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 Victoria Lightclaw

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PostSubject: Victoria Lightclaw   Fri May 03, 2013 6:50 am

How you found the site: Through an Affiliate Site.

Will you be applying for Pack Membership? (Y/N) Yes eventually.

General Information

Name: Victoria Lightclaw

Nickname: Tori

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Scent: Fresh Spring Water and Snow.

Breed: Shapeshifter { Three Forms ; Wolf, Lycan and Fox.}

Mate: None.

James Lightclaw ( father, shapeshifter, Deceased), Orla Lightclaw ( mother , Witch, In Coma )
Louise Lightclaw (younger sister {23}, shapeshifter, no powers Missing), Maria Lightclaw ( younger sister Witch, unable to shift {22} Missing )

In the early years of her life she had an average life. She was the stand out for her family nothing like her younger sisters, Lou the middle child was all her father,she was through and through shifter with an eagle form like her father, the youngest Maria was the image of her mother, flawless olive skin as dark as her mother with the powers her mothers family was blessed with. Her sisters oftenjoked that she was the milkmans daughter, with pale skin , pale blonde hair and blue eyes she was nothing like the rest of the family. When she turned 13 it was discover she had not one but two forms.Her main shifter form was that of an artic wolf. In the winter she has a double layer of pure white fur with one black paw and glacier blue eyes. As she got older she perfected her shiftings somethingweird started to happen never before had a half breed taken the strenghtens of both parents but Tori had. With age she slowly began to improve and master the talents she was blessed with under the guideance of her mother and father.

At the age of 19 her whole world was torn apart, a local male who had been pestering her sister Maria for her hand in marriage and wouldnt take no for an answer. Lashing out he attacked their fatherJames with a silver plated blade and killed him in two blows. Scaring the Lou and Maria they took off running in the hopes of escaping the mad man. Tori fearing their mothers safety tried to get to her but she was to late, her mother suffer major brain trauma and had passed out leaving Tori alone to face this evil male.Lashing out as her only way to defend herself she shifted into her wolven form and latched her jaws around his right arm forcing him to drop the blade, but the male was to strong and flung her against the house solid wall. Knocked unconcious she shifted back into her human form and lay there, with no one to save the family. Coming to two hours later her mother was unconcious, her father was dead and her sisters were nowhere to be found. Calling an ambulance she focused on trying to save her mother, once she was safe in the hospital but still in a coma and Tori had told the police what had happened she set out to find her two younger sisters. Following their scent she searched high and low but she had still not been able to find them but still hope to find them alive well and safe together.

Enhanced speed and agility, Enhanced Senses and Reflexes, Water Manipulation and Generation, Spells, Charms and Curses from her mothers Book Of Shadows.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
Her abilities and powers were connected to her energy levels , if she was run down she is unable to access the powers she would at full strenght.

Human Information

Height: 6'0

Weight: 155 pounds.


Wolf Information

Wolf Breed: Canis lupus arctos ~ Artic Wolf

Height: 51.75 inches high

Weight: 115 pounds

Lenght: 6'8 feet long from nose tip to tail tip.


Fox Information

Fox Breed: Alopex lagopus ~ Artic Fox


Shoulder Height: 28 cm

Lenght: 54 cm

Weight: 3.5 kg


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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Lightclaw   Fri May 03, 2013 6:54 am



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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Lightclaw   Fri May 03, 2013 12:49 pm

Welcome, great profile.

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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Lightclaw   

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Victoria Lightclaw
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