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No longer do you have to remain a single type of wolf. We offer a number of different types of characters you can belong to. Try and correspond your >>character Alignment<< with your preferred group to create the ultimate character.

    To Acquire the color of the group name, adhere to the requirements of desired Group and contact the Administrator account with links to your proof of completion.Please Note: If you do not live up to the standards of the group you have chosen for yourself, you may not receive it. To have a place in among a group you must live up to the name.

A lone wolf has no entitlements to land or family. He can make friends and keep friends, but he is still unwelcome on pack lands. He cannot make claims to anything and must abide by pack rules or pay the price named by the packs leaders. The Outlands are his home and he looks out for only himself; should he choose to, he will name himself to a single pack and offer aid to them to gain entrance into their family to which point he is no longer a lone.
Everyone begins as a lone or becomes a lone at some point in their life; either by his own choice or no. Regardless, he is usually a wolf without direction.

There are many roads that the lone status has to offer; but more often than not, a lone strives to become a member of a pack. He chooses his pack family carefully and glues himself to serve them until they accept him.
If he so chooses to live his life as a solemnly, he must know that life can be dangerous. He must follow pack laws when on turf and watch closely for his predecessor - The Warden; or alternatively he must become that which he is made to fear.


    There are no requirements to be met to become a lone. It will be automatically set to you when you join. Every wolf starts out as a lone and is up to them from there to find their own path.


  • Freedom of individuality and actions; how ever, a caution must be taken - Every lone individual must consider the consequences of their actions or else he will not get very far in this world.
  • Many roads of opportunity to choose from. The Lone wolf has nothing stopping him from becoming that which he strives to be. Be that a Warden, Bandit, Pack Wolf or something entirely different. In Kumari we are all for ideas and changing things up; if you happen to have plans for your character that we do not already cater for, Want to create completely new title for your character - Contact us and see it done. Write your name in the History Pages of Kumari.


  • Being a loner, there is only enough reason to fend for yourself and only yourself. Friendships can be made, however be ever cautious as there is no guarantee they'll be your friend tomorrow.
  • A lone has no claim to land or entitlements. He might spend the night in a make shift den one night, but the next - Who knows where he will be.

Requirements to Retain position:

  • There are no requirements that a lone must keep in order to retain the title of Lone. He must simply live as himself, for no other but his own.

Wardens are seen as the peace keepers of The Kumari Realm. Since the beginning, there has been but three - One for each of the Territories(Noth, South, Kanua). It is because of this that the Warden is not just any wolf and cannot be just any wolf. It is what a self proclaimed Lone with morals and worldly attributes strives to become; but the title comes as a profession. This wolf chooses to be a one man wolf pack. He claims a piece of territory for his own and keeps it; but not without earning it. He is an exceptionally cunning being and a master of drawing the first blood and the last without instigation.
He does not serve anyone, but yet, serves everyone. He is seen as the "keeper" of the Kumari Realm; he follows no pack law only the law of his self.

The Warden wolf earns his title by the deeds he does; for he does not belong to a pack, but will carry out deeds which will help a neighboring pack, or any pack. He looks out for only himself, while providing for others.
Though he holds a high disregard for others it is through his good deeds he earns respect. He is often paid for his protection - Which will go to the highest bidder. He is so loved, and yet so hated.
When the Warden wolf is near, tensions will rise. No one will truly know his reasons or his methods. Safety comes at a price and he is the one to name it.

Requirements to first claim:

  • Choose a Territory in which to stake claim over (North, South, Kanua).
  • Acquire and claim a single Territory Area board for your own within your chosen Territory.
    This includes a den.
  • To prove that you have claimed it as your own you must ward off at least three separate intruders (friend or foe; three in one thread counts only as one) by any means necessary and hold the Territory Area without defeat for a minimum time of three weeks.
  • Make at least one ally in each pack; and two allied Lones.
    They do not need to be your friends, but can be two characters whom respect each other enough to accept their nearness without fur bristling.
  • Make common ground with the alpha(s) of at least one pack.
  • Help and/ or give a fellow wolf your protection. This is a great way to make an ally in another character.

Requirements for Second claim:

Should there be a Warden that has already taken claim to a specific Territory (North, South, Kanua), you must fight to eradicate him and make the land and it's inhabitants your own.

  • You do this by following the "Steps to first claim".
  • Once each of the requirements has been made, you are to challenge the existing Warden in a one on one combat to last prove your prowess and ability to protect those whom you promise yourself to.
  • How ever, a caution - The existing Warden may challenge you at any given time on your own prospecting Territory Area in the hopes of eradicating you as a threat to his position and title.
    The wager of the combat can be determined by the parties involved.


  • A Warden has his own land that only he owns and no one else is permitted except by his discretion.
  • As a Warden, you are disjointed from any rules albeit your own and there are no binding contracts that any other wolf pack may have; but only through respect do you earn this exception.


  • The heavy weight of responsibility rests on your shoulders. You must provide over and watch for all of Kumari. The status of Warden cannot be so easily obtained and yet so easily relinquished.

Requirements/ Duties to retain possession:

  • Earn and keep the respect of those under your care. You have a rapport to keep with those around you; once your name begins to strike unwanted tendencies, you might find more and more suitors stepping up to the plate.
  • Defend your title against prospecting Wardens whom seek to steal your position.
  • Keep and defend your Territory.
  • Aid those under your care. Your job is to keep the inhabitants of Kumari safe - Fail and see your rapport slip.
  • As the threat of Rogues rise, it is your duty to see them relinquish themselves and their ways, by any means necessary.

Any wolf can be a bad wolf but it takes a certain individual to earn the title of Rogue.
The Rogue is a volatile wolf. He lives for naught but his self and lives by the rule of his own; he gets what he wants by taking it because he believes everything is rightfully his for the taking.
He is unlike the Warden in which the way he lives his life; he would help you for the favor you would return to him, not to win your favor.

Unlike the Warden, this wolf has no valor nor good morals and more often than not he is ruthless, unruly and unkind. He can be sly and cunning, a trickster of nature; but through fear he earns respect.
Wolves will seek out a Rogue to commit offences that they can not other wise commit themselves - To hurt or cause harm to another or a group of wolves. In this they are some what of a liquidator.
To be around a wolf whom has earned the name of a Rogue is to live on your toes - You'll never know the motif behind his actions.


  • Claim a Territory area for your den and keep this free from at least three trespassers.
  • Steal, steal, steal! You are a Rogue who takes everything for herself and no one else, for your own benefit. Rogues are required to steal something thrice from someone else, whether it be food from a pack or something important from a loner.
  • Make at least three enemies. These can be anyone. It is one thing to make people dislike you, but it is completely another thing to make an enemy of someone. This will ensure you an easier route to the next step.
  • There is no number of offences to be met by a wolf in order to earn the name as a Rogue. Spread your infamy by the blatant scrounging you cause. When your actions have warranted the attention of at least one Warden - This is when you earn your title.
  • Carry out an act of corruption that someone cannot other wise do themselves. Name your price for it and see your reward seized.


  • Rogues live by the law of their own; they are free to do as they wish with no consequence - As long as they don't get caught.
  • No responsibilities to live for and no one to care after but yourself.
  • When you have earned a name for yourself, beings may seek you out to carry out deeds that they other wise can not. It is within these deeds that you earn your fear and respect an ultimately the prize - of your own price.


  • You have no one to fall back on and more often than not you are alone; unless you can find another who shares your views. Rogues primarily travel alone but at times, may travel in pairs.
  • High risk activities and the potential to get caught. Rogues infamy may rise with more offences they commit and may rouse tough enemies.

Requirements to retain Possession:

Not unlike the Warden, the Rogue cannot be any wolf. It is a tough Title to earn and an even tougher title to hold.

  • Spread the fear of your name. Steal, purge, plunder to your hearts content. You will make enemies; but you thrive on the discomfort of others. Keep your name alive.
  • Defend your den! It is your home and the place in which you plot you illicit acts. Let no trespasser leave unscathed.

This wolf is not truly a wolf if he is without his pack. To feel love is be apart of this family.
There are many types of packs. A pack comes together when wolves of the same personality and ideals come together. It cannot be forced, but will fall together as if they were born together.
The wolf will know when he has found the right family when he falls in sync with them. He will want to live for them and he will want only to die for them. He will love them endlessly and in return, be loved.

The pack wolf lives anything but a lonely life. He is never without comfort; he is never without food and never without protection. A pack wolf sticks by his brothers and sisters not because he has to, but only because he wants to; because he loves them.

The packs available in Kumari at this time are

  • The Kostas Wolves.
  • The Nayati Wolves.


  • When choosing your favored pack family, you must adhere to the requirements listed by the instated alphas as a rule of thumb. Otherwise:
  • Create all the family fundamentals between your character and an aspiring pack, (Love, trust, loyalty, friendship, etc) to create a bond between members.
    When you are confident that your bond is tight enough, you may call forth the alpha(s) of the potential pack to give a formal show of submitting yourself and asking acceptance.


  • Once accepted, a pack wolf now has the love, friendship and loyalty of their comrades. He is no longer alone.  
  • He will find security here in many forms - If one of their own is sick or injured, his pack mates will care for him and nurse him to better health because they know he would do the same for them.
  • Protection in numbers. A pack wolf knows that danger is around every corner, but he worries not for he knows he has the loyalty of his brethren behind him at every turn.
  • A wide of range of opportunities lies before the pack wolf - Should he choose it. Many packs have ranks in which a wolf must earn in order to move upward in the family with the prospect of one day leading the pack unit.


  • Much like a Warden, there is a need of upkeep to stay within a pack. While you have others to count on, you have to pull your own weight. Taking your turn to hunt, guard the den or patrol the borders. However, these jobs are what it means to be a pack wolf and the payout strongly outweighs the drawbacks.
  • The Pack Wolf must follow the law of that which is set by his alpha. He knows that should he stray from his alphas guidance the consequences are dire.
  • As alpha, or any that holds a rank within a pack, there is always the prospect of another to challenge your rule. Yes, you are a family unit, but not everyone will agree with your ideals and there will be some that will contest against your will.

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