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 Kara Rae Kurokami

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PostSubject: Kara Rae Kurokami   Fri May 03, 2013 5:31 am

@Kara wrote:


~Photo Album~




With the snow storm brought the birth of a child of the Beta couple, small and weak her survival was never guaranteed as she labored through the early weeks of her life. With the spring brought life to the baby, the fire within her warming up and bringing the child to life. She was happy, loved and healthy in her early childhood. Though smaller then her age mates, she found a friend and constant companion in Kiba. The youngest son to the Alpha pair, they were promised from infancy to preserve bloodlines and were inseparable.
Life was peaceful for years, the small territory they held in the Rocky Mountains was bountiful and provided them with a small piece of paradise. Kara grew, working hard to live up to her family. She made up for her lack in size and strength with agility and the ability to think quickly on her feet.
In one summer night Kara's life was changed in a heartbeat. In the dead of night their den was attached by a known clan of hybrids. They had all the best attributed of both wolves and vampire, while outnumbering the pack they easily took over. Everything happened fast, Kiba yanked her from her sleep and pulled her out the back entrance of the den. He told her to run, hide and wait. Her protests were in vain as he ran back into the fray to fight with his father and brothers, leaving Kara standing in the open night alone and scared. With tears streaming down her cheeks she listened, her wolven form taking off as fast as her paws would carry her.
Hours went by, still she ran. The dark terrified her as she thought every sound was a hybrid coming to claim her life. She lost track of time and ran until her paws were raw and bleeding and legs shoot with weakness. Finally whether it be exhaustion or pain she collapsed and moved no further. The moon shone brightly above her and the night was warm. Tears ran silently from muddy brown eyes and soaked the soil beneath her face. An unknown amount of time passed before she slowly pulled her weak form from the ground, looking slowly to the side she seen a small opening beneath the tree. It was just big enough for for her to squeeze into, closing her eyes the sleep came instantly.
Morning broke and the sound of footsteps were heard making their way slowly through the forest floor. Kara was instantly awake as she pulled into a tighter ball, waiting to catch a scent. Her pulse raced in both fear and anticipation. Her hopes were set that Kiba had come to find her, that he would take her home and everything will be ok. However, the stench that his her nose when she inhaled almost made her vomit. It smelled old, rotten and heavily of death. For a moment she thought the hybrid had followed her all the way out here but the being had no scent of wolf at all.
As the steps neared they slowed to a stop. "Child, come here." The words came with a chill that made Kara's fur stand on end. She pulled further back into the base of the tree, whimpering, but the shadows within the tree and on the ground near her began to wriggle and move about before slithering to her and wrapping around her ankles. They drug her out to look up at an old woman who looked more corpse-like then human or whatever being she was. Kara begged but to no avail, the women didn't wish to end her life but to change it. "Ive come to my end, she has to be passed to a new host." She said, voice hoarse as her breath came shorter. In a movement that was quicken then it should have been given her physical state, she reached down and open palm grabbed Kara by the forehead. Her long bony fingers coiled in Kara's hard and nails dug into her scalp drawing trickled of blood that ran down her head.
A quick incantation muttered and a blinding pain caused Kara's eyesight to falter. Her world went black and the only sound that could be heard was her heartbeat..."Wait...since when do I have a second heartbeat? The off beat of another heart slowly merging with her own beat took only minutes but as her body was released it slumped to the ground. It felt as if she was fully paralyzed and soon unconsciousness took over.
Waking up was painful, the sun seemed to be relentless as it crept through the tree tops. Slowly, eyes opened to a world that seemed more vivid. She felt like she could feel the world around her, as if she had an invisible connection. The headache she had pounded in her temples as Kara forced herself awake, pushing her body up from the ground and moving to a sitting position. Now in her human form, she was naked and exposed to the world and still had no sign from her pack. Next to her lay a pile of clothes filled with dust. It was as if someone had a funeral pyre but the clothes survived the flames, though the ground wasn't marred by fire.
Taking a stand she looked around to get her bearings. The smell of water was close by and she knew the great river wove all throughout the mountains and canyons. She moved toward the smell until she came to the riverside. Luck was on her side to find a shallow spot to wade in, cleansing her body of dirt and blood. Kara felt different, something was off as she scrubbed her skin, looking over her body. Catching her reflection as she looked down caused a gasp. Wide crimson eyes and wild red hair stood out against porcelain skin, adorned with a small crescent moon on her forehead.
Her wolf form had the same changes and as time moved on she noticed the changes weren't only on the outside. Time went on and a trip back into her packs territory told her the truth. The hybrids had won and she was now alone. The power that grew within Kara began to manifest the shadows, they would move with her as if vying for her attention, asking for her to notice. Whispers seemed to pass in the wind that helped her learn her ability to control the shadows. She felt like she was being guided in her training as she became stronger, years passed and Kara made her first step into civilization.
She had been hiding on city outskirts for a couple months now, preparing herself. She had never meet anyone aside from her family and she looked anything but normal now. By this point her shadow manipulation was developed enough to cover her body with simple clothes, as a hoodie covered her head and shadowed her eyes. "Just don't make eye contact with anyone. she thought. Making her way down from the forest line she entered the smell town but almost turned around. It was like a pop in her head as every emotion flooded her senses. Blinking back tears she stepped back as a subconscious soothing eased her down, and slowly it became clear again. Thinking, she realized that her own sensitivity as a child was enhanced in her transformation like her other senses.
It took time but she became integrated with the local population, meeting beings that ranged from humans to witches, vampires to wolves. Over time, she became familiar with a pack of wolves and joined them. They were close, a family, and Kara remembered what if was to feel home again. She had a best friend in a female named Eclipse and a brotherly figure who went by the name Nyoka. It wasn't long before she met and became mated to a male named Benjamin, though everyone called him Blaze. She fell in love hard and instantly, he was her first love and things went well for a some time. Before long, they had an unexpected pregnancy but they were excited. Their family was growing and morphing but during the midst of the pregnancy Blaze and Kara were hitting a rough patch, there were arguments and disagreements that plagued them. Things hit a peak when Blaze adopted a child behind her back, being young and ignorant Kara failed to control her feelings about the situation and a carefully placed seal broke. She was overcome with the surge of dark magic that was hidden beneath her surface and it caused an unbalance in her that drove her into a frenzy. In the middle of the night Kara silently slipped away and left the pack lands. It wasn't long before Blaze tracked her down, bringing her back to the den as they tried to piece things together.

Shortly after giving birth to their Daughter Ashlyn, Kara noticed she could not contain her powers. She had a voice that spoke in her mind, slowly testing her sanity and ability to control herself while trying to care for an infant. It became too much and with the strain still heavy on their relationship Kara made the decision to slip from there lives. She worried for their safety if she lost control, worried for their daughter and it was becoming apparent that the relationship was failing. While they slept peacefully in the den, Kara kissed Ashlyn goodbye and disappeared. Leaving her family, especially her infant child broke Kara further which allowed her to fall into a feral state for a long time.
No one seen or heard from Kara for a long time when she showed up on the pack lands unexpectedly. She was different now, her personality having changed in her ordeals away. It took some time but she slowly made her way back into the pack, moving in rank to Beta when Eclipse took the rank of Alpha. The pack lands prospered and Kara and Blaze mended their relationship as he took the role of alpha. The peacefulness only lasted so long before tension broke out. Kara and Eclipse began to disagree, she felt that the alpha female was power hungry and was no longer looking out for the best interest of the pack. Blaze was busy tending with pack business and Kara didn't want to bother him with a disagreement between friends. One fight got increasingly heated and Eclipse banished her from the pack lands, with Blaze missing to defend her and Eclipse having a small group that backed her every move caused Kara to leave, never to return to the Okami pack lands again.
A few years later Kara had caught wind that Eclipse had been stripped from her rank and banished. Hope filled her as she traveled days without stop to arrive home. The pack lands were ravaged and desolate, but the remaining scents led her to a new territory. The kumari lands were vast and bountiful but her sights were set on finding her family and that's what she did. It wasn't long before she picked up the scent of Blaze, following it until she had found her former mate. She had been nervous, elated and near jumping out of her fur as she  made her way to greet him, hoping for a happy reunion. What she found however kept her in hiding longer. Blaze had moved on and while she had expected it, it still stung like the sting of 1000 bees. She spent days in solitude, eventually her eyes even stopped producing tears. He had a new family, new children and she had assumed a new mate. Still, Kara needed to find her daughter so she wouldn't leave, soon coming to the realization that Blaze had mated with Eclipse. Her anger was at a boiling point but she remained calm on the surface, feeling betrayed that her former mate had mated with the same wolf that had cast her from her family.

She eventually came face to face with Blaze, both filled with hurt of the past the meeting quickly escalated. Kara decided that though her heart wanted to stay with Blaze and work things out she could not stay, leaving to wander the Kumari lands on her own. As time passed things settled, her and Blaze had happened upon one another a few times, each time making her miss him more then the last. They had both grown in the years and she realized the issues she had caused in their failing relationship in the past.

Kara had become integrated into a small wild pack called the Nayati who was absent their only alpha. Quickly, Kara took over the roll and tried to bring the small group back together. As the pack grew in number and strength so did the tension between the two packs and the newly arrived vampires. They lived in turmoil for some time before the Oxen Corp came in and ruined even their small pieces of paradise. Word spread once they hit the Kosta's and the wolves there spread. Panic hit the Nayati as they were also descended on by human soldiers soon after. Late one night, fire was set to the surrounding forest casting bright lights in the den and waking up the pack. Quickly, she ushered the members that had been in the den out into the night while giving instructions on running and hiding, finding safety.
Kara stood in the blackness of the forest, staring into the distance as the flames began licking at her home. A silent tear ran down her cheek as she turned away and walked into the darkness, heading to track down her family once more.

~Personality & Appearance~


    Kara's personality has changed much over her life. She has always been a loving and loyal wolf but years have hardened her. She has become ruthless and cold, almost seeming uncaring at times. She has always had a cocky sense to her, sometimes borderline arrogant but she is a prideful wolf. She loved fiercely but fight mercilessly. She doesn't let others walk on her and she will fight for anything she thinks is right. She is also very territorial and will make her presence known if she feels someone is stepping to close to what she feels is hers.




  • Small, Petite, skinny, Short


  • Deep scarlet color, thick, waist length


  • Crimson


  • 5'2


  • 125 LBS

Skin Tone:

  • Fair


  • Crescent moon on forehead.


  • Comfortable, laid back, causal. Normally consisting of jeans, a tank top or t-shirt, hoodie(when cold) and tennis shoes, boots or flip flops.



  • Long coat, thick fur, red and white coloring.


  • 3'6


  • 72 LBS


  • Crimson

~Abilities & Weakness~

Kara is a skilled fighter, having both magic, empathic powers and her own abilities based on her wolven heritage makes Kara a formitable foe. She has the ability to shift freely between both human and wolven form, though she always possesses the keen sense of smell, hearing, and sight that is attributed to being a shifter.
Kara  can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance: one can also control and manipulate the beings that exist there, create and dispel shields and areas of total darkness, create constructs and weapons, teleport one's self through massive distances via shadows.

  • Create/generate/increase, absorb, shape and manipulate darkness/shadow for various effects, sizes, shapes and intensity levels.

  • Create a field of absolute impenetrable darkness that completely negates sight and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses.

  • Create Use the magic of the darkness to open a portal to another area, so long as both entrance and exit are partially covered by darkness.

  • Generate fog, making it hard to see them or anything. The user could use the fog generated to blind their foes so they can escape. They could also use it to fight, hit and runs as their foes cannot see them.

  • Able to become undetectable as long as they are in darkness or shadow.

  • Able to better operate in dark environments (especially nighttime conditions), with a circadian cycle programmed for nighttime activity, heightened senses to compensate the absence of light, and perhaps darker coloration.

  • Can see in a dark or dim environments as though it were well-lit.

  • The user can release/use darkness/shadow to attacks of various shapes and/or intensities, either projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc

~Dark Beam Emission: Release beams of a darkness/shadow
~Dark Bolt Projection: Release many low powered projectiles of darkness/shadow.
~Darkness Blast: Release darkness/shadow over a specific target area.
~Darkness Infusion: Empower and energize anything touched or used (usually a weapon) with darkness/shadow.
~Formulated Darkness Blasts: Release blasts of darkness/shadow in a form of a creature or object.
~Hand Blasts: Release darkness/shadow blasts from hands.
~Omnidirectional Darkness Waves: Send out a wave of darkness/shadow in all directions.
~Omnidirectional Darkness Waves: Send out a wave of darkness/shadow in all directions.

  • Solidify or give solid-like properties to of liquid, gas, plasma or other form of non-solid mass by causing the loose molecules to come together, with the level of solidity going from loose jello to metal-like hardness or beyond.

  • Turn darkness into tools, objects, weapons and other items, create semi-living constructs and/or create structures/buildings of varying permanence. Users who have mastered this ability can use it for almost any situation, creating anything they need.

  • Kara can read and mirror the feelings of others without reading apparent symptoms, allowing her to understand introverts or discover one emotion is actually hiding another. She can attack someone in a personal and emotional way since she knows exactly what emotion is flowing through themselves and can use this knowledge to play against she.

  • Sense and/or understand the emotions of animals and vice versa.

  • With this ability Kara is able to instantly understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting and anticipating their moves. Once she understand their enemies strategy,  she is able to find their flaw and weakness and take them down with little effort.

  • Kara can cause targets to feel uptight, scared, happy or relaxed: similar to Mind Control because it does influence thought process, but in a different manner, Mind Controllers are able to change people's thoughts, Emotion Manipulators are able to change the way someone perceives a thought. This versatile power may be used to make friends as a manner of Social Cloaking, or to enliven slacking allies. Potent emotions like love and loathing are more difficult to induce, but can be extremely useful. May be able to cause targets to laugh or cry uncontrollably, or may alter one's ability to feel any emotion.

  • Can sense the presence of others by sensing their emotions

  • Create Empathic Links, allowing linked ones to feel the emotions and conditions of each other.

  • May be able to channel vast amounts of various emotions into an enemy, causing insanity or possible death due to emotional stress on the body.

  • Kara can suppress or negate emotions, allowing her to cause others to ignore emotional distractions and/or feeling from affecting their thinking-processes. She  can also make others uncaring, detached, indifferent and even catatonic.

Kara's Sword::


  • Kara becomes drained of energy when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time

  • Her elemental power to control darkness can be hindered or matched by light.

  • She must maintain control of her emotions at all times, letting them run too wild could cause an accidental phase into a 3rd form, one out of her control.

  • Large groups of people can distract her, becoming overwhelmed by too many emotions from people in the immedeate area.


Nott, whose name means merely "night", is Mani's herald, riding a black horse named Hrimfaxi. The dew drips off of Hrimfaxi's bit as he passes over the worlds. She is the granddaughter of Bergelmir the First Chief via his son Norfi, the famous giant architect who designed Asgard, Thrymheim, and the hall of Utgard-Loki. Her first husband (of three) was a Jotun named Nagifari, and their son was named Aud. By her second husband, Annar, a water-giant, she bore Jord, the mother of Thor. Her third husband, Delling, a red Alfar, gave her the son Daeg, who would be chosen god of the Day. Nott herself is a very old giantess, one of the oldest from before the flood, which she survived by being in the realm of the Dead at the time. It is rumored that she also had an affair with the old Vanir-god Frodi, and bore him Njord the sailor-god before leaving him with the infant boy. Nott is not known for being maternal; she tends to be a wanderer, leaving her various children to be raised by their fathers.

On the other hand, Nott is very much the wise old woman; although she is somewhat distant from most people's concerns, she can be helpful - when she chooses - for those who are searching for lost facts in the dark, especially about the past. She will casually drop a bit of her collected wisdom as she passes, like a star falling from her skirt. You may have a better chance at that if you are young and handsome and male, and you flirt with the old lady and remind her that she is beautiful and desirable - not that she needs reminding, but it's a gift she likes. Be warned, though; she make take you up on it.

Little is known as to what happened to Nótt, some say she was cast away by Oden, some say she ran from her third marriage. What is known is over 500 years ago Nótt's physical form was taken away and as a last ditch effort to save her own live, she projected her spirit to the physical realm. Nótt quickly learned that her astral body couldnt maintain without a physical shell. Nótt's astral form wandered the night, searching for someone to harbor her before coming upon a gypsy camp. She hovered, lingered and was soon detected by an old wise woman. The woman welcomed Nótt into her body, harbored her and nursed her injured spirit back to health. Nótt's spirit has been passed down to each wise woman of the gypsy clan for almost 500 years, until the last of the wise women died off, but not before passing Nótt off to the next body. She now shares the body of Kara.

NAME: Nott


AGE: Ageless-Immortal


GENDER: Female

BLOOD TYPE: AB-(host blood tyoe)

SCENT: Moonflower

RACE/ETHNICITY: Goddess/white


STATUS: Married

SEXUALITY: No Preference



CHILDREN: Aud, Jord, Daeg, Njord.



  • Tall, Lithe.


  • Black


  • Crimson


  • 5'10


  • 133 LBS

Skin Tone:

  • Fair, porcelain


  • Crescent moon on forehead.


  • Black wings

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Welcome back Kara.

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Woah! It's been awhile since I've seen this name, nice to see you back Kara.
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Thanks guys
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Kara Rae Kurokami
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