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 Svenir Stormcaller

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PostSubject: Svenir Stormcaller   Fri May 10, 2013 4:45 am

How you found the site: Affiliate Site
Will you be applying for Pack Membership? (Y/N) Eventually yes

Wolf Information (Not necessary if you do not own a wolf form)

Name: Svenir Stormwolf
Nickname: Sven or Storm
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Breed: Grey Timberwolf
Height: 4ft
Length: 5.5ft
Weight: 135lbs
Family: None living

Powers/Abilities: Stormcaller. He has been able to harness the power of the weather itself, mostly in the form of thunderstorms. In a previous pack he held the rank of Shaman because of his ability to call forth the storms. He has mastered this to a point of being able to focus lightning and call it to strike where he commands, gale force winds can be called as well as melon sized hail. He also has a healing power granted to him by the runes engraved into his muzzle and on the back of his neck.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities: Hail and winds are wild and unpredictable. He must be isolated and well protected in battle in order to continue using his magicks for at the slightest break in concentration the storm will not only falter, it will fade and loose the advantage given by his power. Also very energy consuming, a full storm can only be maintained for half an hour before consciousness is lost. Healing abilities need far too much concentration to be able to be properly used in combat situations and therefore are used only as an aftermath source of casualty care and as first aid since those powers are not developed enough to be able to cure any disease or heal any ailment

History: Grew up in the harsh forests of Norway where his pack was ruthlessly hunted. They followed a very tribal way of life almost similar to the Vikings of ancient times. The build of the pack consisted of two Alphas and Betas, Shaman, Warriors, Hunters and finally the pup-sitters in order of their place in the heirarchy. Sven was placed in the Shaman rank at a young age when the leaders learned of his stormcalling abilities. Needless to say his mother and father were proud and cared little for young Sven's wishes. He wanted to be a warrior like his father, though he had no say in where he was placed due to the wishes of the Alphas of his pack. Over the years he became stronger in his unique ability, though he carried out his role as Shaman much differently from how those before him had done it. He would still call the rains when needed and his healing ability used where needed. He rather utilized his power in combat, though the Alphas were skeptical about this, they eventually saw this as a great asset when he turned the tide of several battles with other packs over territory and what have you. One particular battle, however, proved to be much more challenging than the previous ones. The enemy force had a shaman of their own, one well versed in the use of stormcalling. As the warriors clashed on the ground so too did the Shaman and their conjurations, after some time Svenir lost consciousness, his power exhausted and when he awoke, the land was covered in the corpses of his packmates. He quickly rushed to the territory marked as their home only to find it decimated, more corpses littering the land. Unable to find survivors he took advantage of the fact that he had been taken for dead and fled. To this day he wanders the world, searching for a new place to call home.

Personality: Cunning and patient, he knows what he wants and nine times out of ten knows how to get it. More than willing to bide his time until the opportunity strikes. On the other hand he is caring and friendly towards others once they break through his shell and coax him out.

Appearance: See picture


Human Information (optional but required if you can morph to human form)
Appearance: Athletic build usually clothed in leather pants with a bear pelt worn so the mouth rests upon his head. Adorned with a necklace of his enemies fangs as well as a bear skin loin cloth around his waist

Personality: Same as in wolf form

Powers/abilities: Same as in wolf form

Limitations of Powers/Abilities: Same as in wolf form

Weapons: Twin claws shaped like the claws of a wolf

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Svenir Stormcaller
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