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PostSubject: Nammia's profile   Nammia's profile EmptyFri Aug 02, 2013 6:11 pm

How I found the site - Through Zigan (sibling in real life)
Name - Nammia
Nickname - Nia
Age -26 in human years
Orientation - Straight
Mate - None
Pack - None
Family - Parents- Klara and Kane, both deceased.
Breed - Lycan
Scent - Damp earth and honeysuckle
Personality - Nammia is a cunning being, she uses her mind over her brawn but if needed she will be ruthless. She is in her element when she is alone but she has always felt a secret longing for family since losing her own.
She is kind hearted and will only use her strength if needed, she is very protective of people she trusts.
Human details
Height - 5"9
Weight - 126 pounds
Eye colour - Green
Hair colour - Black
Build - Slender but athletic
Unique markings - A scar across her neck
Strengths -
Very powerful physical strength, Cunning, courageous, can speak to other's minds. She adapted her mind speaking to be able to place images in other's mind, leaving them in a hypnotised state, she can also keep track of people from a far distance to make sure that they are safe.
If needed she can also look into people's memories
Weakness -
Overly courageous at times, her 'Achilles heel' is her throat; due to gruesome memories of her mother's death and memories of trying to be killed herself left her with horrific scarring to the neck and if attacked there gives her terrifying flashbacks.
Nammia's Human form
Nammia's profile 7m2a
Wolf details
Apperance- -
Nammia's weight increases to 150 pounds in her wolf form and her black hair and green eyes become deeper in colour.
Everything else stays the same as it is in her human form.
Strengths and weaknesses -
Her strength is increased but everything else remains the same.
Nammia's Wolf form
Nammia's profile Lhup
Lycan details
Apperance -
Nammia's weight increases to 168 pounds and she grows in height to 6''5.
Her hair and eye colour stay the same as in her wolf form.
She looks much more lean and muscular than in the other forms.
Strengths and weaknesses -
Strength increases more than in wolf form but all else remains the same.
Nammia's lycan form
Nammia's profile 52qq
Klara, Nammia's mother, fell in love with a male from the Harooda pack, a fierce enemy of her own. They mated and were both exiled by their own families, fighting for their own survival they ran.
Their love for each other grew and they fought fiercely to protect each other's survival. In time they mated and had Nammia.
The Harooda pack were the first to find out about Nammia. Kane's older brother Nannoock was angered by this and it become his goal to Kill Kane and his family. In time Klara's previous pack, Dynala, joined the hunt.
They spent their lives running trying to protect Nammia until the Dynala pack ambushed them and after a brutal attack, left Klara for dead.
Kane's fury ripped the Dynala pack apart. Nammia tried to comfort Klara until she passed and anger coursed through her veins and she joined her father in in the fight.
During the fight Klara's killer, Giane, attacked Nammia and her powerful jaws pierced her throat and began to rip. Nammia could only think of her poor mother and that same rage that hit her before resulted in Giane's demise.
Nammia and her father stayed together for years, shifting between human and wolf form. Kane taught Nammia everything he knew and taught her well. She was impressively strong, cunning and courageous.
After her father passed Nammia wandered alone for three years until the loneliness and loss of her family was too much to bare. She craved to find a new family, and so the hunt began...

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Awesome, it's great to have you aboard!



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Posts : 433
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Age : 28
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PostSubject: Re: Nammia's profile   Nammia's profile EmptySat Aug 10, 2013 10:15 am


I've just edited the profile a bit; tidied it up and added her lycan info and image,

Hope it's ok Smile
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