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 Background, Culture and Aligment

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PostSubject: Background, Culture and Aligment   Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:25 am

Kostas- Backround-Culture-Alignment

.:We live in honour of the code:.

Protect your family
Honour the elders
Teach the young
Be loyal to your friends
Voice your opinion
Stand your ground
Take charge when others
show weakness
Play when you can
Work when you must
Always leave your mark

"The Kostas Pack began as an idea; and flourished into a splendid reality."

In the beginning.....
A male named "Jake" created the Okami pack of wolves. Loki, his Beta male had gone in search of an ambassador. Jokers Wild stumbled upon him, and she was taken to the Okami as a peace maker. Quickly she had begun to change and fix the problems that lie within that pack, and was swiftly voted to Alpha Female. A few months went by, and by Jakes treachery he was exiled from the pack and banished from the Okami lands forever. Loki and Jokers lead the pack into peaceful times.
The pack flourished and grew into something magnificent and amazing. Blaze and Eclipse, Loki and Jokers...became a very tight circle and the peaceful times continued. Other members gravitated to the Okami because of that. They found safety and guidance, fair leadership and room to improve their skills. Then, a male by the name of Nyoka J Kalis joined the pack, followed soon after by a female by the name of Kara Rae Kurokami, soon after another female, Aleria and a male, Bladewolf Blackthorne. Nyoka and Eclipse had a son, Kyros Kalis. After a time Hiroshi Kalis joined the pack along with another female named Elina. Hiroshi and Elaina were soon mated. As was Jokers and Blitz, and Blaze and Kara whom conceived a child - Ashlyn Rae Nekishu.
Loki eventually stepped down from Alpha due to personal reasons, and Nyoka was voted in. That is when things began to turn. Eclipse and Nyoka had split up, and Hiroshi had begun to turn darker and darker every day. His treachery was soon uncovered, and because of that, Kyros Kalis took his own life. Persuaded by the evil Hiroshi to do so, believing that none loved him. At this time, Jokers had lost Blitz, and was then mated to Nyoka and Kara had fled, leaving Blaze, his daughter and son, Blackstar. Jokers distaste for humans was quickly fueled by Nyoka when he began to trade with them, and hunt down his own kind for money. Blaze and Eclipse mourned the loss of Kyros, since Nyoka had no care..due to the fact that it was his own brother that killed him.
The Kumari Pack (now named Kostas) began as an idea when Blazes son fell to the sword of Nyoka; for the means off money reward. After this day, Blaze left The Okami and all his family behind, with his daughter, in search for a better life.
It was not long before he had come in contact with a female, Koori. The two quickly grew close as friends and with the help of Orchid, Jack Savage and an old friend, Aleria, they begun the Kumari Pack.

Nyoka's warped mind and hunger for power and control drove the Okami to disband and the lines of deceit ran deep within the pack. Distrust, shadowed dealings and bitter resentment destroyed the Okami pack. The members drifted to the wind; save for a few.
Eclipse, Loki and a few others pulled back together and found Blaze and the Kumari Pack. Jokers, on her journey with a wolf female named Aulan perished in effort to defend the two of them against a band of hunters that were stronger then the norm. Though she was later reborn in flame with no memory of the past; until one night. She remembered all her friends, past events and hardships.
After a time, Koori had begun to show signs of control and power to the lower ranks and was quickly dealt with by Eclipse and thrown from Alpha Female. Though times swiftly turned good with Eclipse and Blaze at the head of the pack, and the Kumari again began to Flourish. By her best friend and pack sisters side Jokers found home as Delta Female Female, joined by a male name Zigan as Beta Male the two became mated.
A new type of wolf that the Kostas had not yet seen, a strong, long time lone male named Wolf Mortum tested the Pack in a bid to join; he was cast from the borders by Alpha Female Eclipse in misunderstanding.
Benjamin, unabashed by the wolfs demeanor moved to find him, seeing his potential and offered him a place in the pack, to which he accepted and later found himself as much apart of the family as any other wolf.
With his new found place, Wolf Mortum used his skills as a fighter to create an Elite Guard within the Kumari, known as The Cor Lupis. Here, only the most skilled fighters could find a place to train and protect their family.

2012 - 2013
Blaze and Eclipse eventually were mated, and had three Pups. Though sadly this was not to last. Trusted friend and Cor Lupis Captain, Wolf Mortum had shown a great treason when he and Eclipse vanished with the newly born pups; leaving Blaze to wonder, and fend for his own with the heart break.

Slowly, new packs and tribes moved into the area, and the booming city saw prosperous times. The Kumari name was changed, to renew the bonds between the members. Orchid was quickly voted into Alpha Female to hold the helm beside Blaze, Aleria and Zigan were made Beta's when Jokers Wild had left the Pack, distraught in the treachery of her long time sister, Eclipse and the Kumari were renamed, the Kostas Wolves. Meaning Steadfast loyal friend.

2013 - 2014
The year of 2013 saw a shift in the rankings; Benjamin stepped down from the alpha position to take the lead of Cor Lupis, instead taking a path to look after and care for the daughter in which he and a small force of Cor Lupis had managed to rescue from Eclipse and her new mate, Wolf Mortum.
The former Beta Male Zigan was placed at the helm, and the pack had found a new purpose continuing to grow in size.
Long time friend, Blade Wolf Blackthorne had replaced Zigan as Beta Male and Orchid's son, Justin had been voted in as Delta Male.

2014 - 2015
In just a short year, demon attacks among the living had been recorded and Zigan had found himself among one of the few in the Kumari Lands to be taken.
A wolf by the name of Nammia found Zigan as the demon snake tried to bestow itself upon him and took him into her den; there, bound by a friendship so deep and a loyalty driven as Cor Lupis Captain he found Zigan and Nammia.
Nammia was quickly trusted into the pack as the weeks past; she had shown her loyatly to not only her alphas, but the entire pack by the way in which she had protected Zigan and remained by his side as he lay in the Muchani Hospital.
In a final bid to cast the demon from his body, Zigan found himself locked in a life and death battle with his long time friend, adopted brother and former alpha male, Benjamin Nekishu- but Zigan was soon to find his demise at the end of Benjamins dagger, whom had been out witted by the demon and in a turn of events, killed Zigan.

A rage befell Orchid whom, without thought, placed Blade Wolf Blackthorne as Alpha Male and sentenced Benjamin to death for treason; but Blade, found with the new power of his status, released Benjamin on the terms that he never return to the Kostas Lands.

Many moons passed under the rule of the new Alphas, but the Kostas could not find itself shifted from the demise of it's former Alpha, Zigan and the exile of a dear friend and The Cor Lupis Captain, Benjamin. A silence had fallen upon the pack but it was to find itself in a deeper reprieve before the year was out.

By the month of October, the Light Spirit within Orchid had been called forth to battle in the great war of her kind. Unable to decline, she was forced to leave the Pack and the earthen plane all together.
Some would say this was the Kostas' Packs truest fall from grace- a fall it may never recover from.
Without an Alpha Female to guide him and other commitments in his shadow pain, Blade Wolf could into handle the pressure of leading the Kostas, and it began to grow small; but in the days of it's darkest time, a light shone by the name of Nammia. Despite her indifference with Blade Wolf, Nammia took the Alpha Female Rank by force in the true fashion of a wolf; showing the pack that she had what it took to lead the family back to a greatness it once was.
Aleria was instated as Beta Female but the pack was without a Beta Male, Justin had fled to live the life of a lone within the Muchani City. The pack was quickly finding itself without the sufficient wolves to fill it's ranks.

2015 - current
It seemed that the Kostas had not yet seen the last of it's dark days. The newly self appointed alpha female, Nammia, disappeared without word.
With only Blade Wolf at the helm, the pack took another dive. Without a dedicated leader, the members plummeted and the pack lost all structure and fell to an all time dismal low; but deep in the Kumari Lands, Benjamin had gained word of this fall from grace and took the helm from Blade Wolf, whom willingly stepped down from Alpha status to stand beside the male whom started it all.
The Kostas was smaller than it had ever been, it's members sparse and torn apart; but Benjamin had hope in the form of a son thought lost. Cayden Nekishu had returned to the Kumari Lands and was welcomed into the pack. Together, alongside his most loyal friends- Aleria, Blade Wolf and Pandora and his true born son, Cayden, Benjamin was sure the pack would find it's feet once more; and even with the thought of an alpha female abandonment yet again, they would fix the destructive wake that might have been the fall of The Kostas Pack.

Good, Fair and Diplomatic.

The Kostas wolves are a peaceful group, who pride themselves on being a close knit family. They look out for one another, protect each other and defend their lands with a fierce group known as Cor Lupus. They are a fair group, who often celebrate life and prosperity.

Hierarchy History:
(Kostas created 2009)

Alpha Male
Benjamin Nekishu - Founder (2009 - 2013)
Zigan - (2013 - 0214)
Blade Wolf Blackthorne - (2014 - 2015)[/i]
Benjamin Nekishu - (2015 - current)

Alpha Female
Koori - Founder (2009 - 2010)
Eclipse Stellar - (2010 - 2013)
Orchid - (2013 - 2014)
Nammia - (2014 - current

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Background, Culture and Aligment
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