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 Tatauran Culture

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PostSubject: Tatauran Culture   Sun May 12, 2013 11:20 am

Cultural Beliefs

Tatuara adopt a culture where several gods and goddesses are worshiped.

Coora - God who provides protection and good fortune
Abim - God of evil and misfortune

Coora and Abim, Represent two halves of one essential god. Where Coora represents good, Abim represents nessecary evil in order to keep a balance. Tataurans believe that one must live a fullfilled life and only then can one pass on into the afterlife.

In addition to Coora and Abim, Tatauran religion focuses on gods who represent the elements.

Eurobin is the spirit of Water
Koorana is the spirit of Air
Alinta is the spirit of fire
Wallan is the spirit of the earth

These provide Tataurans with the necessary needs to live naturally whole. Whilst Coora is worshipped in order to provide general protection and fortune, each elemental god carries their own worship rights. An example of this is the act of worship to Eurobin, the spirit of water. a peace offering is given to appease Eurobin in the hope that he will provide good rains for crops and flourishing of new growth.

The last god is Yanada, the father of the afterlife and new day. Yanada provides safe passage for Tataurans into the afterlife and provides a gateway of contact. Yanada is also connected as an explanation for the natural aspect of day and night which identifies fresh opportunity to become wholesome and worthy of existance in the afterlife.

Tataurans are expected to live on a defining concept not only through religion but general practice:

"Act and take responsibility as whole, for those who do not shall find consequence in mind body and spirit"

This concept is similiar to the karma effect, where positive actions and negative actions will yeild the same in return. not only for physical concepts but including attitude, morals, ethics and spirituality. Tataurans practice acceptance and acknowledgement of others, to listen instead of speak.

Noteable Customs

Night of Yanada - first full moon of winter where a large dance ceremony is held in honour of Yanada. Similiar to halloween, tataurans are invited to envoke spirits from the afterlife as well as pay homage to their ancestors.

Slash and burn. - made at the completion of a crop. the old flora is burnt in a controlled burn and a smoking ceremony is held over the ground in honour of Eurobin and Wallan to provide fresh healthy crops from the seeds that are dropped into the earth from the fires.

Daily offerings - Small woven baskets made from the leaves of native plants, holding small collections of natural earth, flora and even sometimes food is made to appease Coora and Abim so that the tribe and its individuals are protected and Coora will bring good luck to all. It is believed that a lack of an offering will anger Abim, bringing misfortune and even disease and death.

Right of passage - Small prayers or chants made when travelling long distances via land or water, one for Wallan and one for Eurobin. this is to ensure individuals reach their destination safely.
Other smaller prayers. - other prayers exist for Koorana and Alinta, though many of these are generally only heard by the Tatauran witchdoctors, whilst performing ceremonies or other rituals.
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Tatauran Culture
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