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 Anastasia Leigh Thatcher

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PostSubject: Anastasia Leigh Thatcher   Sun May 05, 2013 11:53 pm

Name: Anastasia aka Anastasia Leigh Thatcher
Sex: Female
Nickname: Naz or Ana
Human Age:25
Wolf Age:6
Race: Elemental/wolf /human (witch)

Previous pack name (If applies):/Okami/Kumari

Character Description/ Personality:
Physical appearance -
Anastasia has a an athletic build, thin white coat with charcoal tipped ears and muzzle


Much alike her human form however her skin is considerably paler then normal and her skin has a tendency to be as cold as ice.

The colours of her eyes glistening a pearly blue and her hair adopts blue highlights. As for dressing, Anastasia slips down into elegant attire if the time requires it.


Her hair straightens out, lengthy and as black as midnight. Her raven tattoo becomes visible on her right shoulder blade, and her eyes a glimmering emerald. Anastasia is yet to be seen in this form until she will reveal herself to her pack once more.

Once cautious and shy, Anastasia recent physical development and new abilities has thrown her into a cataclysmic explosion of change, her personality benefiting and loosing from it. On one hand Anastasia has become rather outspoken and fiery, her temper a warning sign. On the other she can easily become moody, and no longer afraid to say exactly what she means. She is fiercely loyal and protective of others as well as being manipulative and tactfully sly
Anastasia moved back towards her origins visited by her deceased mother during a physical change. Though no longer with them she carries a wealth of knowledge and wisdom much like a tribal feather foot having been destined to become the village witch. She has delved into the flora and fauna of the visited ecosystems, developing skills in tanning and blacksmithing right down into medicines and developing uses from different plants. She may be seen to be living out on her own a lot though never too far from the pack.

Special Abilities:
Anastasia is an elemental whose roots lie within that of water. Because of this specialty, Anastasia has a specific ice mage form separate to her human form. Her extraordinary ability to produce water is strengthened through her work with ice, a favourable teaching that is promoted gratefully through her body's natural affinity with such a harsh element. Anastasia is often seen playing about with ice, creating sculptures of art sometimes living, sometimes not and regularly freezing the surface of the lakes to skate across for her own leisure. Be warned however, her abilities are not always used for leisure.
As her body develops as a witch, experienced only in her human form. Anastasia gains the ability of the other elements however will need much time to master each. She will develop more and more as time progresses, those being detailed later.

Separated from her family when she were barely old enough to remember any detail of them Naz was raised by an elvan clan notorious for all the wrong reasons in terms of elvan society. She made several close relationships with her clan, the Naurigai, however felt her heart strings tug when finding no trace of herself in photos and other memorabilia of her childhood. She challenged her elders and soon uncovered a terrible secret, that the elvan clan she had loved and regarded as her real family were indeed the killers of her own mother and father. Torn between loosing friendships with individuals such as Stryder, Cadence,Tobias, Boon Eve and Carter or her own life, Anastas eventually broke away. Living a nomadic life upon the land Anastasia developed a keen knack of survival skills, enduring long dry summers and other harsh weather beaten environments on her own.

Occasionally drifting into towns and cities she one day became caught up in the high society life of a large city. It is here she met Sean, a seemingly handsome and caring individual. Too wrapped up in the new lifestyle on offer as a source to diminish her problems, Naz fell into a controlled relationship. Later meeting Blaze outside of her current lifestyle, Anastasia opened her eyes to the controlling and soon to be abusive person that Sean really was. For the next few years, Anastasia reluctantly left and returned to Sean several times before joining the Okami pack. She spent a couple of years with the Okami pack, her friendship with Blaze becoming stronger. As the breakdown of the pack ensued, Anastasia travelled out on her on to develop a keener sense of solitary life living off the land. Rejoining the Kumari later on she rose through the ranks to assume Beta role and has conducted herself in this position since.
More recently helping Blaze to get rid of Ashura and bring Blackie back from the dead Anastasia suffered an experience both shocking and amazing in its own right. Engulfed in an explosion of flames, her body began the start of a physical change, the process of which she was originally supposed to undergo when she was of a young age. Unconscious with Killow trying to bring her around, Anastasia met her mother in a vision, informing her of her brother’s existence and of what she would become.
Disappearing without a trace for the following months to experience the whirlwind of progression and discovering her identity, Anastasia arrived back with the kumara looking very different, supporting a stronger personality and demonstrating her resilience. She searched for more answers regarding her brother though this was short-lived. After leaving again with fellow pack member Lex, Anastasia was critically wounded in battle, poisoned from the venom of a tropical frog used on the blade of another warriors sword. dying slowly Ana asked of lex to say goodbye, in particular to those closest to her heart including her mate Killian. Slipping into a coma towards the end of her life, A warlock with ties to the Naurigai took Anastasia with him. It is not known by Anastasia what happened for her to have recovered, only awaking in the forest beside a camp fire.

Alone and confused, Anastasia made her way home, hoping that she would be able to reconnect with the pack she had loved so dearly. Upon her return and a not so perfect reunion with Killian she found too much heart ache, instead disappearing once more to find some sort of peace amongst the pains of her heart. Continuing to practice what she has learnt and embracing her talents from the Nauragai she drops back into Kumari territory though now she has found something else, a different kind of family
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Anastasia Leigh Thatcher
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