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PostSubject: Maylin   Maylin EmptyThu May 30, 2013 10:48 pm

Name: Maylin

Nickname: May
Age: 14 weeks
b]Sex:[/b] Female
Breed: Offspring of Eclipse and Blaze
Height: As an adult, she is about 30 inches to her shoulder. Puppy height is unknown.
Weight:As a pup she weighs about 10 pounds; in adult form she weighs a solid 90 pounds.

Family: Eclipse Stellar and Blaze Nekishu are Maylin’s parents, having giving birth to her a short 14 weeks ago. She has four siblings, a twin brother and a twin sister. Their names are Cayden and Mikayla. She also has another sister named Ashlyn. BlackStar is her other adopted brother. Maylin considers this to be her first family, but also considers the pack to be her second family.

To be decided upon later.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:

History: Maylin was conceived of two alphas of the Kostas Pack and she was brought into the world surrounded by a secure pack. She has been protected all of her life by her family and friends. Her life has not seen too much adversity, just a few rough-blooded loners who have caused her some trouble, but nothing she could not handle on her own.

A few short weeks after her first venture out, she and her two siblings were taken by her mother and a stranger wolf she would soon come to know as Wolf Mortum, to a place far away from her father. The journey was long and the life was far from the pack life she had been used to, she di not like Wolf Mortum one bit and she missed her father terribly. Her mother had changed, she had become hard and did not let the three of them out to play as much as they liked, instead they had to endure traiing with that male, Wolf.
The five of them lived in the Barron lands for weeks. The times were hard until one day a line of figures broke through the haze of the land. It was her father and a band of wolves from her home land. They had made the journey to save them! But the happiness quickly found a route to fright when her mother and Wolf turned and grabbed her siblings, running and leaving her in the open. Something was wrong.
She dropped to her belly, ears flat as a whine escaped her maw. She was scared; but her dad scooped her up in his jaws and the familiar smell of wood and embers caressed her fright. Her father turned, reluctance in his aura as the two of them watched Wolf and her mother running, running... Gone.

She and her father returned home to the Kostas Lands where she has spent the rest of her days in good company.

Pup Personality: Maylin is a hell raising puppy. She is feisty and fearless, never being scared of trying new things. She will never back down from a wrestling match with her siblings, even though her brother is much bigger than her. Timid is not in Maylin’s vocabulary. She has a profound confidence in her mother and father to keep her safe while she grows and learns more about what the world has to offer her. Being so young, she has not yet seen the evil in the world so has not grown weary nor dark. She trusts other people easily, especially pack members. Her spirit is bright with life, making almost anyone she comes in contact with break a little smile no matter how tough they are. She is kind to others around her and always has good manners when speaking to an elder. Though, she does have a sneaky streak about her and does start fights with her siblings. Sometimes Maylin can cause a little bit of trouble, wandering out without her parent’s permission is what she does daily, possibly endangering herself and her family, but she does not care. She wants an adventure. There is no doubt that Maylin is a mommy’s girl. Not only do her and Eclipse look almost exactly similar, minus their eye color, but she feels as if she has a connection with her mother that the other pups don’t. She will not hesitate to cuddle up beside her mommy and sleep for hours.

Adult Personality: Through her many days, the evil world around her has not broken her spirit. Maylin is a happy and cheerful wolf, though she is serious and cautious when the situation calls for it. Growing up in a secure pack, she trusts people more often than not, though never puts her entire faith in a wolf she has just met. Maylin cannot stand ignorance nor any bull shit. She has a keen eye for liars and traitors and will not stand to see those people get away with it. She has a strong nature to protect her family, but mostly her siblings and tends to be a bit overbearing when it comes to their safety. If anyone were to mess with her family, she would rip their throat out without blinking an eye. Her favorite thing to do is hunt. She loves the feeling of soft grass rubbing her belly as she prowls through it, looking for a large buck whom she can sink her gleaming white teeth into. Fighting is in her nature, having a mother and father who are both great fighters it seems to just flow through her thick blood. More often than not she will look for trouble, trying to keep herself occupied when times get slow. You will never see this wolf scared. Instead, she takes her fear and turns it into a strong dose of courage that gets her through tough times. Maylin does not always think of the consequences of her actions, but she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself if trouble is thrown her way.

Pup Appearance: Looking at this pup, you will see a small ball of black iridescent fur, not yet having grown into an adult coat. Her dark fur is coarse and thick, making it easy for her to keep large amounts of heat locked around her body in case of a tough winter. Bright, emerald eyes clash brilliantly against her dark fur, making any person look twice in her direction. A small, dark ring encircles her pupil, giving her a unique and enchanting look. Maylin is small for only being four weeks old, but she is growing rapidly as each new day passes. Her paws are small but strong with thick padding under each. On each paw, she has small dots of white that scatter along and down to her toes making it seem as if snow landed on her and refused to melt. If you concentrate on her small face you will see a long snout with only baby teeth that will soon be replaced with adult ones. A small button nose is just as iridescent as her coat and her fluffy ears sit high on her head, normally perked with excitement and eagerness to learn more about life.

Maylin Image-1_zpsdfbac89f

Maylin Image-1_zps7a05d0c5

Adult Appearance: A beauty, she walks with silky, iridescent fur that is long but thick. She weighs no less than 90 pounds with defined muscle that ripples through her legs and chest. To her shoulder, her height is at 30 inches. 42 sharp, jagged teeth linger in her maw, waiting on a prey, or enemy, whom she can sink them into. Her beautiful, emerald eyes shine brilliantly against her dark fur, giving her a spooky yet sensual look. Her paws are large with white dots scattered down to her toes. Each paw has five sharp claws that dig into the ground as she walks. Thick padding protects her paws against sharp rocks and chilly snow. Her tail is long and fluffy with thick fur that hangs down about four inches, longer than the fur on her body. Looking at her you may underestimate her, but do not, for she is a mean fighter and uses every part of her body she was blessed with to maneuver quickly in fights and out of fights. She is a quick wolf, getting her speed from her father and can run up to 60 miles per hour for long periods of time. Her long legs allow her to propel through any terrain

Maylin Image-1_zpsf2fbc5f4

Maylin Image-1_zpsd9568f3b

Maylin Image-1_zpsc4c4a2e5

Human Appearance: As a child, she has long, curly black hair that drops down to her lower back. Usually she will have it in pig tails or braided. Her bright emerald eyes stand out against her silky white skin.

As an adult, she has the same long black hair but she usually wears it down. Most of the baby curls have left and only a wavy-straight hair remains. You will see her mostly wearing tight black clothing, and you will never see her without a black leather jacket.


To be decided upon later.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:

She carries an assortment of knives hidden in her jacket as well as strapped to her ankle.
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PostSubject: Re: Maylin   Maylin EmptyMon May 12, 2014 7:57 am

This character has been placed up for adoption by the father creator, Benjamin Blaze Nekishu due to inactivity of the previous owner.

As Maylin is still a pup, the following things can be edited to suit the adopter:

  • Personality.
  • Weapons

Things may have to be added as per the new >>character guidelines<< in order for this character to be re-accepted. Maylin is a member of the Kostas Pack having been born into it. This will not change when adopted.

If there is anything further you wish to discuss about adopting this character, please Private Message Benjamin Nekishu.

If you are interested in adopting this character as your own, please Private Message Blaze with a full profile and an example of your writing skills as Maylin.

-Kumari Administration.


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