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 A New Pack Rules/Application

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PostSubject: A New Pack Rules/Application   Fri Apr 19, 2013 10:52 am

*One of the biggest things that we, as Admin, are looking for is we want the new pack to not be like an existing pack because a range of ideas would prove to be more successful than two or three packs with the same alignment and ideology. This will also allow members the opportunity to chose which pack they go into, but it can allow the chance for those who have more unruly members to not feel shunned and ousted because their character is not the submissive 'I'll do what you tell me to' type.

*The individual packs can have their own rules, while still following the rules of the over all site. Defined points that make that pack stand out in Kumari so it does not appear the packs are really one in the same. Perhaps females are seen as possessions instead of equals and can not hold a high rank (or whatever they wish to say instead of rank). Be creative and make your pack stand out!

*Ranks- Can be determined by the new Alpha(s) of the pack. If they one want one Alpha and then one Beta, two Alpha's, etc... They can decide the names of the pack and work out their own Roster on how they want it designed and set up. We are just admin overseeing the site, it's your pack, so do as you wish; remaining within the site rules as a whole.

*If a member of another site wishes to bring their pack to Kumari, they are able to do this.

*If the Alpha leaves or goes on an extending absence with out notice- The new pack will be given a time frame to find a new leader with a min of 4-5 followers before the pack is considered disbanded and removed from the site. Where then someone else could submit an application for a new pack and start the process all over again.

*An Alpha of one pack can not be Alpha of another pack with any other character but their character may hold a high rank in the other pack.

*Members can not automatically know if a character is in another pack or not. Something we need to stress because if the plots do thicken and we could have spies from one pack enter the other. If everyone knows which pack they belong too, then the point of a spy is useless and there goes that idea.

*The creator must have a min of 100IC posts with the character they wish to be Alpha and they need to have a min of 5 adult followers who are going to join the pack once it is approved. The followers do not have a post requirement. Just be aware the inactivity could result in disbandment of the pack.
An exception to this rule: Should a new registered member have five followers ready to go immediately, they may submit an application for checking as long as the five followers sign up before the application is submitted; but in order to claim some land, they will need to move their pack in as a gathering of lones and take one or two territories from an already existing pack by means of force. (See below)

*A pack may inherit an already claimed piece of land through a battle. The land may only be the Border of a pack land. If the battle is won by the challenging pack then the land will be claimed as theirs and the losers pack land will be reduced as will the Territory Border.

*Pack applications are open at any time; how ever, if the alpha does not have a following of at least 4-5 members, the new pack will be denied.

*There will only be a maximum of four packs on site at this time until activity and members increase.

You can fid the color HEX code here: Click.


Application for a new pack:

What is the pack's name? [i](Can not be changed)[/i]
What is the pack's color?[i]Can not be changed. Please provide us with the HEX code that does not come close to matching any of the colors currently in use.[/i]

What three unclaimed territories do you want the pack to start off in?[i] Can relocate only once, so choose carefully. Or make your own and give us a 100word description of each place.[/i]

We need a description of 200 words(or more) of your pack. What is their alignment/ideology/culture? This will be placed as your pack information in the Guidebook for future reference and to help members decide which pack they would like to join. Perhaps you can look at existing accepted packs for examples.

Name of the five adult followers, these are members who will be joining the pack once it is set up.

Ranks/levels in the pack. What is the highest/lowest? [i]Go into detail in the description of each level and be creative. Can not be changed.[/i]

If your pack idea is approved, the staff here will work with you to get your roster set up under it's own board.
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A New Pack Rules/Application
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