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They have a long snake like body covered in a leathery hide that is very hard to penatrate.If you do penetrate it a clear thick blood poures out. At the top and bottom of the tail are long membrane like fins, the mouth is a perfectly round mouth with a talon like fang at the direct top bottom left and right. They range in size from that of a standard leach to that of a dragon and once they latch onto someone they suck them dry.

Flight, swim, small yearlings can take over the mind of those they attach to.

Magic or a well placed weapon right in the beast mouth can go far enough to to serious internal damage. Small useless eyes, mostly use heat and sent to track it's prey.

Danger Rating::
Small range from 2-3, large dragon sized are a 5.

No pic, see description

Territory in wich it inhabits:Found in water, caves or secluded areas.
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