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 Keyeu Katsuishen.

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PostSubject: Keyeu Katsuishen.    Mon May 13, 2013 8:08 pm

Forename- Keyeu.
Surname- Katsuishen.
Nickname- Key.
Gender- Male.
Race- Lycan through infection.
Origin- China.
Pack- None.
Age- Ninety
Ageing frozen at- Twenty four.
Family- All now deceased.
Mate- Aleria.

Before joining the pack Keyeu lives in China, raised in a large family. A family which ran the largest and most feared cartels in the country.
As the youngest of the sons Keyeu was held behind for many years with his younger sisters while his older brothers were put to work.
Taking the time Keyeu did not wait idle, even as a child he held great interest in power causing chaos and destruction. He had a natural ability to create violence at every turn and still be the one left standing. Which means when he came of age he quickly moved through the cartel ranks until he stood beside his older brothers and father.

The cartel ruled for many years this way, even the police turning a blind eye until a rival cartel attacked, ones that had Lycan blood, they tore away everything Keyeu knew and made him believe they had killed every member of his family bar one. Searching for years for his brother Keyeu fought the ones that had taken him, eventually getting himself bitten only to survive and live the life of a lycan. Until very recently he believed he and Ace had been the only ones until Ace died. He thought he was alone.

When first joining the pack the male had been brash and outspoken, someone who thought he had the right to make himself heard, anger consumed him, anger towards the killers of his brother ace and anger towards the Kumari pack, the pack to which Ace belonged, a pack Keyeu thought did nothing to protect his brother.
Since arriving in the pack many things have changed, his view changing slightly, though the anger and the resentment over his sibling's last days never faded leaving him raw towards the group he eventually allowed himself to settle befriending a few of the members even falling in love with one of their females known as Aleria leading to him asking the alpha's permission for him to join their pack, even being accepted. Acceptance has now been revoked Keyeu expressing his wishes to Blaze that he no longer wanted to be in the pack but separate from it. With no ill will or intentions, simply because the life was not one he could ever mould himself into, he found it to difficult to socialize and conform into what was acceptable for them, especially since his return from a long and arduous absence one that twisted him in more ways then he would ever know or understand.

Keyeu changed with age from a young looking male, slight of build with dark hair and features to a larger male, stubble covering the lower half of his face, dark in colour as his natural hair used to be. His hair now white, the reason for its change unknown.
His height is taller then average for a male from China, but not for one of lycan kind, he stands just over six feet. His shoulder broad and his body well muscled through many years of fighting and training.
His skin once flawless now holds many signs of battle, the skin its self whiter then hs past time in the territory having regrown from being badly burnt. His legs and arms mostly hold the keys to his past, scars upon them but the more noticeable thing about them would be while in use, he holds a limp now to both legs and his arms hold slight weaknesses around the shoulder blades, weaknesses one such as Keyeu would never allow to hinder him or slow him in any way even though they cause discomfort.

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Keyeu Katsuishen.
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