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 Griffin (Miro)

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PostSubject: Griffin (Miro)   Griffin (Miro) EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 4:10 am

How you found the site: Malik
Will you be applying for Pack Membership? (Y/N) No.

Wolf Information (Not necessary if you do not own a wolf form)
Name: Miro (meeroh) surname not given. Known to the outer world as Griffin
Nickname: Griff.
Age: 25.
Sex: Male.
Hieght: 51.1 inches at the shoulder.
Weight: 176.3 lbs.
Breed: Dingo X Eurasian wolf
Family: Sister: Lowanna


Diagnosed later in life as Urbach Weithe Disease, Griffin has suffered hardening and wasting of brain matter, more specifically of the amygdala, which is the central system for coordinating fight and flight responses.

--The Disease that makes you forget, how to forget. Griffin remembers every moment of every day since his 13th birthday.

--Forgotten Fear- Griff's amygdala glands have degenerated so sparsely that he literally can not fear.Griffin has an issue with recognising fear in others as he does not understand the emotion himself.

--Time Weilder- The ability to transport himself in time; but only his mind can be transported. He is not there in body. He can use this to travel back in time to a certain event that is remembered by the memory gland in the brain, but he can only witness what happened, again, as if he was watching it from another form. He cannot change the outcome of it.

--He also possesses the ability to slow time immensely, making him seem stuck in a single moment when truly he, and his mind are using hyper time.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
Since two of his abilities are cause by degeneration of the brain, there are no limitations.

The limitations of his Time Welding are as follows:
He cannot change the outcome of the past; he cannot visit the future. Traveling his apperition back in time has a large effect on the brain, tiring him quickly.


Where there is only one, there should have been two.
While in the womb, two foetus' became one. Griffin became one with his sister, his mind, being the more possessive, dominant and strong took over his sisters mind and they became one child.
There once existed a group of indigenous Australians, who hailed from a place in the west coast of Australia, known as noongar people. This particular group resided around an area where noongar's are recognised as 'Whadjuk noongar".

The Whadjuk have firm beliefs in what is known as the 'dreaming' or Nyitting.This is like a time before our time, where the spirits like the great serpent 'Waagal' rose from the earth and created all living things, moving along the earth to create the rivers, springs and lakes before residing beneath the depths of the underground springs. Stories of the Nyitting are passed on through lesson only and are not documented. These stories acted as a way of lore, providing knowledge to others on acceptable customs and beliefs, behavior and explanations for why things happened. These fundamentals taught the Whadjuk noongar people things the wadjela (white man) would learn from books and schooling.

The Whadjuk people of the Bilya boodjar (Boodjar meaning land; the bilya region to be included later on as an added picture) were divided into two groups, the wardungmaat (crow leg) and Manitjmaat (Cockatoo leg). Each group was comprised of two sections;

Wardungmaat, - Ngotak and Naganyuk.
Manitjmaat - Ballarok and Tondarup.

Unlike common wadjela society, the descendents would take on the mothers surname instead of the fathers and strict rulles applied in terms of marriage across sections. for example you were only permitted to marry into two sections of the four. The pack in which Griffins family resided was known to the world as the quickblood pack.

Griffins mother Kirra was in love with the wrong man, he did not fit into such a system as outlined above. infact he was considered bad to her people. When the Wadjela settled on their land Kirra was curious and while auntie had warned her not to go to the river while the wadjela were around she couldnt help but disobey. She met a man by the name of Rasmus, his lighter skin and crystal eyes a stark contrast to her own dark complexion.

Their secret was not kept for long, being caught out by her family, Kirra was quickly labelled a disgraced though she refused to let her love go, and thus a child was conceived. Rasmus was no stranger however, overcoming harsh judgement and learning Kirra's native tongue. While Kirra was cast aside by the tribe and all descendants from that day forward to be outcast from their customary tradition of marriage, the two remained with the group, though suffered greatly at the hands of others including the tribal elder known to most as Raven.

Griffin, known to his people as Miro (pronounced Mee-roh) was born and acquired a human form through his parents, his mother being of lycanthrope blood. Griffin did not acquire a Lycanthrope form when Conceived. Raised by his immediate family and taught the ways of the Whadjuk , his father Rasmus also often took him away from the family to teach him the ways of his own people. This was strictly hidden though Miro was not a quiet child by any means.

As Miro grew into his early teenage years, his resilience and strength increased in conjunction with a sharp tongue and stubborn nature. Through the madness and controversial conspiracies among the pack, The Quick Blood Pack fell to its own claws, with Raven making an attempt to exile the family to bring positive spirits back to the pack. Griffin had stood up for his family however succumbed to the hands of the Alpha Male, Raven, before his mother had sacrificed herself to tribal punishment and saved his life. Under the guiding words of his father, Griffin left on walkabout to seek peace and a sense of identity after much deliberating and stubbornness. He had sworn to return for revenge against Raven and when he had, he had found nothing but dry blood and empty eyes.

A split personality. He can be very upbeat and a social butterfly and the next minute he can be snarling at a friend for seemingly no reason at all at times it may seem as though he has lost his mind.

Considering himself a ladies man, he knows how to work himself and manipulate the people around him to his discretion. Not afraid to sweet talk a male if it means to get his way but this might have something to do with his sister.

Does not trust easily, if at all; though he can make a person believe they have his complete trust and desire. He is very boisterous in nature and is always looking for some fun; because he is not fearful of anything, he can be very stubborn and domineering to others, whether they be male or female. Some may even find his ways intimidating.

Blue eyes, one dark ocean blue, the other Light, like a glacier crystal.
Large Form, heavily muscular with a thick coat of fur.

Base Coat: Black.
Due to the interesting birth, half of the males face is a sandy yellow (Dingo) and the other, black, sliced evenly directly through the middle looking as though he could be wearing a mask. The rest of his entire body is charcoal black but with a white hood and ticked all over with grey.


Human Information
Two blue eyes of different intensity, one is a deep blue like the deepest part the ocean, and the other a crisp blue like a glacier. With black and white ticked hair that sits above ear length, usually styled. Tall, standing at 5'9 he is rippled in muscle. With a dark complexion and a well chiseled body all over, he is a fine male specimen.

As above.

As above.

Limitations of Powers/Abilities:
As above.


As above.


Extra: (what else not listed above can your character do? Special power? Another animal form? None at this time.
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Benjamin Nekishu
Benjamin Nekishu

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PostSubject: Re: Griffin (Miro)   Griffin (Miro) EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 4:33 am

Interesting! Accepted. Welcome.


"The only time a man can truly be brave

- u n k n o w n
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Posts : 125
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PostSubject: Re: Griffin (Miro)   Griffin (Miro) EmptyFri Feb 15, 2013 6:30 am

Cheers Mate.


Warning: well known for Adult Language.
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PostSubject: Re: Griffin (Miro)   Griffin (Miro) Empty

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Griffin (Miro)
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