Exilarus  EmptyWed Oct 02, 2013 7:52 pm

How you found the site (Affiliate site/ friend (Name)/ Advertising Agent/ Browsing)  Alternate and Opposite to Blade

Wolf Information: Golden fur, that seems to glow with a light of its own.  In some cases, the glow is a literal thing, with a very faint bio-luminescence. His eyes, are, or themselves, a thing that are very very strange.  His eyes, are two different colors.  One is a bright golden color that makes the purest gold bar like a dull yellowed brick, while the other, is a pure emerald green.

Full Name:  His full name is Callahan Ensis Exilarus.
Known to others as: Callahan, or Cal, by some
Age: By earth years, he is several thousand years old, but, is about 2-3 wolf years, prime of his life
Gender: Male
Breed: Light, from the Light Plane
Height: about 2 feet tall
Length: 3 feet long
Weight: averages about 30 pounds
Family:  Father:Han Administrar Valaran  Mother: Keelan Valaran
Voice: Slightly deeper then Death the Kid from soul eater

Powers/ Abilities: Mastery of Light, if you can picture it being done with light, he can do it.  It ranges from armor, to weapons, to attacks and other manifestations.  He can bend light around him to disappear, change his appearance, and, even travel.

Limitations of Powers/ Abilities: Simply put, if you can manage to get him in hand to hand combat, he will not last very long.  As a child he suffered a rare disease that left him physically weakened, and not matter how hard he works, he is physically weak.  His power is countered by things that can absorb light, or, strong enough darkness. He is also susceptible to holy objects.


Personality/ Alignment:He is a very controlled being.  With impeccable manners.  When it comes to confrontations, he often tries to use his silvery tongue to either smooth things over, or to push them to a breaking point where open hostilities result in physical battle.

Appearance: Wolf summary, 2 feet tall, 3 feet long, golden fur, one golden eye, one emerald eye

Picture: when I can properly post, I will

Human Information

Age: Equivalent to about 26 years of age
Height: 5 foot 5
Weight: 138 pounds
Voice: Slightly deeper then Death the Kid

Appearance: His eyes are the same as his wolf for, his hair is the dark gold color of the stripes from his wolf form. He is usually dressed in an impeccable suit. The color varies as he wishes it to, rather it be blood red, sky blue, midnight black, or any other color we wishes it to be. He has black tendril-like lines spiraling around his upper arms, as a marking result of his demon blood

Personality/ Alignment: He is for the most part a lawful being, but, he has demon blood coursing through his veins that can at times make him erupt into fits of incoherent rage and babble. He has an obsession with symmetry, which makes him avoid looking in mirrors like the plague when he is in wolf form.

Powers/ Abilities: Same as his wolf form, light mastery and manipulation

Limitations of Powers/ Abilities: Holy objects, and other things that are the same as his wolf form. Also physical battle

Weapons: Two golden-hilted swords. The blades are made of a material that shimmers through all the colors of the rainbow spectrum. He has a staff that is made from a variety of tree that only grows in the Light Realm.

History: This is where it gets dark. He was born to a high ranking family in the Light Realm. He attended one of the most prestigious institutions in the land, the Holy Academy of the Chosen one. He was the top of his class academically, but, fell short on the physical aspect. He had been ravaged by a horrible, rare disease as a child, which left him physically weakened, but his mind intact. He was one of the most talented young minds of his time. His abilities, however, were far from extraordinary, in fact, he was one of the weakest students in his class. He was, however, the most talented swordsman in his class, so, he graduated with top marks in swordplay and academics. He then went on to win enough tournaments over the next 6 years, to earn the honorific title of Ensis, mean Blade Master. He was still unhappy with his power however. He spent much time on research, he even delved into, morally, dark areas, and even the arcane. This was how he came to have his demon. After years of searching and researching, he came across the process for summoning a demon. Once it was summoned, he told it his demands. The demon promptly proceeded to attack, and fuse with, Callahan. They fused, and the demon's sentient intelligence was destroyed, but, enough traits were left to cause the occasional problem. He went on to become one of the greatest tournament fighters in the realm, and even went on to win the Chosen Champion Tournament. When he went to receive his prize, he was to enter a sacred and holy area, when he went to step into it, the anti-demon defenses were activated, and attacked him. He fled, but, was quickly captured and subdued. Upon examination, it was discovered he possessed demon blood. This resulted in his being stripped of his name, Valaran, and renamed Exilarus, meaning, the Exiled One. He was magically cast from Light Realm and banned from ever returning to his home, however he could still communicate with them. After a few centuries of planes walking, and learning more about his own abilities. He has come across the Kumari lands after much travel, and is looking to start a new life for himself.

Picture: When I find an appropriate picture, and am able to post it

Extra: He can occasionally turn into a giant raging war beast, but, it scares him to do so, since the change makes his mind very nearly insane.
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Callahan Ensis Exilarus
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