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 Rules and Guidelines for Sparing.

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Benjamin Nekishu

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines for Sparing.   Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:04 am

This forum is made for the purpose of sparing and training in the event of fighting. We have given all TWO sets of rules below.We have only shown Tech One and Tech Two rules as our posters are much more advance -even the people who are not as experienced- for Tech Three Rules. Please read them if you choose to spar. When you begin a post and both parties have concented to the battle, tell us wich form of tech you will be using. Someone with a highly skilled range of Tech Rules will be watching or, refereeing that match, to make sure all goes well and the rules are followed.

If you are wishing to do this, you MUST have the shown concent of the victim that is suicidal. Or, if you are to fight to death over posession of something or for hatred, you must have the Admin's shown concent as well as the shown concent of both parties.

You may, at any point begin a sparing thread and tag the person whom you wish to fight without telling them prior; But, if you are to do this and they happen to show up, you must still have thier consent before you are able to attack them.

Please note that any injuries aquired to your character, remain with your character. If it is inflicted here, it will follow you with your character outside of the battle ground. So please, choose wisely.

Remember, NO GOD MODDING OR POWER PLAYING. Not every hit can miss your character, you chose to do this, you endure the pain; And you cannot control what hit's your sparing partner takes and dodges from your attacks. Do not control thier character. If either of these are applied, you will be warned once and if it happens again, you will automaically be disqualified and your oponent will ahve the victory.


:Tech one:

Tech One is for the more advanced of Role Players. The poeple who take descriptive language to a whole new level. But, anyone may give it a go if they feel they can do it.
Tech One or, T1, is probably the hardest way to role-play if you are not good at being descriptive. T1 is turn-based, so you have to wait for your opponent to finish typing his/her attack. It is also paragraph fighting.
In a T1 match, your opponent can strike at you with their own attack. You have the ability to decide whether to reverse the attack, block the attack or take the hit. Remember, not every attack can miss. Everyone has a vice. We are not gods.
You can ONLY TYPE ONE ATTACK EACH PARAGRAPH. If you type more than one attack in a paragraph, you will be warned, and a second miss step and you will be disqualified. How ever, if you choose to attack with an elemental strike, you may follow it up with a fighting strike.
Please instead of using the words him/her all of the time, use the aponents name, it makes for a more interesting approach.

EG: (This will be short with not much detail as that would be too long.)
The feet underneath Person A moved swiftly with anticpation. His eyes enclosed around Person B, setting his target. Slowly he raised his hand, palms facing inward. An elecric blue spark ignited a flame between his two hand and as he pulled his hans apart, the ball of fire licked and dance in between them excitedly, reaching for the palms like they were it's drugs and reason for life, growing larger.
With a single swift kick of his feet, Person A sent the ball of flames directly for the face of person B. The aim was to connect at the jaw line. Quickly, his foot followed the attack and he trailed it, he peeled his arm back, enclosing is fingers in a ball. Shoving his left leg forward, he readied himself for the impact his fist would have on the stomach of Person B. All he needed was a momentary lapse of judgement he had hoped the fireball would create.

Remember, this is a good way to counter the miss of your first attack, but you cannot always use it. But for the reciever of an attack like this, remember that you cannot escape every attack. You are to be as descriptive as possible. You may write out a maximum of two paragraphs and a minumum of one, whole paragraph.

:Tech Two:

Tech Two or, T2, is very simple if you are not so good at being descriptive. It is used as in a fast paced, automatic feed. IE: A chat site. Please do not sue the chat box. You have to have a minimum of 7 words for your attack. And the same for the outcome. To reverse you need the minimum of 10 words. And the same for the reverse outcome. To pin it is 5 words. And when you state and attack or reverse, be describrive and say their name instead of him or her, or his.

As Person B jumps up, he ducks the attack and picks Person A upon his shoulders (Reverse). Person B would then attempt to toss him over(Attack). Which he did, Person B smashed Person B's back into the mat hard(Outcome).

Remember, you cannot land every attack if you are the giver. Try and leave some room for a reverse or a hit decision from the aponent.

If you wish to ahve the fight displayed, please copy and paste it and then post it as a thread topic.


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Rules and Guidelines for Sparing.
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